Allah in Vedas, Kalki Avatar and Prophet Muhammad, Islam in Bhavishya Purana!!!

“Many Islamic scholars say that Allah is mentioned in Vedas. Is it true?”

“Udayji, is it correct that Prophet Muhammad who founded Islam was the last Avatar of Vishnu, Kalki? A top Muslim scholar named Zakir Naik propagates so”

“Zakir Naik said that Bhavishya Purana mentions about Islam and Muhammad…”

“Uday sir, the essence of Vedas is formless God and that is what Islam propagates. Islam is validated by Vedas…” Much more similar type of letters, messages and queries from readers.

The answer is an emphatic big NO.

There is not even a single word that’s remotely resembles Allah. I have discussed about this to many Sanskrit scholars and Vedic pundits too. Allah is neither a Sanskrit word nor a word from any of Indian languages – so it can’t appear in Veda. Allah is a pure Arabic word.

Vedas have 193516 words (in four Vedas = Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva). There is no Allah anywhere among these words.

Vedas do not talk about any religion – not even about Hinduism. There is no Allah, Jehovah or Jesus in Vedas.

“So Allah is not mentioned anywhere in any Vedic scriptures?” a reader, Rohit Kumar, asked this question twice.

“Rohit, use simple logic. Vedas were composed 7000 years ago in Sanskrit. Quran is written approx. 1350 years ago in Arabic. So, how is it being possible to mention any such names in Vedas?”

“Oh, I didn’t think in that sense,” he said.

“Have you read Vedas, Puranas or any of 10,000 literature related to Vedic tradition?” I asked the questioner.

The answer was “NO”.

People like Zakir Naik are cocksure that 99.99% of Hindus did not read Vedas, Upanishads or any of our ancient scriptures. So it is easy for him to add/delete some words from here and there or mis-interpret or mis-quote or even mis-translate. And he also knows for sure that NO sensible Sanskrit scholars will come and argue with people like him.

“He has argued with few Gurus like Ravi Shankar, some Swamis (saints, sages, gurus) and won the argument…”Rohit said.

“That must be true. A Hindu Sanyasi is NOT required to study Vedas and Upanishads. He/She can choose any selfless service (yoga) – Karma, Bhakti, Raja, Dhyana etc. – to achieve emancipation or liberation and need NOT be a scholar. You can see thousands of Sanyasis (saints) wearing saffron in the Himalayan regions. Most of them are illiterates and do not even know Sanskrit. But, as part of our traditional culture we respect them, touch their feet seeking blessings. People like Amritanandamayi, Ravi Shankar, and Jaggi Vasudev etc are popular religious leaders, highly knowledgeable people but they DON’T claim as experts in Vedic literature. Nowhere it is said that a Hindu must read Vedas or any scriptures. But a Muslim MUST read and follow Quran.”

– Quran is most read book in the world after Bible – billions might have read it. In comparison, Vedas must have read by few hundred thousand people only. I don’t think 0.000001 % of world population even know about Vedas, let alone reading it.

“Udayji, what about the concept of Islam? Do Vedas and Upanishads talks about it?”

“NO way. There are fundamental differences: –

“So Allah is not mentioned anywhere in any Vedic scriptures?” a reader, Rohit Kumar, asked twice.

1. Islam is founded upon belief in God – Allah. Hinduism is founded upon Vedic and Dharmic science, and NOT God

2. Islam follows a personal God and sees the God as a separate entity. Sanatan Dharma says everything is God and there is no separate personal God (though you are free to believe so).

3. Islam is an Asthik (believers of God) philosophy. Our (all six) Dharsanas are Nastik (not based on any beliefs).

4. The most important point is, Islam believes in a creator. Allah is the creator. Hindu philosophy doesn’t talk about any separate creator. Instead Vedanta asks questions like if there is a creator, who created the creator? Upanishads proclaim everything in the universe as manifestation of cosmic energy – the creator (if any), created and the creation – everything is different forms of this energy.

5. Islam believes in one God – that is Allah and insists that people to follow the one God. Hinduism says you can believe in any of 33 crore Gods. And even if you do not believe in God, you still are a Hindu.

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing common in the foundation of both the religions. So how anything related to Islam can appear in any of Hindu scriptures?

