The Emerging Trends in USA

P_20141129_035342_HDRI have been coming to America once or twice a year for the last 12 years. I might have visited this country at least 20 times.

My first and foremost concern is always been about food, as I am very picky about it. I do not even try anything other than South Indian or Konkani vegetarian food. Most of the times, conferences would be held in convention centers or in large resort situated long away from the downtown. Hence, reaching to an Indian restaurant would always be a very expensive tough call for me. So I always depend upon heavy breakfast.

The breakfast spread in hotel used to be extremely splashy during the last decade. I was always amused about the abundance and rich quantity in American food. Now it has changed – the quantity has come down. For example, the size of a muffin is one third of what it used to be. And a Nature Valley breakfast bar comes in single piece now, which used to be two-piece pack. No change in prices!

USA SHOULD BE THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, WHERE POOR ARE FAT AND RICH ARE SLIM. This was the decade that fat became the enemy of the state. New York City banned trans fats, and Alabama– second in national obesity rankings – introduced a tax on overweight state workers.

A good news is the increasing number of vegans (vegan food = plant-based diet) in USA- but that’s quite different from what we eat as our diet is predominately carbohydrates.

Another important trend I noticed was the wide acceptance of yoga. Madonna, Gwyneth and other bendy celebrities brought the Hindu practice mainstream. Now almost every Americans at least heard about yoga.

Indians are becoming more visible in USA. For instance, 12 years ago, you may not see a single Indian in the domestic flights especially in mid-US. Now, you can see one or two Indian faces. If you are lucky enough you would across a churidar or sari clad female….

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