What Will Happen if a Brahmin Eats Non-Vegetarian Food?

Brahmin1A question from my reader Amitabh Sharma: “Sir, I have seen lot of Brahmins eat non-vegetarian food. What will happen if a Brahmin eats non-vegetarian?”

“What do you expect to happen? Your stomach has power to digest both. And it is your false belief that Brahmin as a caste shouldn’t eat non-vegetarian”

“Phew…I was relieved. Sir, I thought you were fanatic vegetarian…In fact, I am a Brahmin and have eaten non-veg…Still I can follow Brahmanism, right?”

“Brahmanism has nothing to do with today’s Brahmin caste. If you follow Brahmanism that is Sattvik way of life, you have to be pure vegetarian.”

“I am confused…”

“Our ancestors thrived to be a Brahmin…They knew that Brahmanism is divinely ordained cosmological order. They realized that a human can lead a perfect, peaceful and contented life if he followed Brahmanism…Hence everybody wanted to be Brahmins. They thrived to be one….

Sages like Vasishta, Viswamitra, Vyasa, Jambooka rishi, Shrunga muni, Valmiki, Agasthya, Gowtama etc were not born in Brahmin caste. But they gained ultimate knowledge (brahmajnana) and became Brahmins. Sant Namdev, Sant Ravidass, Sant Kabir and Guru Nanak were not caste Brahmins. Puttaparti Sai Baba, Ramalinga Swamigal, Kripananda Variar, Appar Swamigal, Sri Narayana Guru, Satya Sai Baba, Mata Amritananda mayi etc were not in Brahmin caste.

All of them evolved to be Brahmin. Ved Vyas, Manu, Vasistha etc upheld the importance of Brahmin. But they were not born in Brahmin caste.

Lord Krishna, who positioned Brahmins as supreme though his Baghvad Gita, was a backward caste Yadav. There is not even single HINDU god who is a Brahmin. But all our ancestors propagated, supported and fought for Brahmanism. However, no Brahmin wrote or said anything in favour of Brahmanism. It was non-Brahmins who upheld the positions of Brahmins seeing them as role models…

(Excerpts from my book: MANTRAS and RITUALS: THE LOGIC OF HINDU SCIENCE. For further reading: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B093Z2M52M ) You may visit Amazon site of your respective country and search “B093Z2M52M”

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163 Responses

  1. Gurudutt Pai says:

    I went thru the article & comments by readers now in feb 2020 . The matter makes sense & the response of readers regarding the DNA changes cud be taken to be a bit of misunderstanding the scientific concepts as changes in DNA do Not Normally Exhibit the Effects for a few Generations except in Rare cases & in Cancers etc. Our Brahmin Priests are supposed to Strictly Avoid even Garlic Onions & foods which which are supposed to create a Tamasic Effect on the Body. As far as eating habits of other countries are concerned they were compelled by Regional Conditions which are very much different from India. However there is No Law of Nature which Prohibits Food Habits & Ocupations etc. which are Situational & there are possible Advantages & Disadvantages which are Not Completely Verified &/or Understood save for the Religious Diktats.

  2. Vijay says:

    Sad to read such unclean minded brahmins (eating non veg)writing such comments.
    Will such people allow their wives to be screwed by any person.That’s the correlatively ratio to brahmins eating non veg and giving bad examples. Really sorry to read such articles.Is our Bagwath Geetha book.a non.guide to its reader regarding eating of non veg and it’s reputations. Please let such commenter read our holy book.to gain knowledge of clean thinking and clean living

  3. Poornachandra Kashyap says:

    You are saying that our ancestors were vegetarian for 2000 years and if we eat non-veg now we will end up screwing up our DNA? How about this… People literally lived like in dark ages since 2000 years and only recently like 100-200 years ago industrialisation and modernisation started happening… People started using the conveniences of these modern times… Instead of literally walking to reach point A to point B from one end of the subcontinent to another they started using vehicles… According to your theory this should’ve messed up the DNA as well… People started using mixer grinders to make chutneys, refrigerators to store food, microwave ovens to heat them, wet grinders to make dosa batters doesn’t these mess up the DNA as well as they are not being old school byusing their muscles the way our ancestors did? How about modern farming methods?
    And about violence… How is that a silk dhoti which is literally made by boiling worms whilst they were in their cocoons is good for pooja? Deer skin or tiger skin was and still used by seers to sit? Why do we use footwear and belts made out of a hide of an animal? How about the consumption of milk? It’s literally from a Jersey cow as Indian cows are less used as they won’t yield much milk…? And what about brahmins who migrated to the west? Aren’t they the trophy children and star attractions at weddings and functions… Even if they do remain vegetarian, the vegetables and fruits out there is different from the vegetables and fruits available here… Wont their DNA be corrupt as well? and about the curse of the ancestors?? Like really?? Hinduism tells that a person gets reincarnated after his death… So how can an ancestor curse us if he had already taken multiple births and deaths as some form of animal or plant or a bird or human over all these years?? Isn’t that why we limit the tithi and shraddha rituals up to the grandparents of the person performing the Pooja? The list of questions like these can go on… But you were very quick to analyze and give an “expert” opinion without considering these variables…

  4. SRIRANG says:

    A very well written article..Mr Pai has beautifully dealt with all aspects related to the issue.

  5. TS Lakshmi Narayan says:

    Nobody deserves being called a Brahmin in today’s time.All we have are various Social Groups claiming themselves Brahmins.Eating Meat or not is one’s Personal Wish and nothing to do with Genetics and Birth.Majority of “Brahmins” consume Meat nowadays.You can be Hindu without following any Brahminical Rituals.

  6. Yash panditji says:

    A good fool u are . First of all lord Krishna was kshtriya and not a Yadav . He was yaduvanshi kshtriya. Its just a coincidence that his vansh name looks same as modern day cast Yadav . Secondly lord Vishnu out of his 10 avatars has 4 major brahmin Avtar . Lord vahman , lord Parshuram , lord Buddha , and lord Kalki .
    U know nothing of our religion pretending to be a genius . A good fool u are .

  7. Arjun says:

    I like ur comments but there is something I like to ask who is bhramin ? Brahmin are use to be calm and never speak lies

    In this yuga that called kalyug the end of yugas

    There is no such thing is brahmin dude and no powerful sadus are there in this yuga every one belive this pakandis baba he say something and u guys do the same..

