I Can See God! You Can Too!

“I am really confused after reading your articles. You are an ardent devotee of many Hindu Gods. But you have a scientific temperament in your writings. Isn’t it contradictory? How can you believe in God while following science?” a question from Sandeep Sairam.
“Science helped me to understand the existence of all those Hindu Gods that I worship. It helped me to see God with clarity.”
“How is it possible Udayji?”
“Two facts: 1. My Dharma taught me to be a truth seeker and not a believer. Any belief is an assumption hence a hindrance to discovering truth. You can’t seek truth with a preconceived notion. 2. I am an Indian citizen. As per Article 51A (h) of the Indian Constitution, it is my fundamental duty to “develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform”.
“So, you sought truth…”
“Yes. Truth = science. Truth = God. Science teaches about fundamental forces and cosmic energy transformation. The basic energies can manifest in many forms or channels. Our ancestors found that there can be as many as 330 million (33 crores) of energy forms.”
“Yes Udayji, I have read your example – Electricity shows its existence and expression through millions of electrical pieces of equipment – as it lights through billions of bulbs. Similarly, there are multiple forces and energies in the universe. I remember reading you…”
“Right. Each energy channel has its own properties and characteristics.  Hindu sages called those channels Gods. They were able to explain the science, rationale, and logic behind every concept of the Gods. Every God has unique characteristics.”
“How do you access the channels? I mean, how do you reach God?”
“I needed a connection for that. A connection needs a dedicated (devoted) line.  There are only two ways of devotion – (i) Markata Kishora Nyaaya (the behavior of a baby monkey) and (ii) Marjara Kishora Nyaya (the behavior of kittens).”
“Did you follow both?”
“I started with the first one – A baby monkey takes firm hold of its mother. The mother monkey does not bother to hold the baby but it is the baby who holds on tight to the mother. Whenever I faced fear (that comes as stress, tension, ego, anxiety, etc) I held on to God. The life experiences taught me how to manage fears. So I am more on to marjara bhakti. Just as a cat picks up her kitten to safety without any effort on the latter’s part, I too make no effort and leave myself totally to the will of God. It is a total surrender.”
“Wow. You are devoted to which God, Udayji?”
“Single God is a fascist, unscientific, autocratic idea. As my Hindu ancestor sages, who were scientists, I also follow polytheism.  As a traditional Vaishnavaite, we are devoted mostly to Vishnu and his avatars. But I equally worship Shiva in his Rudra and Mritunjaya forms. My Grama Devatha (village god) is Narasimha. Gotra Devatha (Lineage God) = Mahalasa Narayani (Mohini Avatar of Vishnu). Family God = Hanuman. Ishta Devathas (favorite Gods) = Sri Ramachandra and Sri Krishna. And it keeps on changing too!”
“How can you worship multiple Gods at the same time?”
“Yes, I do worship many Gods, depending upon Kala (time), desa (location), and patra (object or character). I am free to choose any God as per my wish. I can see them. I can communicate with them. I can experience their beautiful presence. Anyone can do it.”
“How do you do it?”
“All I have to do is, close my eyes, I can see these Gods inside my brain in whichever/whatever form I want. The descriptions of each God and Goddess are given in our Puranas. So it is very easy to see.  The authentic scriptures also reveal how to access such channels through various paths – sound energy (Mantras) or light energy (Havan) or Dhyana (no English word for this). However, it is very difficult to recognize the genuine path as we are bombarded with fake interpretations of scriptures or with fraud godmen/priests.”
Only truth/science can take us to God. Beliefs and superstitions will only blind us.
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