UCC – Agreeing with Muslim Reader

“In the name of gender equality, the *Uniform Civil Code (UCC)* bill is targetting Muslims in India. Manusmriti has more gender-discriminatory remarks than Quaran. What’s your take on this?” a question from Bashir Ahmed.
“Bashir, I agree with all your points except for the comparison that’s idiotic.”
“Why is it idiotic, Uday?”
“Your comparison of the Quran with Manusmrithi is wrong.  No Hindus follow Manusmriti. But all Muslims MUST follow Quran. So how can you compare both and equate? Hindus in the country follow the Hindu code bills passed in the 1950s in Parliament and not Manusmriti. How is Manusmriti related to UCC then?  Hindus are NOT bound to follow any ancient texts. So, please stop comparing any Hindu texts with Quran…”
“Okay, point taken. What’s your point of agreement?”
“I agree with you when you said Manusmriti is against gender equality, but for a different reason. It tells us to respect or worship females and give them more importance than males. Isn’t it against the spirit of equality? As per the Indian constitution and as a progressive human being we should treat males and females equally.”
“Oh, you’re wrong and misleading here Uday. Everyone knows that Manu Smriti says Na sthree swathanthryam arhati (Woman does not deserve freedom).”
“Really? Have you ever read the full text of Manusmriti?”
“No – but I have read articles and listened to speeches by many reputed scholars…”
“Please refrain from making sweeping comments without reading it. The Nasthree phrase is taken out of context. You should read fully to understand its context. The essence of Manusmriti tells you that a lady needs to be given the highest priority. If needed, men should take care of women and one shouldn’t let a woman loose in the street for obvious threats. In fact that stanza says the onus is on the father, husband, and son. Every one of the males was to give her priority over even themselves. The various responsible persons were identified as law and given the responsibility by Manu. So that much importance was given to ladies.”
“Aha. Similarly, why can’t you give the same benefit of the doubt to the Quran? Can’t I say that anti-women statements in Quran are quoted out of context or wrong interpretation?”
“I can quote many anti-women statements from the original official Quran text of Saudi Arabia. The Taliban and ISIS claim that they are the real Muslims following the original Quran. And they treat women as sex slaves. They claim that moderate Muslims like you dilute the essence of the Quran.”
“I believe moderate Muslims are the real ones. The terrorists are misguided.” Bashir said.
“Bashir, I can deplore any Hindu text, if it promotes discrimination or inhuman laws against progressive modern society. Can you deplore even such statements in your text?”
“Hmmm. Uday, I am a Muslim and bound to approve Quran. But I support gender equality. In fact, in my family, the wealth has been divided equally. We don’t consider women as sex slaves. I am living in a democratic country and I value humanity.”
“That’s the crux. You can follow gender equality only because you are in India. In a Muslim country, you must follow all those archaic laws. India allows freedom of speech and expression. India is the ONLY country in the world where Muslims enjoy absolute freedom. They also get voluminous benefits and reservations in the name of the minority whereas flagbearers of Hindu Dharma are sidelined in the name of majority.”
“But you agreed my point that UCC is targetting Muslims…”
“Yes. Hindus already have the codes in place. So UCC provides nothing extra or special for Hindus. The Bill would target Muslims to help them integrate themselves with the progressive society that follows gender justice. So, UCC helps ordinary Muslims and frees them from the clutches of the clergy. That’s why I agreed to your point that UCC is targetting Muslims.”  (Broadcast Message No: 379)
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