    And u was saying all god is brahmin our Lord shiva he also tasted meat.. In shiv purana maha dev clearly told that mera naa koi dharam hai aur naa he koi karam. Shiv avtar like bhairav and agoris they also eat meat wat u call for them..

    One more thing dude if a animal or bird die.,!! While they die they will fill some one stomach.. For that they get mokesh

    But if u die what is the use of your body just burning and throwing ashes in water no use

    Think abt it?

  8. Kurella Kodanda Ramam says:

    A well written and thought provoking article which at length dealt with all aspects of brahminic way of life. Truly birth is not the criteria to be called a brahmin. Brahmin is he who realises ‘brahman’. The practices of vegetarianism, penance are prescribed to achieve the desired objective of self realisation. Laudable is the suggestion given to the questioner on atleast now on avoid eating dead meat and do penance for the wrong done till this time. Even the scriptures prescribe reciting of gayatri mantra to get relieved of the wrongs done unintentionally. Great article I have seen till date by modern writers. Keep writing good articles for the common good of all sir. Thank you once again.

  9. Radhakrishna says:

    One of the best articles I have read. Very clear… ?

  10. jasa pasang says:

    An impressive share!

  11. Praveen Sharma says:

    What is being a Brahmian only understood by a brahman the rest will never understand it due to their own DNA, low caste people have been trying to be a brahman for the last many many centuries and they are still in vein, Those brahmans being born in brahman family wants to follow other lower caste will pay the penalty and will never notice a change in themselves or in their children but will suffer the consequences unnoticed .Good luck to ignorants !!!

  12. Sriharish says:

    While I agree with the overall prmise, the subtext is incorrect.

    You seem to imply that there are two races (between north and south) and this is profoundly incorrect. Science if anything has brought the entire subconitent into one single race. The mongol race however is a slightly different one. So, our brothers and sisters in the north east may constitute a different race. But that is just fine. they are one of us.

    But among north and south indians, there is ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE in gene architecture. Pigmentation of the skin however is there and the closer to the equator one gets, the darker does the skin usually get.

    So, please check your facts. All in all, a good read up.

  13. SAJIT says:

    Though initially the write up looks impressive, it is hollow and pretentious. Will all the Brahmins who eat NOn-Veg face problems in life? What is the solution for people who are Brahmins but had to survive on Non-veg? Is uprooting vegetables and plucking fruits also not a painful/merciless act just as killing animals for meat? Is milking the cow and not providing milk to the calf not a crime? Will the DNA in the body create problems to material objects and aspirations around?Why are so many pious sattvik Brahmins living in penury ? What anger do their ancestors have on them?
    I am sure no one will have answers for them…

  14. Ananth says:

    Very great article it enlightened us.

  15. rajmohan says:

    Excellent one…

  16. Rahul says:

    No God as Brahmin is going a bit too far in the road to degrade and discount Brahmins. Lord Parsuram was a Brahmin.

  17. AMAR deep says:

    Writer has lost the context and scientific analysis . His narration picked from Vedic texts are factually right. But his coctail analysis of non veg food,DNA and theory of a seperate species of cosmic humans taking shape after 2000yrs of satvik life is a poor justification to a community already hit hard by current political isolation and systemic collapse. If that was true to be then it would not be possible to start a family and have children with other groups or nationalities even after 10000yrs of satvik life. Cosmic human will be decided and created by nature at its appropriate time and choosing. It can happen tomorrow or after 10million yrs.

  18. Vithalrao Lakkaraju says:

    Very lucid narration about brahminism. Good. Thanks and Regards.
    Vithalrao Lakkaraju

  19. suresh kumar says:

    great article, sir

  20. Aditya says:

    Food and knowledge should not be mixed up. All Brahmins in Eastern part of the country are non-vegetarian. All Brahmins in Vedic and epic’s period were non-vegetarian.
    Today caste system is obsolete. Still some people will follow it in the name of tradition. They are best defined as superstitious.
    Hinduism is great. It gives you independence. You are Hindu if you want. No ritual is must. You can be an atheist and Hindu. Be Hindu. Be secular.

  21. Ramesh says:

    I agree with major part of the narrative. There are always exceptions. Sri. Ramakrishna used to take non veg food (fish). However he never craved for it. I think He used food to bring himself back to the normal state from the ecstatic heights he was always lingering. He was more Brahmin than any Brahmin in the entire universe. He never ventured to have sex with his wife even… Swami Vivekananda though a kshtriya by birth and a regular eater of non veg came out of this to prove that he was a worthy successor to Ramakrishna.. At later stages he commented that he is a vegetarian as long as vegetarian food is available… But both have conquered their bodily instincts and sex with the opposite sex was completely absent in their lives… So knower of Brahman is Brahmin and not otherwise… The point that a person born in a brahminimal background has got a better chance to achieve this as he has been told about this from his younger ages is well appreciated. For others it would be all the more difficult…

  22. RAGHURAMAN says:

    Wonderful narration. Thank you so much.

  23. ARchit says:


  24. Palani Velu says:

    Even plants have life. Is it not wrong to eat them ? Is it not wrong to take away the milk that a cow produces, by force, for your own consumption ?

  25. Dr.Ramamohanarao says:

    It’s really appreciate able brave expression my friend.Its an excellent authentic to enlighten public

  26. I have no words to appreciate your profound knowledge and very good explanation regarding Brahmanism. It was a lucid one.

  27. Jayesh says:

    I feel very happy when i read such article , We have been following the Cast. Hope our future Generation keeps up with the same..

  28. Neela says:

    While I am completely impressed with the tone & direction, the author has started his narration – I feel towards the end, he starts focussing only on one thing. While he beautifully puts it, brahminism is not a caste but a deed. The deed is not just about staying a vegetarian – but a brahmin is one who is continuously dedicated to seeking the brahman or the universal truth.

  29. Vikram says:

    Udayalal Pai mama …. you can change nothing. …. keep analysing

  30. Subramanyam Krishnan says:

    Brahmins of eastern India consume non-vegetarian food.

  31. maitrayee mehta says:

    just Superb….

  32. Antony Chereath says:

    To your query what happens if a brahmin eat meat.Simple-he becomes a non vegitarian.

