Menstruation taboo in Hindu Dharma: Can I go to temple while having periods?

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  1. Vishwas Rao says:

    A beautiful explanation. In fact I wanted to add few more here, during this cycle women even us turmeric when they bath to absolutely secure themselves from the bacteria.

  2. Mudita says:

    Thanks for this article. I was also researching on this topic since my activity level naturally reduces and energies feel very heightened during the monthly cycle and sensitivity too, increases. Interestingly I fell upon this article that verified several of my personal experiences as a woman going through this.

  3. My wife went to a temple during it a sine then what its remedies?

  4. LAVANYA Mukundan says:

    Very clear and one can deny.. thanks for explaining it so well.. hope many reads and understands it..

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