You help others, they don’t help you

A common complaint: “I helped others. But they don’t help me.” You help others often for a reason. Broadly, there are four reasons to help others:
*1. Belief*
As per your belief, helping others is a divine (Punya) deed (Karma). You call it: _Manava Seva is Madhava Seva, Loka Seva is Lokesa Seva, Jana Seva is Janardhana Seva, or Jiva Seva is Deva Seva_ , etc. = serving humans is serving God. You’re an instrument of God in helping others. Then why would you even say that they didn’t help you back? God will take care of you, right?
*2. Mind game (Sympathy and Ego)*
You help others out of sympathy or to satisfy your ego. Any deed done out of sympathy will mostly turn out to be a regretful situation. We need empathy. Not sympathy. Sympathy is a sudden reaction out of your emotional imbalance when you do things out of Vikara (a disorder of mind like sudden emotional outburst) and not by Vichara (intelligent thinking). Naturally, you will have set back. Instead of an instant reaction, if you respond properly with empathy, it would have been different. And if you do help others to satisfy your ego, well, you know what would be the result.
*3. Expectation*
I help you, you help me. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. When you do something with expectation, it turns out to be a business or trade deal then. There is an equal chance of loss in any business or trade. You expected profit but incurred a loss, as simple as that.
*4. Happiness*
If you help others for your happiness, you won’t complain. The happiness that you got during helping others is your biggest reward. You don’t need anything more. If someone helps you back, it is a bonus.
Our ancestors said: Any deed should be done for the sake of the deed only. You don’t have the right (Adhikara) on the result (Phala) – this is what Krishna said some 5000 years ago. It stands. No one can contest this truth.
When I explained these pointers to a friend, he asked me: “Uday, then why would anyone then help others?”
“There is no rule that you should help others. But caring for fellow creatures is not confined to homo sapiens. As an inhabitant of the earth, we need to take care of others in this world – that’s humane. Even many animals do that. That shouldn’t be a big deal. The cool breeze brings forth solace in the hot sun and doesn’t wait for you to say thanks. It doesn’t expect your help back. It’s a natural process.”
You can be that breeze. A considerate look, a pat on the shoulder, a blink of your eyes, or even a reassuring smiley during online chat would go a long way! (Message Number: 371)
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