  33. NC says:

    When I started reading the article, I thought that the writer has done a complete research. But reading further, I feel the writer is just trying to provide a logic for eating veg food without knowing certain facts.
    In India, Bengalis, Oriyas and Kashmiris Brahmins have been eating non-veg food for long. I am a Bengali and my ancestors ate non-veg food. What explanation does Mr. Uday have for these communities? Also, the DNA part is a very stupid reason. It is completely wrong. Our environment has changed and now we live in a different world where food has connection to our body requirements and not what we belief. The problem is the artificial food that we eat today whether veg or non-veg.
    The writer mentions in the beginning that Brahmininsm is a way of life but later scares us by mentioning that if we do not do what our ancestors did then our life will be in danger. This is again glorifying Brahminism.
    Let us be humans first and not try to be God. Being human is becoming very tough for us. Let’s be practical in what we preach and not create barriers or scare.

  34. Hridayesh says:

    Krishna was Kshatriya, not backward caste.

  35. Dileep Golasangi says:

    In Universe there is no religion .Ancestors done the catagoriaes the Brahmin. Schudra. Kshtiya its because of their capabilities . When human start learn the food he use to eat only uncooked meat. After that he found alternative it becomes veg & nonveg. There is only one Human
    i am vegetarian I will not support the nonveg

  36. abc says:

    -Are plants not living things?How can you eat them knowingly?
    -Aren’t fossil fuels (petrol /diesel/kerosene) made out of decomposed plants and animals?How can you use them knowingly?
    -The milk that you drink have millions & zillions of live lactobacilli bacteria?Aren’t you deliberately killing living organisms by consuming milk knowingly?
    -Havent you taken vaccines in your childhood which are infact weak diluted solutions of dead disease causing micro-organisms.How can you inject dead bodies into your system?
    -Just by moving around ,you kill millions and zillions of living things (ants/insects/microbes) in a jiffy.Is that himsa?
    The list of such questions are endless.The brain starts imagining things when it is not able to apprehend/understand things in totality.
    My personal opinion is that ,Brahmins or as a matter of fact any caste (Indian terminology which is frankly speaking a term for inherited profession )are anyone who are able to learn & understand nature & apply the acquired knowledge for the goodness of mankind not the ones who goes about memorizing shlokas in a language which majority dont understand (and foolishly thinking of having acquired supernatural skills when infact its the mere knowledge of a new language).A Noble person is known by his deeds not by his caste!!All such classifications are farce!

  37. Mallikarjuna gowdar says:

    Impressive explanation… Every point in Hinduism has a reason for the basic reason that Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life and similarly brahmin is not caste but a bundle of knowledge and self realisation…

  38. Viswa Mandalam Krishnamurthy says:

    superb. very few know like this..

  39. Lata Sunder says:

    Excellent article

  40. Pramod says:

    Brahmin, is never related with food. Anyone who acheives the second birth, ( dwijanma).

    Here we see when shwetketu had returned from gurukul, he was confronted at gate by his father. He asked is son if he had acquired all the knowledge. He replied that Guru had imparted all he knew. Then he asked do you know about that, after knowing it all other knowledge of world gets obsolete. When Shwetketu replied that he didn’t know of it, his father gave the knowledge to him,”tatwamasi shwetketu.”

  41. su says:

    Sir, I do understand your view points and completely agree to the fact that just by being born in a brahmin family, one doesn’t become a brahmin.
    Coming to the point where you mentioned by genes getting affected by brahmins eating non-veg, I have a doubt will a person born in a non – brahmin family, basically a non-vegetarian when such a person stops eating non veg and becomes a vegetarian, will his genes get affected? Will there be problems?

  42. Satheya narayan iyer says:

    Very good article, merely being born in a brahmin family one cannot become a brahmin. Brahmanism is a practice, principle , pisition . Well said sir.

  43. Jayaram says:

    Nice article.T he writer defined why is that a Brahmin should not eat non-veg food really good piece of writing. Why crib about Brahmanism eating anything is personal. Go green it helps you. Live and let live. A man will consume animals like sheep, chicken a bird, goat etc., as these are mainly vegetarians barring chicken. Will anyone eat a tiger/lion etc. Correct me if I’m wrong. Most of the Western countries are turning vegetarians. Why eat animals/birds allow them to live with us.

  44. vikram says:

    Very informative.Thanks a lot…I love to see more article from you sir…

  45. Yash says:

    Hi sir,
    Eating “dead body part” is what made me intriguing…
    1) arent vegetarian food “dead body part” of plants?
    2) egg has life in it, is it not “dead body part”
    I shall be obliged if you mail me the answers as many a times I have lost debate on vegetariasm due to these questions

  46. Akramulla says:

    Sir, you said not to eat the dead? What they should they eat ? what is vegetarian? Trees and plants have no life? Are they not contributing it to human race? You don’t consider trees and plants living so why do we water plants? Why do they call it dead when they dry up with out water? Don’t you think it’s a good cycle which world is following through ages?
    Please highlight on this issues as I have very less knowledge. Thank you.

  47. KSV RAJ says:

    He who knows, knows that he knows, is wise. Follow him! This reminds my Veda guru telling to us that whatever you present has to be substantiated by pramanam. It should be verifiable . You have done both, please accept my appreciation . If this policy is implemented globally, our world can be ideal without violence.

  48. Kishore_21 says:

    Its funny how creatures who developed a larger brain, developed intelligence and became homo sapiens because of eating cooked meat are now anti meat. Ironic. Although I do think Vegetarianism has its benefits but giving it caste connotations isn’t necessary.

    • Venkat says:

      It is like asking why the nomads who were roaming nakedly are in favour of wearing clothes now and against being nude

  49. Nagaraja Turuvekere says:

    Verry nice informtive regarding Bhramin $ Bhramatva

  50. Ashwini says:

    Very well written Sir.

  51. dr mohan says:

    Brahmin is not a caste.It is a way of life .If practised in its correct sense it helps in evolution of a good human being.

  52. Nagaraj bs says:

    Very nicely explained answers.
    Proud to be vipra.
    I am not yet brahmin!!!??

    Thank you a lot sir.

  53. Alka says:

    But sir, I have a question. Sir, don’t you think that plants are also living things?

  54. Alka says:

    But sir, I have a question. Sir, don’t you think that vegetarian food a myth, I mean even vegetables and fruits are living materials. Leaves of any plant are green when they grow old they turn yellow. Even scientist have found that plants react/emote to various sensations. Then aren’t they living things? Fruits have seeds inside them, cereals are also seeds. Then how to define vegetarian person?

