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Do you believe in GOD?

“Do you believe in GOD?” a Western atheist friend once asked me. “Your question to me is incomplete, irrelevant, and unessential…” I said. “Why is it incomplete?” “There are many concepts and beliefs about...


Is ‘Ten Avatar Story’ Real or Fake?

“Udayji, is there any analogy between the ten-Avatars (DashAvatar) of Vishnu with the theory of evolution?” a question from a reader Bhasurachandran.No.The actual Avatars were not strictly in chronological or evolutionary order of the...


Attack on Hindu Dharma?

“Udayji, why do Marxists, socialists, and communists always attack Hindu Dharma and our culture ?” The followers of Sanatan Dharma had developed a highly civilized human society, where the basic FOUR needs of human...