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  1. Vinod Kumar Bhakta says:

    it may be possible to practice sanathan dharma in the modern times.

    the difference is you have to distinguish your decisions made must be beneficial to spiritualism and not anymore materialism, hence the reason for the planet being so confused.
    So the time is perfect for the end of KaliYuga.
    You can now establish Sanathan Dharma.
    You simply decide for the situation you are at. you have family life, costs and sanathana dharma does not always benefit worldly life, you only have to look at mahatma Gandhi, Vallabh Bhai Patel, they didn’t have monetary status. So one would say the Sanathana Dharma is not benefitting you currently with the demands of our time, especially religious org to are increasing costs, its becoming a business, and the money you pay for it, they will give you a receipt to say you donated.
    First start with you work you do, and everything else you do, physical and spiritual exercises and studies, do them as a duty, duty is god, as it refrains you from seeking pleasures when not doing anything, so increase these activities the most.
    Second is make work worship, work is worship, and you should utilise the surplus to be spent on your spiritual journey, as their will be costs, all your work is done for benefitting you spiritually, i.e. you studies combine it with secular for the living now and spiritual knowledge for you to move on to the path of merger and love. whilst doing all these activities start to introduce in the work, Seva activities, sports done as a yoga connecting to god, same principle used in karma Yoga and be conscious of the Lord always, to please the Lord in your activities, done for the lord.
    Third is, do not look at worldly goals of doing charity, or expanding your business, going abroad to settle and prove your family, community life. you should make spiritual, God, India country as your first goals, vision of making India great again make the world prosper to, as it will establish the principle of unity, rather than divide which causes the wars. this does not mean you have to always make a hard rule not to be of the creation, you can be in it and love all and serve all, go abroad but as an Indian. also do not have ideas of twin soul etc… remember you are Atma for the merger with the universal soul, so use the ‘I’ principle you are.
    Fourth is, you should be with your family be evolving spiritually, but this is not so easy, the big problem comes with partner, will they support you? if you are already a well settled person in marriage there should be no problem, others may experience a partner having different views. Ramayana type relationship will not work currently s do not try to fix.
    Fifth is try to spread the new ideals to like minded people and indirectly to all, making this the winner over any other worldy ideas people will tempt you. then your on the path of making sanathan dharma practical for all, establish the Indian country on the path of Sathya, then it will reflect to all other countries having to join the path, this is now the happening of a golden age. this is just the physical practicle perspective of it as per the question.

  2. Vibhas says:

    Very well expressed and explained.. thank you for posting these articles.

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