“But Zakir Naik says Bhavishya Purana mentions about Muhammad. What about that?”Rohit asked again.
“Bhavishya Purana talks about Jesus Christ, Akbar, Sawai Jai Singh, Alha Udal, Tulsidas, Surdas, Guru Nanak, Shahjahan, Aurangzeb, Shivaji and even Queen Victoria and her Parliament. It even mentions about Kolkata city! Obviously, it is re-written till late 19th century. Bhavishya Purana radically changed during the period of Aurangaseb and Akbar. So it can’t be considered an authoritative religious scripture. It does not even come in category of evidence, when it comes to Hindu religion. It is at best a frivolous non-serious text.”

“What about Kalki Avatar? Zakir said Muhammed is Kalki Avatar!”

“I don’t know if he said so. If yes, I do not understand how Muslims could tolerate Zakir Naik for insulting their Prophet and Quran. Kalki is born with four hands! Did Muhammad have four hands? He is born in a village by name Sambhala (somewhere in Nepal or India) and not in the Middle East. Shambala is accessible only to accomplished yogis and Siddha purushas. His parents will be Brahmins (=Sattvik Vegetarians) of names Vishnuyasha (means God’s glory) and Sumati (means the pious and pure thinking one). Kalki married to the daughter of the King of Simhala Desam (Sri Lanka), Padmawati. Muhammad had 11 wives, but none in the name of Padmawati. Kalki worshipped Shiva to get a Sword. Did Muhammad do like that?” (Incidentally, Kalki is a Tamil word. The Sanskrit name for Kalki is Ghadgi = sword-bearer)
“What is the purpose of Kalki avatar, Udayji?”

“The purpose of his avatar is to destroy the wicked people or Mlechha (outer barbarians of whatever race or colour or non-Vedic people from foreign land) people completely. By cleaning the earth He has to establish Dharma and the Satyayuga will start again.”

“Hmmm. But Zakir has been propagating Bhavishya Purana”

“Hindus must appreciate him then. Bhavishya Purana upholds worship of different idols, avoidance of meat, celibacy, shraadh, prohibition of marriage among close relatives, agnihotra, holy places, cow protection etc. Let him propagate that.”

“So the Prophet is not Avatar?”

“The Prophet Mohammed was Allah’s Prophet. Islam believes that he is the last messenger of God. As per Mohammed there is no God but Allah. Even Jesus, Abraham were Prophets not Gods. As per Hindu scriptures, Kalki is not a messenger of God. He is the incarnate of God himself. So if he was Kalki Avatar- he would be God himself but he would be contradicting himself saying Allah is the Only God and Mohammed is his Prophet. So by calling Prophet Muhammad an avatar, you elevate him as god because as per Hinduism, all avatars of Lord Vishnu are gods. This is against the teachings of Islam. Hence Prophet Muhammad is not Kalki avatar. In fact, devoted Muslims must answer why Zakir was insulting their Prophet.”

“But many scholars say the concept of Vedic God is similar to that of Allah…”

“Which concept of God? There are hundreds of concepts in Hindu literature or school of thoughts those talks about God. Vedic concept of God is different from that of Upanishads. Puranic concept is still different from others. Even Dwaita and Adwaita concepts are different. There are many sects among Hinduism – Shaiva, Vaishnava, Shakteya, Smarta etc. Each sect has different God concepts. There could be thousands of concepts – so it is natural that some similarities can be seen here and there…”

“In comparison, which concept of God is better?”

“That is a personal selection. The concept of God is essentially a human creation. It was derived from human imagination. According to me, a person should be free to choose his/her concept. You can choose any concept that you like.”

“I will reframe the question is different format. Udayji, what concept of God you follow?”

“I follow many concepts. I pray to many Gods. My favourite Gods are Vishnu, Hanuman, Narasimha, Shiva, Ganesha, Durga…the list is endless. I want to see the presence of divine in each and everything, that’s why my list becomes endless…So, I don’t have a problem in accepting any form of God.”

But Gods and religions will exist ONLY if humans live in this planet – animals and plants do not know about such concepts and they don’t have religions.

So, let’s give priority to humanism, non-discrimination and inclusiveness. Our blood doesn’t know the difference between those Gods. Only our mind does. And mind is a creation of inputs and conditioning. Let’s move beyond mind and be with the divine, rather than fighting for different concepts. Our ancestors told us to follow Varna Dharma, not religions and castes.

