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ReadingLet me take this opportunity to thank my friends who send me links to articles, texts and suggestions to read books. I am very much obliged. But that makes me feel a bit sad too. For, I am no more an avid reader. I stopped serious reading in early 1990s, thanks to the eye-abuse done from childhood by the way of heavy-reading.

We had a huge library (Sri Narasimha Vilasom Vayanasala) in our village – I had read almost all the books available there! I used to read a lot from my school days itself.
Almost everything from religion to thrillers or from cartoons to astronomy…I read everything…Whenever I get price money from college level competitions, I used to buy books. When I started earning, my expenditure was limited to buying books. The only asset I had at the age of 30 was a huge a personal library.

Currently, my reading is limited to my job as a journalist – news stories (European finance) that I had to edit for my newsletters- 2 hours a day. Then I glance through the newspaper headlines or TV news just for 10 – 15 minutes. At times, I read small pieces if comebody insists on it That’s all -finished! I don’t do any other serious reading.

Heavy computer usage also has also taken toll of my eyes,so can’t read much. Now I try to justify myself saying “Jnanam Bandhanam” (Shiv Puran) – Knowledge accumulates as information in the brain, it doesn’t transform us. What an excuse!

I donated all my good books to libraries. And sold all those pulp fiction and trash books. Now I don’t have a single book with me – not even Gita… Hence I celebrated the death of a prodigious reader!

So when you talk about new books, new authors and emerging trends, I am totally ignorant. I don’t understand anything… (But I still believe that reading is ofcourse the inevitable and best thing in a human being’s life).

I am writing this as preface to answer few questions that had come to me recently. When I express…

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