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Recently Shyam Sunder, one of my distant relatives, came to my house. He is a Swayam Sevak. A hardcore RSS worker. (For friends in other countries: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or RSS is the largest volunteer organisation of patriotic Hindu nationalists). He is very angry with Muslims in India.

“In India, Hindus are penalised. All governments and political parties support Muslims. There are government-aided Mosques. The government pays salary to Imams. Muslims get quota and reservations in schools, colleges, preofessional educational institutions and for jobs…”he was getting agitated while talking: “So, it is like Jizyah tax now. Tax paid by Hindus and money looted from temples used for welfare of Muslims. Their population is fast increasing in India due to child marriage and multiple marriages…”.


“The government declared holiday on Mohammed Nabi’s birthday – but our own Rama’s birthday is not a holiday…” he was raging with anger.

“Shyam, how many kids you have?”

“You know, no? Two kids. Seven and five years old…”

“If your uncle feeds them with daily alcoholic drinks to your seven year old kid, the kid may become addicted to that, right? Whom will you blame then – kid or uncle?”

“Uncle, of course, yes, what is that to do with Muslims?”

“Shyam, holiday for the birth day of Prophet Mohammed is not according to Islamic principles. No sane Muslim has asked for this Holiday as Quran does not agree worshiping a human being. So is it the mistake of a Muslim that former prime minister VP Singh declare holiday for them? Who is the real culprit here?”

“VP Singh. But anybody who reads real Indian history will have hatred and rage towards the brutal invaders who destroyed out peaceful culture and civilization, destroyed more than hundred thousand temples and killing nearly 75 million Hindus…” he said.

“That’s must be true. But look at present times. How come today’s Muslims responsible for that? Do you agree that the historians and politicians manipulated Indian history so that invaders are glorified? Do you know that the Brahmins and some sections of Hindus who gave their lives for the sake of dharma and welfare of the society are persecuted in modern India?”

“That’s true…that’s what is happening…”

“Yes – what had happened in Brahmin’s case, the same thing is happening for Muslims…They are being isolated by cunning crooked politicians…”


“INDIAN MUSLIMS ARE NOT DESCENDANTS OF THOSE INVADERS! They are our own brothers and sisters who adopted Islam faith (I agree initially they used brute force and unholy methods for conversions). For instance, those Muslims in Kashmir are descendants of Kashmiri Saraswat Pundits – they carry our same DNA. There are other followers of Hindu dharma who were also forcefully converted to Islam during Mughals period. But not even single person came from outside….”


“True Indian Muslims never asked for any favour, though exploitative crooks with Muslim names must have asked. Just like your uncle provided alcoholic drink to your kid, the DEMO-CRAZY, SICKU-LAR Hindu politician controlled governments lavishly provides them more than they ask so as to create anger, jealousy and enmity in Hindus. Hindus cannot be fundamentalists or fanatics, as religion or belief is not important for them. But the demonic “Hindu Secular Politicians” (all political parties included) want this separation as vote bank…” I said.

“But Muslims don’t think so. They are all religious fanatics…”

“That’s not right. I have lot of friends who follow Islam – they are patriots. What about people like Abdul Kalam or Maulana Abul Kalam Mohiuddin Ahmad Al-Azad? EDUCATED MUSLIMS KNOW THAT INDIA IS THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WHERE MUSLIMS ENJOY FREEDOM.”

“Such people are very few…” he said.

“I just wanted to show that we cannot generalize. Muslims have their own set of problems. They are made to follow convenient interpretation of Islamic principle. Most of them do not understand Quran so they follow wily priesthood just like any other religions. How many Hindus follow Sanatan Dharma? Have your read Gita?”

“You mean to say Islamic principles are good?” he raised his eye brows.

“I didn’t say good or bad. It’s just different. All Semitic religions are based on beliefs. Beliefs may not be truth. So it will have its own strengths and weaknesses….”

I had read Quran. For me, it was just like any other religious books. It never fascinated me. But when a majority population of the world considers it as a Holy-book, we should respect their beliefs.

I had read “Bunch of Thoughts” by M.S.Golwalkar and lot of literature related to RSS. My understanding is that RSS was established as a patriotic and nationalist welfare organisation. They believed that India’s foundation is Hindutva. The real purpose of RSS was to uphold Hindu dharma and patriotism.