    • vp says:

      I think that u don’ t have knowledge about plants. I have studied in newspaperof nie that plants do not max plants do not have power of thinking and even they don’t get pain when they are cut or eaten

  55. Anirudh Ganu says:

    Very simple explanation of the possibility of caste mobility in Sanatan Dharma, though as a student of science, i wouldn’t agree with the views about DNA etc.
    I have observed that many of those who have converted to other religions have found that conversion has failed to deliver upon its fundamental promise of better social acceptance. Even after conversion, they continue to be viewed as inferior by earlier converts.
    Why should the so called Shudras not be encouraged to undergo training and become priests if they so desire?
    That would be best way forward if Sanatan Dharma is to survive.

  56. venkateswara prasad says:

    all the rules made by the elders have a strong and very good back ground thinking behind as those are made to uphold a very good reason and have been done after a long practice, there is no doubt in the scientific and religious- go-together those (our ancestors) had done all to pass down the divinity made easy. following the same is, we do if we have praapthi and do the karma, sir thank you for such an explanation and clarity.

  57. Venkataramanan chidambaram says:

    A true Brahmin in simple term is a satvik person TOTALLY – and lives for other souls in society AND WORLD AT LARGE.It is not only born out of birth in a brahmin family but it comes out 100% by the way an individual follow the principles of “SANATHANA DHARMA ” 100 % AND LIVES according to Dharma Sastras.Any person who strictly follows the tenets prescribed in scriptures and adheres to satvik food , not animal food( killing living animals ) and lives a simple way of life by himself, for himself and for all fellow beings ,saturated with karuna ( karunyam ) in heart , in thinking , planing and execution carries the genes of ” Brahminism “.He never amass wealth but he begs from others in society for day today livelihood by unchavrithi ( begging in crude term , ) and inturn serve the society by educating them – giving highest knowledge he has learnt, the needed selfless advice for their prosperity,health and disciplined way of life .Inshort they are the abode of complete knowledge, unselfish to core and always aimed at a life of sacrifice in all spheres to a build society clean and concerned for all living and non living inert matters.They live for peace , work for peace and aim for peace from all corners and directions eight , existing in this universe.

    Coming to eating of meats , yes if a brahmin eats meat it willbe digested by the ” jatara agni ” in stomach like any other humans and excreted as a waste from body.Nothing more and specific and at times may lead to indigestion.According to ” THE WALKING GOD OF THIS CENTURY – KANCI PARAMACHARYA ” IN HIS words during discourses has clearly said , that eating meat , non veg food by Brahmins they loose their power of ” MANTRA SAKTHI ” , i.e. is the power they get in body by repetitions of ” mantaras ” : mantras = a sound rhythmic effect ,leading to vibrations -resonance by constant and repeated pronounciation by mental thinking and at times by loud presentations as per need and guidance.Inshort a person who follows the rules and lives a life of a satvik soul is a Brahmin ,even he is born from other – three varnas.

  58. Dr. Deepak A. N. says:

    If the ignoramus’ commenting here have heard anything about Epigenetic.. the recently developed field which deals with how the environmental factors the organism experiences and it’s habits, including that of its food affects the genetic makeup of that individual and is heritable too. Then you know that if your ancestors have been exposed to a particular environment and food thereof.. meaning eating phyto products. Then the necessary enzymes to digest those nutrients are regulated by the proteins covering the specific loci on the chromosomes which are preferentially produced. Any change in the environment vizier. Food will disrupt and/or stress the concerned cells increasing their attrition rate. More the cells that need to be replaced as they are damaged more is the stress on the regulatory components which prevent errors of genetic duplication which will be overwhelmed at some point leading to higher chances of getting abnormal cells read cancer, as one example. So do not contradict unless you have enough knowledge to counter. There’s is a lot of truth in what’s been said here…

  59. prasanna venkatesh says:

    Everything ok but u had stated that no god has born as born as brahmin but what about vamana and parusuram.. please do reply my fb id prasanna venkatesh iyer s

  60. Keerthi Vasishta says:

    I disagree on a fundamental count, the Bhagvad Geeta makes three references to caste and duty, while your analysis on aspiring to be Brahmin might be better founded it is completely untrue to claim that there is no text in favour of Brahminism. Brahminism by itself means the practise of caste. Brahmin on the other hand is the idea of knowledge. It is shocking that no one caught the bluff yet

  61. Prasannakumar says:

    Your views expressed are well informed. More discussion on the subject will be a opener to all even to Government also.

  62. sudhir says:

    To determine every thing God has created Gene/DNA etc. when Brahmin parents get Female child does author saying the child is not Brahmin….What qualification you required for this. BS Article

  63. sudhakar r says:

    Really a Mindful information given by Mr. uday. I am also from a Southindian Brahmin community from chennai.He taught us what is Braminism & how to lead a satvik way of life. And also he has narrated the example of a Doctor, Lawyer & politician etc., that we cannot call their children by their father’s profession unless they posseess/qualify in their profession. similarly A Brahmin is also like that. Unless he follows the Brhaminic way of life as what the Author quoted above, he cannot or deserve to call himself a “BRAHMIN”.

  64. Madhavi says:

    Not all the explanation is making sense here…..Brahmin is definitely a caste…for others who are not Brahmin can become so by following what Brahman’s do. What you eat definitely makes impact on how you look and think. DNA conflict and all is not at all sounding sensible here…If you know purana’s it says Nadi moola , Rishi Moola are not supposed to be dug ( origin of river and saint). How the gothra’s are made? its all in the name of Rishi’s and their families. one may argue some of the Rishi’s were not Brahman , agreed …did they ever achieve the knowledge until they lived the life of Brahman and practiced it? from where is comparison coming from? If its just deed why do you have to compare it with a community? you can just say be satvik and vegetarian…why say if one practices it becomes brahman. … ..There is no concept of DNA conflict and getting extinct.

  65. shwetha says:


  66. gopalakrishnan says:

    Superb article for the present situation

  67. Darkenpo says:

    No actually Brahmin is the biggest halalist cast in world I saw somewhere that in beneras there are more than 10 thosand animal sacrifices in shiv and Kali mandir there are monthly lakhs of animal sacrificed

  68. Narender chungi says:

    Yes sir u are correct it is good article

  69. Rangaswamy Iyengar says:

    Discussion is beneficial to all. It helps people to think and benefit from other people’s thoughts. I think the concept of ahimsa is great. We need it today when there is so much violence. A non-vegetarian participates in violence to God’s creatures directly or indirectly just for his pleasure. Many non-vegetarians realize this one day and change over to vegetarianism on their own. This has happened to many. That is evolution. All life deserves respect. No one has the right to kill. Or even to hurt. To realize this is definitely a step in progress. But no one has the right to criticize or object to the non-vegetarianism of others.