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35 Responses

  1. Abdul Samad says:

    I have seen the 3 hour epic YouTube video by Dr Zakir talking about similarities between Islam and Hinduism. And leaving aside what ppl might view of ‘in context’ vs ‘out of context’, it was mind blowing. Islam isn’t a 14 century old religion, is is the True Religion of Monotheism it it’s absolute purest sense as from the Time of First Man- Adam (pbuh). Almighty God sent down Messengers/Prophets, literally tens of thousands all preaching the exact same message. The Quran is the last revelation and it is befitting that this last revelation would remain uncorrupted, untainted etc and in that sense ”Allah” is perfect for God as it is singular, you cannot add anything plural to it . Were there other revelations? Of course (Torah, Injeel are mentioned). So it goes to rationale reasoning that there would be other revelations to previous generations at their given time but ALL portraying the same message of Islam. But we all know that no other revelation has remained untouched by Man as the Quran. So it harps back to this, if the other scriptures in their purest sense are referring to One God, who is without equal, nothing like unto him and he alone deserves to be worshipped etc etc then it is clearly pointing towards Islam. It cannot be anything but, but ppl read into things as they wish and are lead astray. Look at the Church’s teachings against what Jesus (pbuh) taught. Could the Veedas in their purest sense have been a revelation from God almighty (Allah)to a messenger at the time, – as Dr Zakir says maybe, maybe not. But if it was, it would never contradict the message of Islam – only worship the one true God.

  2. Taimoor says:

    Dear sir ! I think that you research is incomplete or wrong . because there are so many lines which describes about Islam, Allah, & prophet Muhammad. please re-research on your post.

  3. Dishant Sawant says:

    First of all
    allah means god .Islam directly refers to supreme god, means parmatma, parmeshwar, almighty, source of start and end, exactly Vedas also refer same, but Islam do not worship idols, same in Vedas also it is written, idol worship is not written, Vedas and Quran when at that time were written were true, bhagwad Gita is also true, Allah, parmatma, parmeshwar, Brahman, parabrhman, shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, muhhamad, Jesus, guru Nanak, all other messengers of different religions are all from one supreme god he is none other than than bhagwan shree Krishna, because he showed his viraat avatar at last to arjuna, this is my personal opinion ,god has taken our exam, this is my opinion, because Muhammad also didn’t know and see who is allah, he was revealed secretly, by a messenger Gabriel who was sent by Allah to Muhammad, and Vedas were revealed by messengers and avatars of supreme god to rishis.

  4. Krishnakali Dalal says:

    I didn’t have enough patience to read whole of your article sir as there are huge misconceptions in the part till I’ve read.
    Yes, Dr. Zakir Naik sometimes quotes out of context from vedic scriptures, but not all. I’ve read some part of vedas and some more of Upanishads also. Your concept about Vedas and Upanishads truly needs to be revised Sir. And vedic scriptures are not any short of atheistic types.

    These two verses from Shvetaswatara Upanishad would be enough for you Sir.

    I-8: The Lord supports this universe, which consists of a combination of the perishable and the imperishable, the manifest and the un-manifest. As long as the self does not know the Lord, it gets attached to worldly pleasures, and is bound; but when it knows Him, all fetters fall away from it.

    I-10: Matter is perishable, but God is imperishable and immortal. He, the only God, rules over the perishable matter and individual souls. By meditating on him, by uniting with Him, and by becoming one with Him, there is cessation of all illusion in the end.

    Pls Sir, go and read properly.

  5. Mohan Rose Ali says:

    Sir, your analysis need to be revised … Holy Atharvah Vedha’s … Allah Upanishadh Says, “Islam Thabarah Illam, Illalleh, Illallam Omallam, Illallam Niswarupayah”and Bhavishyah Upanishadh Says, Atheh Sinnahn Thareh Milechah Acharyanah Ihiyathanah Samadhvidh ‘Maha’Mathi’ Vishyah Shakkah Maidhyatham …”

    Moreover, there are only three Holy Vedhas … Viz., Holy Righ, Holy Atharvah, Holy Yajuhr … and Samah Scripture is a part of Holy Atharvah Vedha Which Was Revealed by Lord God to Lord Krishnahr who is also called Samah.

