Activation Codes for Happiness

“Uday, you said you would write about the activation codes for happiness that are inbuilt into human beings. I am waiting….” a message from Ananth Sharma, a senior reader of my website.
I had a friend, Abhilash – a good man with a lot of dreams and passion for life. Everyone loved and respected him for his hard work, helpful nature, humanitarian services, and humility. One day his trip to his office turned fatal after his bike crashed in an accident, leading to the amputation of his leg. Added to the woes, during surgeries, some tests were done, and he was diagnosed with metastatic cancer (stage 4 cancer).
When I saw him in the hospital bed for the last time, he asked me only one question that deeply haunted me for years to come. He was crying and asked me: “Why Uday? Why me?”
I tried to resist the tears rolling out of my eyes. Within a few months, he passed away.
Many nights I would see him in my dream asking the same question – Why? Why me? I went through a lot of references and our scriptures to find an answer. The first question was why do bad things happen to good people? (This query even led to a later book of mine: *You don’t eat a lion doesn’t mean that lion won’t eat you*). But I couldn’t find a satisfying answer to this specific question. Why?
Later, one day suddenly I had a dream that provided me with the answer. Something told me: *”Why not?”*
Accidents and misfortunes happen in life for no fault of ours. Innocent people get penalized. The truth is, with our limited conditioned mind, we cannot define or reason for many things that happen in life. It’s all RANDOM happenings. When thousands of vehicles ply a road, it is natural that some random accident happens. There is no reason for that. And in most cases, there is no point in knowing the reason too. Why shouldn’t it happen?
The question “Why” mostly comes from the ego mind. We seek the answer just to satisfy our curiosity. The ‘Why’ is mostly applicable to science and scientists. You might have noticed this too – even if you get the answer, it would ONLY satisfy your querying mind (ego) – it won’t bring you any solution to the problem or accident that you encountered.
When unfortunate things happen to you, you have the right to feel angry, hurt, sad, and scared. You have the right to feel wronged. You have the right to say it’s not fair, and it’s shitty. But you cannot prevent unhappy things happen in life, for sure. So, whatever happens, don’t waste time asking the question Why. Instead, start asking “Why not?”
_The word “Why Not” is the first activation code for happiness in you. It is that simple. Try it. It is a free activation code._
Happiness seems to be inherent to the human. Look at children. They are naturally happy. Why do you always search for happiness and not sorrow? (Again a why). We already have the answer – happiness is our innate or built-in nature. We always seek that. The App or program of happiness comes ingrained in human beings. We might need the real activation codes.
The activation code *”WHY NOT?”* must work with many. Whatever happens to you, don’t waste time asking why. It’s a ploy of ego-mind. The repeated ‘why’ would activate your thoughts’ repetition mode which makes sure that immersed in the problem. When you’re a part of the problem, you’d never find the solution. To find a solution, we have to get separated from the problem – for which, the first step would be coming out of the mental situation.
Ask yourself, “Why Not?” Why can’t this happen to me? or Why not me? When there are billions of human beings, there can be deviants. There can be exceptional cases. You can also get the dreaded disease, you can also face a fatal accident or you may also miss a flight. Ask then: Why not?
The ‘why not’ will immediately do away with your ego mind. Once your mind is silenced, your other faculties like instinct, intellect, intuition, etc will work properly. In 99% of cases, you will see the solution. If there is no solution, well, WHY NOT accept the truth that there are a few problems in life that do not have any solutions? And move on.
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