Why Am I Not Spiritual?

spiritualTwo years ago, Prajesh, one of my readers, came to meet me in my hotel in Mumbai with his father. He introduced me to his father: “Dad, Mr.Udaylal Pai is highly spiritual person”

I didn’t say anything. I bowed and greeted him. But he continued using the word “spiritual” whenever he referred to me. And then his father said: “I had the opportunity to read few of your articles – I was amazed. It is very rare to see people at your age with so much spiritual knowledge and spiritual experience. You didn’t chase materialistic gains. Your face also says you are very spiritual…”

“Sir, you are making a baseless accusation about me. I am neither spiritual nor materialistic. I am just an ordinary human being doing my karma. I have absolutely nothing to do with spirituality…”

“It’s surprising. You write about spirituality and its science. I know a couple of my friends who have turned into spirituality reading your articles.”Prajesh said.Please continue reading at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N9PAGLT

Udaylal Pai
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5 Responses

  1. GURUMURTHY says:

    why we have to wear bangles ?
    please explain in a scientifically.
    i am asking this for a good cause;
    lot of indians are learning western ; but they dont know the real value;
    so i am requesting sir;
    all ur articles are very nice and has truth behind ;
    gurumurthy from bangalore

  2. dr harimohan says:

    Dear uday
    At last i got into reading one of your posts..i feel i should reread at least two to three times to digest its gist..my group members of sanathana dharma are thanking me a lot for adding the link to ur blog

  3. Nithish Kamath says:

    Wonderful article…i loved it.

  4. aparna shenoy says:

    Do u have any suggestions on hw we can expose more people and future generations to the real history and messages of our sages,the truthand science of vedas upanishads n puranas . If only every Indian knew this truth than following rituals blindly, that its all scientific…

  5. sanjeev says:

    Thanks Uday ji for this wonderful explanation in simple words. You clarified the concept of spirituality.

    Sanjeev Sharda

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