  70. sairam says:

    I am bhramin I like veg I don’t like non veg I hate non veg foods so I vl eat veg any problem to others if I eat veg only.

  71. Abhishek says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge sir. I completely agree with your response to the questions.

  72. Madangi says:

    Your article was very impressive. People say that we were nomads one day and were eating non-vegetarians. As civilisation happened we were segmented by humans. How to answer such people?
    And its a very clear differentiation between born as a brahmin & living as a brahmin

  73. Divya Srinivasan says:

    Lovely article. Thank You for such insights….I wish to understand how Hindu Gods are not brahmins…. Kindly explain

  74. G.venkatesan says:

    MR SREERAJseemsto be biased against brahmins
    In the mid fifties DK/DMK Called the idol in the temple a stone and instead of pouring milk on the stone for abhishekam the milk should be given to a poor child. The yagyopavitham and tuft of bramins were cut and brahmin commumity was tortured. Great Periyar led the movement. Where are these non brahmins today? They are the ones standing first in the line in temples performing poojas asking the deity to bless them with material benefits
    By birth one may be a brahmin but he can retain the status only if he sticks to the path laid out in the scriptures.Sri Thiruvalluvar has said that what we have learnt is equal to a handful and what we have not learnt is the size of the Universe
    Please try to read any bill board which is 100 meters away from you.I am sure you find it difficult. Please realise that your vision is limited and you should listen/read what learned have left behind for you. Do not use words like bullshit.The bull may get back at you and then?


    Simply great and thought provoking…the great Tamil Saint Thiruvalluvar has written more than 2000 years ago,in Adhikaram:26,Pulal Maruththal in tamil.( Shunning meat) or”Abstinence from Flesh”..there are 10 beautiful Kurals which will enthrall who possess the logic minds..the 10th Kural(260 th kural)in that adhikaram..the translation given by the Great Kavi Yogi Shudhdhanandha Bharathi..”All lives shall lift their palms to him..” Who eats not flesh nor kills with whim”….If a hen or a goat bow before you and request not to kill..will anyone dare to kill? !!!This real meaning can only be felt or imbibed who are well versed in tamil language only!!!!Kudos to the writer!!! Should be translated especially in Tamil and circulated among Tamil dailies and magazines..because the OUT OF MIND THINKING PEOPLE ARE IN GREAT NUMBER IN TAMILNADU rather than other states or nations.!!!!!

  76. Sanjeev says:

    Always believed in this….we are not brahmins by caste but by deeds only.

  77. vijay says:

    Dont agree with writer.einsteen, rabindranath tagore all big personalities with extra ordinary intelligence.they were non.vegetarians.so its not right to say that only brahmins can be intelligent people.vijay.

  78. rajagopalan says:

    u r sayng truth only

  79. Rajagopalan Pandalgudi Seshan says:

    Now i have seen your clear explanation for Brahmanism. Thanks Sir, It will clear the confusion of all people.


  80. hariiyer says:

    Excellent explanation for other community i think its similar enge brahmanan author cho book

  81. subramanian iyer says:

    superb version sir, nailed to perfection about brahminism… value it.. sharing… to all my brahmin friends… who are confused, perplexed, at a loss situation, in these trying days of fast eroding culture of brahmins, mixed marriages, well documented and protected and adopted by modern day brahmin parents..

    superb article… wish the saner , existing brahmins, remain true to their genetic order.. and not get dis ordered

    subramanian iyer

  82. ShwethaBG says:

    Worthy article……

  83. Badri Srinivasan says:

    Dear sir,
    It is really a very true and authentic.

  84. V.S.IYER says:

    Sir your article is an answer to my worry about my son getting converted in to NVism which disturbed me very much in my sleep yesterday. Today I came across your article and fully convinced. I will this should be allowed to be shared in in facebook and whatsapp for the benefit of the misguided parents and youths of today.

  85. KR says:

    While there are merits to being a vegetarian both environmental and personal well-being there is certainly no real genetic implication to vegetarianism. Please provide concrete references to prove that is the case and do not propagate misinformation with pseudo scientific language to appeal to an audience with halfbaked knowledge. As a Brahmin living in the modern world spreading knowledge and wisdom that is accurate should be your primary duty and it is better to be humble and say there is a gap in knowledge than to misinform.

    Secondly fear of your ancestors wrath is not good reasoning at all. As a compassionate human being who cares for his/her environment and cares for the sustenance of future generation, vegetarianism makes for a great means to achieve that. The definition of a Brahmin as one who leads a satvik life as prescribed by scriptures is very confining – no onions or garlic or green chillies should be allowed in food – not followed by most vegetarian Brahmins. Instead of peddling something that held good a hundred years back why not evolve the meaning of Brahmin to be more inclusive and less restrictive.

    Thirdly as a grammar nazi I have to point out you meant ‘strive’ and not thrive in the initial paragraph.

  86. Seshu says:

    Very nicely explained.I wanted to write the same but you have done a much better job. Puri sankaracharier must read the same wasn’t he the one who said things about Sai Baba ?

  87. Rangaswamy Iyengar says:

    Line 4 of my comment should read: Even today there are those who believe that vegetarian food IS NOT good enough.

  88. Rangaswamy Iyengar says:

    Brahmins of the Vedic times were non-vegerarians, as Manu says in his code. It is only after the coming of Buddhism and Jainism that they adopted vegetarianism. But not all Brahmins were vegetarians at any given point of time. Even today there are those who believe that vegetarian food good enough. A true Brahmin is one who gives up violence in thought, word and deed, whether or not he is one by birth. If knowledge of the self is the purpose of existence, and if spirituality is the way, a true Brahmin is one who is on the way. He may belong to any religion, to all religions or no religion. True Brahminism has nothing to do with religion in the narrow sense.

  89. revathi says:

    Excellent explanation.

  90. I liked the DNA part of it … Vasanas of a person which has been created over a period of time in History cannot be altered overnight – Everything is good as faar as it suits your system and you are able to digest it. Dont eat something which you do not like.. that causes harm. In case a Vegetarian would like to indulge in Non veg food start from the softer items to the harder items and please consume in less quantity till the system accepts – The problem is not in the Body – but in the Mind..

