Isn’t Single God Theory Ridiculous and Fanatic?

The god!My friend in the West told me that all religions say there is only one god. He ridiculed me for worshiping many gods. He quoted his religious text that he believes as god’s own statement: “You will worship none but me that you will associate none with me, and that none of you shall set up mortals as deities besides me. If you commit the foulest sin by worshiping any other Gods (other than me) or associating partner with me, I shall throw you in hell fire as a punishment for this sin.”

I beg to differ. I asked him following questions based on the above statement of so-called god. He didn’t have answers. Nobody has ever answered me till now.

1. Had there been really only one God, it would not have been possible for man to find another God to worship, right?

2. Had the God been confident that there is no other God except him, he should not have been jealous of another God, right?

3. If the GOD knew that there is no other God, he would have been confident that people will not find any another God to worship, right?

4. The behavioral pattern of any single GOD in such concepts suggests that he is not confident that he is the only God. He seems always to be suspicious that there may be other Gods and people may worship those Gods instead of him.

5. So the insecure GOD warns man not to worship another God. Can’t you clearly see the insecurity and whims and fancy of a narrow-minded human being behind this message?

6. Can any GOD be always feel threatened that a member of his followers’ gang may slip out of his grip and start to worship another God? So he had to enforce strict law that if any one of his gang tries to desert Him, he should immediately be put to death for apostasy.

7. How can any GOD be so insecure? The single insecure god theory converts the basic instinct to insecurity right from the childhood. The follower’s behavior may be fostered by GOD’s violent teachings for establishing Himself as the sole proprietary God of the world.

8. And one more thing – you say, your singular god does everything. If there is only one powerful god who controls everything, doesn’t that also mean he creates bad things and causes bad things to happen?

“I am sorry, but the concept or notion of a personal God, hiding behind the clouds of secrecy, telling us irrational stories through few men whom he sends as messengers, demanding us to worship him or punish us, does not make sense. I don’t think that God is as silly as an autocratic emperor who wants others to respect him or fear him.” I told him.

The single god theory can be one major reason to create terrorism, fundamentalism, fanaticism, insecurity, fear and violence where as multiple gods create tolerance and co-operation.

“Uday, belief in multiple gods is primitive” he said.

Our ancestors told us: “aakaashaath patitaM toyaM yathaa gachchhati saagaraM sarvadevanamaskaaraH keshavaM prati gachchhati” As all the water falling from the sky ultimately ends up in the ocean, the prayers/bows offers to all the gods ultimately reach the kesava (supreme cosmic power – the divine energy). That’s a statement of confidence, unlike the insecure god.

“When you believe in something, let me also believe in whatever I feel right. You have no right to say your belief is truth and mine is not…Let me believe in multiple gods, what’s your problem?”I said. All research studies shown that polytheism (the worship or belief in multiple deities) is more tolerant.

Nobody has the right to say: “Krishna is the only god. All other beliefs are bullshit” One can say: “Allah is my god. I believe in him” But he/she doesn’t have the right to say “Allah is the only god, there are no other gods” Nobody knows for sure!

Let us pray to Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Elohim, Abba or Krishna, Shiv, Vinayak, Vishnu, Durga – whoever…all prayers will reach Kesava – the cosmos. Let’s all co-exist. Let’s don’t be fanatic to any single idea. Remember, our ancestors accepted even atheists as saints. All our shad darshanas (Sanskrit: Six views or insights; six philosophies), Bauddham and Charvakam are accommodating no-god (nastik) theory. Our ancestors were so broad-minded even to accept nastiks.

Accepting any god is OK with me – we already have 330 million gods! Adding one or two more doesn’t make any big difference. Let’s accept all noble thoughts that come from anywhere. This is what our ancestors wanted us to follow. That’s why Bharat was called Punya Bhumi (sacred land)! That is why India never invaded any country in her last 10,000 years of history. So, why can’t we co-exist peaceful accepting and respecting each other’s beliefs?

And let’s follow the culture and civilization of our own broad-minded ancestors – why should we mimic different culture that’s not suitable for our DNA and climate? (Excerpts from my articles “Why should a GOD be so INSECURE?”, Am I a Hindu? and Do you believe in GOD? I recommend you to read those articles. )

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