“If few people in the RSS have extremist views, won’t it damage the real intention of RSS?”

“I understand. You mean to say that we cannot generalize with people’doings based on their interpretation of religion or ideology. I too agree that a section of Hindus are tainting India’s name more than Muslims… ”

“That’s the real problem. Not all Hindus are following Sanatan Dharma. Same goes for Muslims. Not all Muslims follow Islam. The invaders carried Muslims names. They used Islam.”

“But brother Uday, Muslims do have problem- like, population growth among illiterate, blind faith, putting religion most important than anything else…”
“Then, we will have to address those issues, rather than fighting with our own brothers. If your elder son becomes addicted to alcohol, what you would have done? You will treat him and counsel him, right?”

“Yes. Hmm…I understand your view points. But what about terrorists? I am not saying all Muslims are terrorists. But most of the terrorists are Muslims…” he said.

“Hmmm…Have you heard about Security Industry? Since wars between countries are reduced, the US corporates are tapping the security market. Who is sponsoring terrorism? The marketing or sales department of the corporates involved in the security business….”

“What’s that to do with terrorism?”

“There are good and bad guys in every religions. You can’t convert a good guy in Islam into terrorist. The company marketing chief recruits terrorists through brokers. It’s like campus placement. The brokers (mostly priests in Pakistan) target just hatched out brainwashed zombie kid from any religious institution (easy target is Madrasah) through brokers. Brokers may use ethics, principles, ideology, religion or spirituality – any such ALL TIME saleable commodity – to trap teen-agers.”


“The broker offers the zombie kid around Rs 1 lakh. The broker would come up with a holy statement: ‘You are selected for Jihad. If you die, you will go directly to the paradise. There will be a seat near to the god reserved for you (mann mein laddu futa!). You will get 7 beautiful virgins (mann mein 7 laddu futa!) to enjoy.’ The deal doesn’t end there – next day morning when you get up all the 7 girls would be intact virgins again! (Praise the lord – mann mein 7 million laddu futa!). Don’t ask rubbish questions like if your ‘physical things’ would be workable after your death. But Rs 1 lakh and promised god-aisle seat plus virgins are ok for an upcoming terrorist. Our zombie kid, for instance, goes and fixes a bomb in Indian train. Boom Shakalaka! Bomb blast! We blame the poor Muslims just because a zombie Muslim-named kid done a heinous crime.”

“I didn’t know this…”

“Next day the government set up umpteen security measures and spends 100 billion for railway security – like buying metal detector or such equipment. (As usual 80% goes to the political brokers. If anybody from the opposition parties makes galatta, this amount will be shared with them). And for a few days, front entrance of the railway station will be scrutinized by Jai Jawans! This scrutiny is not applicable for beggars, lechers, thieves, anti-social elements who get into the train from all other entrance or through all other minor stations. Inside the train, even the TTE ignores that ticket-less travelers even in the reserved compartments! So this is just an eye-wash…”


“Nobody can even question them – the country’s security can’t be compromised, right? After some days all these metal detectors will turn into show-pieces in front of railway station entrance. Later, everything will be sold as scrap to rag-pickers. (Naturally, with a commission). This is known as international security business. Our tax money thus goes to thin air…”

“Is it true?”

“Then what? Open your eyes and look around…Religion and politics are big business. You and I are just emotional donkeys…”

“So what’s the way out? You were telling about counseling and all”

“Invite few Muslims to ‘come and watch’ your RSS Sakha and OTC camps…Let them see and experience that you are not doing anything against them…Let them follow their faith, but not Arabian culture. They are Hindu-Muslims, you are Hindu-Hindu. And there are Hindu-Christians and Hindu-Sikhs…Hinduism can be a religion in a narrow sense like that of Semitic religions. But the real Hinduism mean universal humanity, it shouldn’t represent any religion. That was the wish and prayer of our ancestors. That’s why they prayed ‘May all beings in the world be happy” (Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu) and that’s why they said ‘the world is one family’ (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam)” I said.

“Yes, the beauty of Hinduism was freedom and universality..”

“Let’s don’t let it change. Those wily politicians destroy the beauty of Hinduism by pushing them more towards caste and religion. So don’t fall prey to pimp-ish politicians’ game…” I said.

Talk to Indian Christians and Muslims who are working outside India (non-resident Indians) – they will tell you that how much do they identify with Hindu culture.

Udaylal Pai

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