  91. Narayan Sharma says:

    Excellent and simple explanation for Brahmanism…. Grateful to you swami…. Namaste

  92. Anil K. Tewary. says:

    Very informative. One has to achieve greatness that is Brahm gyan has to be achieved. By s simply taking birth in a Doctor’s family one can not be Docter, same way Brahmnatva is to be achieved.. BUT now a days POLITICIANS declare threir sons as Politicians, but he may be a fool.

  93. Krishna says:

    This is such non-sense! “DNA will develop conflict” he says. What rubbish! Eat healthy.. Meat is not an essential constituent of a normal diet, one can live a full life without having to kill animals/birds. But if you do eat healthy food containing animal products nothing, I mean NOTHING, will happen to your DNA.

    • Shreyas says:

      How much do u know about DNA’s to rubbish about it ?! DNA is ofcourse assimilated from the food we eat! How else will the body get things to evolve/devolve , progenate? Do u use ur brains?

  94. A Subramanyam says:

    I have one point to make as regards the habit of eating fish by Bengali, Oriyan and GS brahmins. H.H Paramacharya(Sri Sri Chandrashekarendra Saraswathi Swoamigal) in his book(a compilation of his speeches) on Adi Shankara mentions that in certain parts of our country(i think Bengal), there were places which were flooded throughout the year preventing any agriclutural activity compellling people to eat fish and this habit continued. Eating satvik food is a precursor to leading a life of chaste/devoid of any desire to achieve brahmagnana. In our day to day life, it is common parlance to hear people reacting to angry behaviour by saying that afterall the person is habituated to eating salt,spicy things and it is natural for him to behave in the way. In fact, the Art of Living ashram in B’lore serves very bland vegetarian food to people;

  95. SV says:

    Truly Divine! Its pretty easy to fall out of family ethics and traditions. Strong people pass out with distinction and come out as true Brahmanism!

  96. Narasinga Rao says:

    you are unnecessarly talking about caste.. every human born on this earth is divine…the entire race is from Devas..the sole aim of humans is to reach swargha..and Annam Parabhrama swaroopam. The sastras has clearly mentioned eat which suits you..no discrimination..The concept of veg and non-veg evolved more during peak of Jaininsm…Please educate people about facts.. and their is nothing called backward forward caste…

  97. Amaranath. N says:

    Nice way to evaluate brahminism

  98. M Manoharan says:

    From day one human species would have tried to excel with each other. Hence many yardsticks could have been evolved. Such groups would have liked to get identified in some names. Professions followed by these groups also might have got respect and priorities. The funniest part was physical work was considered lower than the mental work. The irony is it is still in vogue. Thus a farmer known to be Sudra and Rajguru a Brahmin. Let us be honest amongst them there were revolutionaries also like Thiruvalluvar,Ramalinga Adigals,even Subramaniya Bharathi.” Satvikks are Brahmin” , “Vegetarianism breeds Satvik” concepts are debatable. A Brahmin uses his pen to kill a man, a Sudra uses his knife to kill a man. Here both are trying to kill a man,only, the tool is different. How many Rajgurus might have advised their Kings to wage war against other by fixing the auspicious time as well. From where Mr Hitler got his hunger for death being himself a staunch vegetarian? What you eat,drink define yourself to certain extent (minority)only. The majority is decided by various other factors. The world consists of good and bad,bad being the majority. Good people are those who never take others in harms way . Good people are those who respect their chapprasis to chairmen for their work. In my parlance, I will say they are GOOD people. No more no less.Let us create a Casteless society, till it is achieved, let us strive to achieve equality amongst the castes.

  99. srk says:

    Absolutely true. Never knew these things before. I appreciate Mr.uday for his deep research on this topic and bringing in facts. May your good service in providing such excellent articles continue. God bless you.

  100. Shiva shankar says:

    After reading this article…. I got a perfect defination of ”BRAHMANISM” 🙂

  101. malathi says:

    well explained..wish ppl know abt before shifting to non veg..

  102. malathi says:

    very much impressed by your explanation.wish ppl know abt it before taking to non veg…

  103. Vijayasarathi says:

    Traditionally we have divided the Gods in to three main categories. Brahma the creator, Vishnu the savior, and Siva the destroyer. The creator needs the knowledge and hence the wife of brahma is Saraswathi, the savior needs wealth and his wife is Lakshmi and finally the destroyer needs the energy and hence Parvathi(Shakti). The creation is associated with the knowledge and this knowledge must be distributed or taught in a proper way. Since this is called Brahmatatva, the people who are following this brahmatatva were named as Brahman. The savior has to take care of your day to day affairs, keep you wealthy and give the necessary things to live in the society and hence is associated with wealth and safety and the people who follow this way are traders, kings and other people. The destroyer has nothing to do with the previous jobs and hence he doesn’t need any wealth except the energy to destroy. We have moulded these concepts into the murthis Brahma with 4 heads along with Saraswathi with veena indicating knowledge, Vishnu with all wealthy ornaments along with Lakshmi the goddess for wealth, Shiva without any decoration along with Parvathi in various forms of energy. Everything is important and everybody is equally powerful. Brahmins cant survive without other three people and viceversa. Since the Brahmins have been practicing only teach and performing the vedic karmas, they are habituated like that and the Gene mutation has taken place to that extent. Similarly with other categories. Coming to the food habits, during the process of evolution everybody used to eat non-vegetarian food only before discovering various natural things. Slowly people recognized the importance of life and reduced non-vegetarian food to certain extent. As the human body needs both proteins and carbohydrates along with vitamins and necessary fibre, the food habbits were gradually changed. The human started doing the research on various foods and their effects on human body and slowly recognized their effects by observing different persons and formulated some rules. The people who regularly eat non-vegetarian showed some difficulties in pronunciation and also toxic effects of the excessive meat and fats. Hence, the people who are in teaching profession and doing vedic karmas started adopting the vegetarian food. This has come to the top stage when Jainism and Buddhism came to existence as they taught the necessity of the fellow life. Slowly the people who have been practicing the vegetarian food have become complete vegetarians and made it a rule that Brahmins cannot eat vegetarian food. Infact, there is no such rule, if you want to eat non-vegetarian food, go ahead and eat. Nothing happens to your DNA or something like that. Human body has a tendency towards adjusting to the situation, nothing happens. Although I am a vegetarian Brahmin, many of my brahmin friends are non-vegetarians and they are very healthy and nothing happened to them. So please don’t believe in all this bullshit and go ahead to enjoy your food. If you want to be kind to the animals which have been sacrificed for the food, then adopt vegetarian food.