  6. Mohamed Ismail says:

    Mr. Pai.
    When Allah sent Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him, He titled him as ” A Mercy for the Universe”; having sent with such a strong mandate, it is a incumbent upon Allah to let mankind be foretold about him and his mission of mercy using every mode of communication familiar and known to man. Be it a book in any language or signs/signals in any scripture.

    Mankind is not confined to one area, one country, or one race, it is scattered among nations and tribes all over. Allah has, therefore, made it easy in an accessible and in a variety of ways to let men know of the coming of this Universal Mercy to them. It is therefore up to mankind to acquire or ignore this divine knowledge which made available; Islam makes it clear that there is no compulsion in religion.

    Leave Dr. Zakir Naik, for now, but look at the work of Pundit Vaid Prakash, a Brahman and a well known Indian Sanskrit scholar , after a great deal of toil and hard-work. He presented his work to as many as eight great Pundits who are themselves very well known in the field of research in India, and are amongst the most learned religious leaders. His work is published and is given wide publicity as;

    *The Last Kalki Autar (Messenger) that the Veda has foretold and who is waited on by Hindus is the Prophet Muhammed ibn Abdullah (saw)

    As said earlier, there in no compulsion to in religion (you can worship to any or as many deities you like); but remain cognizant of the fact that you are fully accountable and be able to defend without an intermediary for all your deeds before your Creator.

  7. SlaveofGod says:

    Have eyes but blind ….have ears but can’t hear ….. Bhavisya Purana theek se pado…unpad author

  8. Nigam says:

    The Person /God/Supreme Principle whatever you say who appeared as Sri Krishna, again came as Buddha, again as Jesus and Muhammed. No one will accept that but it it is truth.

  9. moosa says:

    anything about kalki in vedas?
    who has born as kalki ?

  10. Nizam says:

    Did you read your Vedas thats is the questions.. did your Vedas said that God’ cant be worship as idols.. pictures.. cant be made.. cant be hang…!! It is same with Islam.. because…there is nothing equal with.God.. Himself.

    • Bhavish Rughoobeer Varma says:

      Go read the explanation about Vedas first. Know what is vedas. Then you speak about idolatry.

      Vedas in self speak about the supreme personality of God. And Manifests anywhere anytime in anything. So understand that.

  11. Saaki says:

    Prophet Muhammad is not the founded of Islam. Nowhere Quran are bible says Muhammad is founder of Islam. Prophet Muhammad is only last and final prophet of Islam not first prophet or founder of Islam. There were 124000 prophets of Islam n the first human who set foot on earth was prophet Adam and Adam was the first prophet of Islam n Adam was the founder of Islam. Islam didn’t came into existence 1400 years back and prophet Muhammad is not the founder of Islam. Prophet Muhammad is only last and final prophet of Islam not first prophet. Islam came since time immemorial, since the first man who set foot on earth. The first human who set foot on earth was prophet adam and Adam was the first prophet of Islam n adam was the founder of Islam. B4 Islam there was no human. First human is adam and adam was the founder of Islam.

  12. Peacelover says:

    First read scripter than make ur mind rather thn argues.

  13. shabana says:

    You are a lair i request all to go and directly read vedas this man who is so stupid….vedas were not in Sanskrit language at all and to understand scripts you need to also read other books …like bible ,Quran and other books and relate it you are asking others and analysing this…this shows h have no knowledge at all ..stop misleading others .read all other books also

    • Nutan porwal says:

      I thik this lady is right. All book shud be read bible Quran geeta to gets bits of understanding of it which we can. Full understanding I dont know any is left to understand that.

    • Bhavish Rughoobeer Varma says:

      So according to you which language was the Vedas. Arabic? You know the mother tongue, the base of all languages is Sanskrit. Even your sacred book has principles from the Vedas but interpreted in really different manners.

      Can you imagine that to escape death angles you have to mark your house with animals blood to get spared so that God knows you are his people. What is this. God knows every one’s Heart inside whole soul. Which men Aatma. What is Aatma? And that is ParamAatma.? Go read your books and answer it.

      Before coming and telling that Vedic scriptures not is Sanskrit.

      If in different language come interpret it. It will take you whole life time to understand analyse interprets the 4 Vedas.

