Mind Your Mind

Brain“Sir…Please help me, I am in a big tension…I am getting panic attacks….” A call around 1.30 AM yesterday. I am a poor sleeper who had been sleeping for 3-4 hours a day for the last 30 years! Recently I enjoy luxury of sleeping for around 5 hours a day. This call from UAE was really irritating as I lost my precious sleep.

“Brother, you need help of a psychiatrist or psychologist. I am not that….” I said.

“No Sir, I have read your articles ‘Chat with film star’, ‘Do you feel insecure’ and ‘Bye-bye positive thinking’…I was getting solace from them…I am very much obliged to you sir…” (Articles in https://udaypai.in/)

“That’s why did you call me at this time?”

He didn’t understand my arrogance. “Yes sir…” he replied very honestly.

“Mathew (not real name), there is a sign board near my house showing direction to MG Road. We have to see the direction and go to destination. The board won’t go…I am just a writer. I write about my experiences in life…If you read it and get something useful from it, that’s well and good. But I didn’t give you any paid service to bother me like this,” I said very curtly.

“Sir- you are the only person I can depend on now…You said you would be available for those who seek…”

“Yes- in my free time only…” I make sure that I reply to each and every letter and messages that I get everyday – I spend nearly two hours a day for that. I spend more time on somebody, only if I feel it intuitively. Otherwise, I have my other karma too.

“Sir – please…it is regarding my family…” he went on explaining. It is a bit complicated story – but the issue is that at present he is so tensed and experiencing extreme anxiety.

I became normal. I already have lost my sleep. He is a computer guy. He needs medicine right now. He is not willing for it…The only thing I can try doing is some sort of deviation technique.

“OK Mathew, where are you now?”

(Excerpt from my book “MIND YOUR MIND: Turn Frustration into Fascination”
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B092ZQ5QJ6 )

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