    • Shridhar says:

      Sensible comment

    • Sthanam says:

      Author started with good exploration and explanation of the evolution of present Indian cast system, specially about so called Brahmins…but then gradually detoriated into nonsense. This ‘DNA’ changing and the impact of ‘food’ dictating your behaviour and ethics etc are pure escapism and BS. I have come accross many Indians, specially so called religious intelectuals constantly talking about sanathana dharma, but are not so ethical or compassionate when it comes to real day to day life. If you look at the scadinavian countries, which rank highest in ethics and happyness, are all meat eating countries. Food habits in no way are connected to your mental and physical states, happy and unhappy people are everywhere whether they eat meat or not and their DNA is 99% same.

  104. Sureshkanthan says:

    Very interesting

  105. Gowtham Sathyanarayanan says:

    How can it be a disgrace to our ancestors? If I do penance to correct the sins I have committed, is it fine to do mistake at first? Btw, genetics guys would also oppose those facts.

  106. Poompozhilan says:

    Dear sir I am very much pleased about the facts given by you for the braminisim .The persons belonged to the brahmin community thinks that they are next to god and they acclaim they suppierieour community in the entire world. I think your write up will be a great lesson to the entire braminisim. Poompozhilan

    • Sulakshana Iyer says:

      Mr.Poompozhilan…We in the present day Brahmin community don’t think ourselves next to God.It is the reservation system that has changed the meaning of Brahmanism by sidelining us.. Please don’t forget that your ancestors were also against us..The elders of our community are devout and those who don’t adopt Brahmanism practices don’t flaunt themselves as Brahmins..You,sir instead of understanding the greatness of this article are using it to spew hatred.I don’t hate your views but feel very sorry for you and your narrow minded views..

    • Sulakshana Iyer says:

      Mr.Poompozhilan…We in the present day Brahmin community don’t think ourselves next to God.It is the reservation system that has changed the meaning of Brahmanism by sidelining us.. Please don’t forget that your ancestors were also against us..The elders of our community are devout and those who don’t adopt Brahmanism practices don’t flaunt themselves as Brahmins..You,sir instead of understanding the greatness of this article are using it to spew hatred.I don’t hate your views but feel very sorry for you and your narrow minded views..

  107. Srinivas. K says:

    Kudos, excellent explanation, unheard before

  108. Bharthi Sai says:

    Brahmana is neither a caste nor a vegetarian symbol.Upanishads clearlyspecify what is vegetarianism and what is brahmam and brahmanism. Varna is also an explanatory of brahmana.please study the fundamentals of samathana dharma.

  109. Chapa Prahladarao says:

    Mr. Uday pai, thanks for refreshing my memories. Present generation don’t have time to read our puranas ithihasa, rather they are made parihasa(mockery).

  110. Girish says:

    The article began with the right perspective analysis and clarity but half way through it showed the colours of the heart of the author. All the knowledge gained becomes a waste when you start putting your personal preferences. The reference to DNA changes is absurd.

  111. Natarajan Dikshit says:

    No comments

  112. Prabha murthy says:

    Article is very nice. One question. You mean “strive”. Not “thrive”. Right?

  113. Very enlighten one,expecting more

  114. Pranav Mannur says:

    Being a brahmin and consuming non veg food ,well why you want to kill a life for your happiness, all creatures have an equal status in this universe and hence being a brahmin it is your duty to spread ahimsa and not to follow himsa.

    • Lakshmisha says:

      You are right. May be article is… But no body has right to kill the living beings. If they do so they are not human beings

  115. Srinath says:

    nice article and good explanation sir.

  116. Ram Iyer says:

    Udai-ji….. what a wonderful flow and narrations…these type of articles with facts will certainly open up the eys of those who have a wrong notion about brahmins and brahminical life to a great extent…. keep writing such articles…..thoroughly enjoyed readin.

  117. Siddharth says:

    I’m sceptical about DNA. Before talking about caste n way of living, it is scientifically proved that we a part of the monkey family. And if I’m not wrong, monkeys do eat meat occasionally. So how do we “create conflict with our DNA?”

    • Srikanth says:

      There are two changes that can happen in a human body in their life time. One is somatic change (physical change) and germ line change (genetic change). Our lifestyle has been oscillating too much since the early man stage. People then wanted to survive in this world. So they just ate everything possible to survive by hunting. So as the generations passed, progenies produced had the characteristics that will suit that environment. After years, when people came to know that they can survive only by eating fruits and leaves, few sections of people started following that alone. There was no need of much physical activity to be a vegetarian. Therefore, as the generations passed, people from vegetarian background weren’t as strong as the non vegetarians. This is because of change in the DNA information. This is also why the people of the four castes ( Bhramin, vaishya, kshathria and shudhra) eat different types of food because catse systems were actually based on the work they do. Shudhra were hard workers (physically) since they ate non veg to maintain their activity and physical strength. On the other side, bhramins were the least active because they ate satvik foods like fruits and vegetables and they work on their knowledge alone.

    • Bra says:

      Brahmans means one who attains knowlege about Brahamam through a guidelines of an appropriate Guru. No one considered Brahmin by birth alone.

      Eating vegetable gives all saathviga gunam.

      Habituating nonvegitarian is mainly sin by killing any living being and also the animals rude nature would make human lose mankind so also human liver would take much sterss to digest the N V than vegetable food

      Discretion lies on individual

    • Bra says:

      Brahmans means one who attains knowlege about Brahamam through a guidelines of an appropriate Guru. No one considered Brahmin by birth alone.

      Eating vegetable gives all saathviga gunam.

      Habituating nonvegitarian is mainly sin by killing any living being and also the animals rude nature would make human lose mankind so also human liver would take much sterss to digest the N V than vegetable food

      Discretion lies on individual

  118. sudha bv says:

    Very true sir. In bhagavat geetha Sri Krishna quoted the same “janmana jayate shudraha karmana jayate dvijaha.brmhanatva comes from his deeds not by birth.

  119. Sreeraj says:

    By reading the first few paragraphs, I thought this will be a genuine article. Then it automatically took the course of the usual justifications and age old stories that we hear why brahmins are the best even giving a reason why brahmin children are not allowed to mingle with others. Sick reasoning and stupid logic on that point. Brahmins might have been looked at with respect during vedic ages but there is nothing to make that community special or stand apart today, the same as Jains, Sikhs etc who think their way of life as supreme. The main reason abrahamic religions took over India were because people at the lower level were too tired of this bullshit and converted without looking at the overall merits of Sanathana Dharma.

