Menstruation taboo in Hindu Dharma: Can I go to temple while having periods?

Uday sir, I can participate in pooja (offering to deity) while menstruating? Is it a sin to have periods? Does it create any negative energy or vibes? Why did our ancestors prevent us from going to temple during menstruation? Is there any scientific, scriptural backing to support picturing the menstrual cycle as taboo?

Menstruation is a normal, natural phenomenon or process of change in the physiological system in the female body. According to our Dharma, everything in this universe is divine. Hence it’s also divine and the presence of God exists in even menstruating blood.

Having said that, if I were a woman, I wouldn’t go to temple or attend puja during periods. The reason is NOT scriptural or scientific, it is just common sense.

As you know, Vedic scriptures respect women. To best of my knowledge, Vedic traditions do not see menstruation as taboo. I think Vedas are not talking about this subject. There were no restrictions on women to perform rituals. Or at least I never came across a passage which is saying woman’s body is impure or that she cannot do poojas during menstruation.

On the contrary, Vedas hail women.

“Moon gave them (women) purification; the Gandharva, sweet speech; Agni, perfect purity; therefore verily women are always pure.”(Yajnavalkaya Smriti).

“According to the law women cannot be contaminated. They never become (entirely) foul, though month by month they face temporary uncleanness.” (Vashistha Dharmasutra).

Agamas also hail women. Shaktagamic says menstruation is NOT inauspicious or impure. It is actually celebrated and also considered embodiment of auspiciousness/sanctity.

In Tantric tradition, the menstrual discharge is looked upon as something very powerful and divine (Matrikabheda Tantra).

However, some unimportant Smritis and Shastras that came at a later period talk about Menstruation as taboo…

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4 Responses

  1. Vishwas Rao says:

    A beautiful explanation. In fact I wanted to add few more here, during this cycle women even us turmeric when they bath to absolutely secure themselves from the bacteria.

  2. Mudita says:

    Thanks for this article. I was also researching on this topic since my activity level naturally reduces and energies feel very heightened during the monthly cycle and sensitivity too, increases. Interestingly I fell upon this article that verified several of my personal experiences as a woman going through this.

  3. My wife went to a temple during it a sine then what its remedies?

  4. LAVANYA Mukundan says:

    Very clear and one can deny.. thanks for explaining it so well.. hope many reads and understands it..

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