  14. sonu says:

    Here answerer don’t even have proper knowledge about ved puran
    He’s saying u can take any god among 30 crore to worship .
    R u idiot?
    Yajurved says chapter 32 verse 3
    Natsya pritima asti
    Of that god there is no image he is image less.
    Bhagwat geeta chapter 10 shlok 3
    Says who knows me unborn he is only wise believer.

    • sonu says:

      Bhagwat geeta chapter 7 shloka 23
      Who those Made Devtas as their God they won’t get moksha though who worship me they get unto me.

    • ayush singh says:

      Yes parmeshwar was one ishwar is only one in hindu 33 koti devta mention somebody misleading this . Parmeshwar is one but bhagwan are many like brahma vishnu mahesh sri rama
      sai baba swami samarth they all are bhagwan but not parmeshwar

  15. Bob says:

    Well…. I saw another video of zakir…. In which he corelate…. Kalki’s. Parents name with mohhamed. Parents.. Name by converting there name into arabic…. How can it is possible…. It doesn’t give any logic…. If it possible…. Then there are many things that are irrelavant in kalki. Bhagwan and prophet muhhamad.

    • Bhavish Rughoobeer Varma says:

      Zakir wants every one to be converted so he started converting our Avatar names first associating with his fictional religion. The only aim is brain washing and increasing the Holy war to continue.

      So my Frends be strong. May Parmaatma Guide you

  16. Bob says:

    Udaylal. Pai…. You explained it very well.. That if a person is prophet in one relegion…. Then how can you make him God by comparing with Hinduism God kalki..who is God according to hinduism… If Islam is saying that he was a. messenger of god….

  17. Dave says:

    I agree with the author. Zakir Naik is fraud, mistranslated, manipulated and used al-taqia to convert gullible hindus. If anyone reads bhavishya puran will know that its manipulated. This can be caught by Sanskrit writing style. Rightly said by swami Ravishankar that Zakir Naik gives baseless argument and most arrogant. If he asks who manipulated our scripture, just tell him “Your Great Prophet Akbar and Aurangzeb.” Christian missionaries also had influence during Victoria’s rein.

  18. Vivek says:

    Maha Vishnu is only one God and no second to him Yajurveda. ..muslim see it and here it and read it, but behave like here not, read not and see not. Already said in Geeta and Vedas that ignorance people fall I trap of evil and have impotence or maya they have locked their heart by seeing truth n ignorin it.

  19. Mohd Anees says:

    I know you are completely fake the real religion is only island and you don’t no about this that the Hindu dharam is coming soon before Arabian comes in India they used a word Hindu for the people who were live in the bank of river Indus I tell you a one question that why in any book of hinds does not explain about Hindu word in your book written like this that adom is a first person who come in earth zakir Naik read your books but if u read Quran only one ty time with translation than you would know the Whole of you ok

    • Bhavish Rughoobeer Varma says:

      See none of any person can come and claim am first this is the great religion and this is to follow. When am bien in sanatan Dharma I’ll die in sanatan Dharma.

      See chal capat. Setting into ashes our oldest library why only to erase our existence and propagate your false one derived by our Vedic principles.

      None Zakir and any one can come and claim the truth because they are ordinary people.

      You must know yourself and your inner self. Who are you where you came from.

      Adam was the first? How you knew it he came and told you I was the first in this world.?

      This is all cosmic power and universal energy, where every being was produced for one specific mission on this univers am not talking about world but the universal truth

  20. kk says:


    • Bhavish Rughoobeer Varma says:

      Allah with great respect I have. But it’s a name? Who gave this name. Himself came and claimed hey am Allah, am the creator.

      Understand one thing listen to your cosmic energy and get connected to the transcendantale self you will accomplis every thing you need to in this illusion you living. All are man made. Exception of the cosmic self. Self realization is needed and there are many ways of Tyagas that you can follow to reach the supreme abodes.

      • BotherOfLove says:

        ALLAH = AL + ILAH
        AL = THE
        ILAH = GOD
        Its not a personal name brother.
        Like Dharm is translated in english as Religion. But the root word is DHAMM which means “Laws Of Nature”
        What are the Laws Of Nature? and Who gave the Laws?.
        Only the One who created the Nature can give the Laws.
        But How would the Laws be given?
        Through a Book or Revelations.
        The one who follows the Book are following the Laws of Nature or The Creator.
        We need to study the Books, ask questions if doubt arises and practice the teachings.

      • Udaylal Pai says:

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