    • Vishvak Kannan says:

      You mirrored my comments on this article. However, I’d like to add one more thing. The writer mentions in the beginning that Brahmins are not born Brahmins and they have to prove themselves before they can be ordained one. But notice that the writer contradicts himself towards the end by chiding people “born as Brahmins” who claim to eat “dead bodies”.
      Dear writer, if you’re reading this, please pick one stand. I’m not one to belittle your beliefs so long as they do not infringe upon mine but refrain from contradicting yourself. It lessens the impact your article has.

      • v r krishna says:

        i totally agree with you.it is great article.but confusing at the end. i like inbreeding part leading to genetic problems. i think it pertains to all caste.time to break the caste barriers.as long as you realize that there is no pure caste historically the solution become simple.i think people should learn to lead their own lives and not butt into other lives.and not fight about silly stuff.we shoud learn to respect written history and interpret it open unbiased mind.then there wont be such controversies.beacause history like science deals with facts/

        • Mani says:

          I do agree with you guys. I feel the writer had not seen the today’s Brahmin. (whether by birth or merit) even the pandits have the fullest ultimate knowledge are begging.
          My shortest answer to Amitabh would have been simple. “why shoukd you eat something fir which yiu are internally regretting?”

      • rhea says:

        i don’t agree with mr.udalal

    • Bhaskar says:

      I can understand your anger. Maybe Brahmana must be understood like we understand the word “literate” or “accomplished” today. Just like anyone can become a “literate”, anyone can become a Brahmana. Equally, what we see today around us is that literate folks indeed marry literate folks and do not marry illiterate folks – have you wondered why this is done despite there being no rule for or against it? I guess because of strong family traditions, son of a carpentar took up carpentry, son of a jeweller became a jeweller, etc in our country for thousands of years. Therefore, sons of Brahmanas took up Vedic study though in earlier years, Vedic study was imparted to all. Years of following a certain practice brings about a regression but the concept of Brahmana remains firm. One has to read the last chapter of the Dhammapada (ascribed to the Buddha) to understand the real defintion of a Brahmana and it becomes obvious that it is a high level standard (like a top athlete or a Nobel prize winner) that is indeed difficult to achieve and cannot be freely given to anyone who is merely born in a certain family. I will leave this at that.

    • Acharya says:

      Prople got tired because they failed to follow.. Sanatana dharma is for al.. Its not true that brahmon children were not allowed to play or mingle with other children. Remember? Lord Krishna’s friend Sudama? He was a brahmin. If not allowed to mingle how will he learn with other children at Gurukula. Brahmana sudra vaisya n kshatriya are all status. U preach ,teach n do good, u will follow good including ahimsa( vital for vegetarianism). Then u r a brahmin.. As sir said, its ur deed that determines ir varna.. Not by which u r born. All we can do is encourage our children to follow oir thousands( not 2 or 3) of year old tradition.

    • A K says:

      Please dont show your stupidity by not understanding this straight forward nicely written article. Please understand things properly. Certain communities were treated bad due to bad practices by certain people. But please stop living in that past and move on. Dont preach the wrong things of caste and dont always look for reservation based on caste. Ambedbkar is a great human being, but he did not do good for India by introducing the bad reservation. don’t keep talking wrong understanding of sanatana dharma and keep the casteism alive so that you can get reservation and play victim card. People who did not understand Hinduism converted to Islam and Christianity in India.

      • Ram says:

        If Ambedkar had not introduced reservation, we would have seen people of higher caste as they presume for dominance dominating and treating the very lower caste in a bad way. It’s not Ambedkar who destroyed the system but the politicians who misused the concept to gain powe and created the imbalance. Ambedkar thought education brings respect but at the same time the people who can’t digest the fact created hatred inside their minds and treated them badly and this raised hatred from the lower caste as they say towards the upper caste.
        We have to agree our forefathers to keep the power and dominance over people created a barrier and treated them badly. I am not saying the younger generation should suffer for the mistakes of our forefathers but reservation should have been limited and based on the family’s education qualifications and financial capabilities, a financial help would have suffice the situation. But I think treating people with respect would have changed the situation but sadly it would not had been achieved with most higher caste people treating the lower ones with disrespect and humiliating them and denying rights.

    • Shreyas says:

      Problem is u are blinded by hatred for brahmins (it could be ur disability or a failure or illogical world views or perceptional deficiency )

    • Srikanth says:

      Please read the article again. Whoever discriminated other people were not the real bhramins. Bhramin is not a caste, which is clearly mentioned in it. Its a higher state of life. I am from a bhramin family by birth, but im actually not one till I take that path completely. Whatever happened 1000 or 1500 years ago was a disaster which manipulated all the good values in our tradition.

    • Venkat says:

      Dear Sreeraj, the proof of pudding is in eating it. Inculcate and live a Satvikk life and then tell how wonderful you feel. In todays India there is freedom. Why dont you live like Satvikk now ? Because you are not interested in leaving your vices and you want short cuts to heaven by justifying your non-vegetarian life style and all the ills that comes from it.

    • K says:

      Very true

  120. It is true that in Gita Lord Krishna has mentioned that the division of the four seperate classes among the people is based on their characteristics and deeds. – gunakarmavibhaagatah. A boy born in the families of brahmins gets an additional advantage because of the surroundings and circumstances to obtain the necessary qualifications easier than a person born in another class. There are plenty of instances where a person born in a different surroundings becomes qualified to be a brahmana by studiously making efforts to imbibe the characteristics and deeds that belong to particular class like brahmana or vysya etc. The communists and the western administrators of yester years tried to divide the indian population to suit their needs so that hatred is generated and it is easy to divide and rule.

    • Ashwath says:

      I guess you are blaming unnecessarily poor foreigners for the atrocities committed by the so called elite people of India. It is well known before communists and western people came here some of the communities were suppressed kept out of the villages, treated like animals, denying their social rights and the list goes on. Unfortunately people are denying that fact and blaming others now.

  121. Sunil G. Khambadkone says:

    A rational and logical view of the term ‘Brahman’. Very well explained the meaning and the intent of the word ‘Brahman’.

  122. prasanna v rao says:

    its 100% true

  123. Venkatesh TV says:

    Lovely explanation. Very clear demarcation between the present day so called Brahmins and the True Brahminism.

  124. Srinivasa Holla says:

    Very much impressed by the way of your narration, perfect analysis of Brahminism
    Thank you

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