The Creator and Brahma

Do you believe in a Creator? 98% of readers said: YES!
If someone asks me, “Uday, do you believe in a Creator?” my answer would be a big, emphatic NO. For, I am a practicing Hindu. As per Hindu Vedic Scriptures, Puranas, modern science, quantum physics, etc, there is NO such Creator.
The concept of a creator is purely a Semitic tribal myth. So all major Semitic religions like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are founded upon this Creator God belief. They worship the Creator as God. On the contrary, the core Hinduism is founded upon Dharma and science. It unequivocally says that there is NO such creator who creates from nothingness.
If a Hindu believes in a Creator and worships him (sorry, as per Semitic myth it is a male), it only proves the depth of brainwashing done by Semitic tribal beliefs. That only shows the Hindu blindly follows Semitic belief or (though unintentionally) questions the very fundamental base of Sanatan Hinduism.
If you want to stop your Hindu friends and relatives from following such irrational, superstitious, and non-Hindu beliefs, please read further.
Hindu sages used the words ‘Ananta’ and _’Anitya’_ (no beginning and end) to represent the *Brahmam*. (Brahmam = manifested cosmos + collective consciousness together )
The core philosophy of Hinduism (and, of course, advanced physics) says there is no such ‘Creator’. There is an evolution (or manifestation) from subtle to gross, a projection of discernable time and space from consciousness. This process is known as *Srishti* in Sanskrit – a projection or ejaculation as it were, and NOT creation from nothing! The Upanishads and Quantum Physics both talk about this reality.
To explain, our Vedanta Mundak Upanishad, Brihadaranyaka Upanisad uses the analogy of a spider. As a spider projects forth and draws back (its threads), the universe emerges from the Imperishable Being (Brahmam). That’s, the temporarily visible universe sprung into being like a spider creates the world out of itself, maintains it, and again takes the whole creation inside of it. Clear?
Per science, there is no beginning or end for the cosmos. The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed – only converted from one form of energy to another. Brahmam is an energy transformation process. Isn’t it purely idiotic to search for a creator in a continuous process that has no beginning and end?  Unfortunately, the human brain cannot understand something that doesn’t have a beginning or end! So it will seek a beginning and creator. Psychologists call it *Hypersensitive agency detection (HAD)*, the tendency to attribute agency and intentionality where it does not exist.
*”Udayji, in Hinduism, Lord Brahma is our Creator God right?”*
“No. Brahma is one among 33 crores (330 million) of Hindu Gods. Brahma is not the creator – he is _Prajapati_ (Lord of Creatures). He is our ancestor. He is also named _Prajapita_ (father of the whole world). Even if some Hindus wrongly consider him a creator, almost none worships Brahma. Hindus do not worship the so-called creator.”
Puranas tell us two stories related to Brahma. Brahma tried to explore his beginning and traveled through the stem of the lotus in which he was born. He saw that it starts from the naval of the all-pervading *Virat Purusha* in sleep (Cosmic hibernation). The other story is when Brahma understands that Shiva has neither a start nor an end since He is Ananth (everywhere).
Vishnu (or Shiva) is the personification of the eternal multiverse that exists forever without any beginning or end.  It represents the eternity that lies beyond our universe which has no birth or death and that which is eternal! Many such universes like ours exist in Vishnu. Vedas say that thousands of Brahmas have passed away! In other words, this is not the first time universe has come into being.  I have explained this in detail in various articles. There are billions of Suns and Earths in the universe, Astro Physics says.
Brahma sprung out from the navel (which is a single point) of Vishnu, described as a lotus blooming out of the navel, much like our big bang universe.  Brahma lives for 100 years and then dies. Then a new universe (Brahma) is born. We are now on the first day of the 51st year of the Brahma. One year of Brahma is 311,040 billion human years. Even the next Brahma is announced – it is next birth of *Hanuman!*
“We have Trimurti concept – Brahma (creator), Vishnu (preserver), Shiva (destroyer), Udayji, hence we believe in the creator,” another comment.
“Please read my articles on the energy transformation process (Brahmam). Vishnu (or Shiva, as you wish to see) is personified Brahmam. The process happens in multiple cycles in the space-time continuum. Every cycle has three parts – beginning, sustenance, and destruction. Then repeat. The beginning part is viewed as the creation by a layman. We see that any living creature is in four dimensions (personified as Brahma’s four faces) and it is connected to the umbilical cord with the source. Any intelligence design must have knowledge, wisdom, and learning (personified as  Goddess Saraswathi). The chord to the source – rhizomes (the lotus stem connected) – connected to the navel of Vishnu. Vishnu sustains. At the end of the process, Shiva does the Samhara Tandava (dance of annihilation and release). Again it starts…”
To explain further, we need to learn the unified field theory (UFT), energy principles, Big Freeze theory, the 14-21 dimensions mentioned in Vedic scriptures, etc.
A Sanatan Dharmi follows truth, not fiction. The creation, creator, and created are the manifestation of the same energy and matter. My ancestors named the source Hari (Vishnu/Narayana) or Shiva. So, I worship Hari and Shiva and their various other manifested channels of energy. Puranas say the same energy could manifest in more than 330 million channels.
The Brahmam is ever existing, everywhere. It doesn’t start. It doesn’t end. There is no creation. Even kids will ridicule such creation stories asking: Who created the (raw)materials needed for creation? If creation is done from nothingness, define nothingness. And, who created the creator?   (Broadcast Message No: 380)
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