Is Rebirth For Real?

Uday-LOne night in 1986 April, I was sitting in the New Delhi railway station. I didn’t get a reservation, so I had to wait for next day morning train. I was on the way back after a long trip from the Hindu pilgrimage destinations in Himalayan areas. I was so tired and about to sleep in the platform itself. What happened next still remains as a mystery!

An old man with long-beard wearing shabby clothes came near me and stared at me for some time. Then he asked: “mujhe thoda paani dedeejiye…” (Please give me some water)

I gave him the water bottle that was almost full. He drank about 90% of water and offered the bottle back to me. I got a bit angry. But I had shown a gesture – ‘keep it with you’.

“Bahuth danyavad…”(thanks) he said and suddenly sat near me. He continued staring at me and asked in Hindi: “Can I tell you something about your past and future?”

The first thought was – he is a conman. Everywhere you go you will come across street futurists, palmists, astrologers, soothsayers, and face readers. In the south, there are “Kili Jotsyam” (Parrot predictions) and “Nāḍi jyotiṣa” (Nadi astrology)…they will make you believe in things to squeeze money out of you… As if reading my thoughts, he said: “It is not for money, sir…I am going to tell you some truths…”

I didn’t say anything.

“Sir, I will tell you about your three previous births that I know of…

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