Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

One of my friends is working in a state-government’s administrative department. She is very honest, dedicated and hardworking. She cannot stand any manipulation or corruption.

Her fellow workers in the department follow the so-called ‘practical philosophy’ of life: ” I’ll-scratch-your-back-if-you-scratch-mine”. They make a living out of scratching and not by performing their duty or work properly. It goes without say that they are corrupt to the core. They know how to manipulate the system and squeeze money out of it. Since she does not support this, naturally, she becomes enemy no.1. So, they have stalled her promotion and stopped her progress. The department laws are strict on her, but not for others.

She is very frustrated and told me: “Uday, merit has absolutely no value in the department. Nobody support justice. The world is unfair…”

“Yes- I agree with you – world appears unfair. And we have to live a fair-life in this unfair world – that’s the toughest challenge in life. If you are honest and hard working, everybody would dump work on you while they take away the credits. This is the way of the world…”

“Are you justifying it?” she asked.

“Hmm…”I smiled: “No”

“Uday, why do such bad things happen to good people?”

“Do you have any logical reason why bad things should NOT happen to good people?”

“But why?”

“There is no apparent reason or explanation I can give that would explain all the sufferings, miseries, evil, torture, destruction and hunger in the world! You’ll never understand it. You can try all your formulas, religious and otherwise, but nobody; nothing can give you a clear or fools-proof explanation…”
“So, there is no reason at all?”

“There could be – but no one has found it till now. I can give you one hundred reasons. For instance – Result of bad karma (past in this life or previous): even though we may be good in this life, we suffer in order to rid ourselves of the burden of our bad actions in previous lives. Or I can tell you: “Everything has a cause and effect” Or “everything happens for a reason”. But all explanations come with shades of grey. So we have to accept that there may or may not be any reason… Why should everything need to have a reason? ”

“But it is totally unfair…”

“Life isn’t fair; it never was and never will be. You know it – life is a mystery. Our thinking mind cannot make ANY sense out of it. We can neither define anything nor can we generalize”

“That’s all philosophy. Please come home to the ground reality. What would we do when tragedy fall on to an innocent person? Naturally, anybody would think: “It’s not fair,” “there’s no justice,” and “God’s not paying attention”…right?

“See, it rains on everyone, irrespective of you being good and bad. Everyone is going to have some bad times and some good times. It doesn’t matter whether you’re good or bad. Things happen. This is the way of the world…”

“That’s very depressing seeing that there is no value for justice and truth in this world…”

“Can I tell you an animal story? I don’t remember whether it is from Panchatantra or Jataka…”

“What story?”

A young village boy was walking along the bank of a river. He heard somebody crying for help. “Please help me, please save me”.

Looking around, he found a crocodile caught in a net; unable to escape, the crocodile cried out to the boy.

“If I help you out of that trap, you’d grab me and eat me.” the boy said.

The crocodile shed tears! It pleaded with him: “How can I eat a person who saved my life? Honestly, I promise you that I won’t devour you. Please save me!”

The boy felt pity and began to cut the net. No sooner was its head free from the net than the crocodile grabbed the boy’s leg in its jaws: “I have been starving for few days now…”

“Hey, you dirty croc! Is this fair? Is this what I get for my good actions?” the boy screamed. More than helplessness and fear, the boy was shocked on the total ingratitude of the crocodile.

“What to do kid? Such is the way of the world! Such is life!”

“It is totally unfair…”

The crocodile says, “Do you want to ask someone if it isn’t so?”

The boy looked at a bird on a nearby tree and asked: “Is the crocodile justified? Is this the way of the world – full of injustice?”

The bird replied: “I spent my time and efforts to build safe nests on the top of the trees for protecting our eggs. Yet, snakes come and swallow them. I was totally helpless. The crocodile is saying truth. The world is full of injustice…Such is the way of the world! Such is life!”

“You heard it kid. Let me eat you…”

“Wait…” the boy saw an old donkey that was grazing on the banks of the lake and repeated his question.
“While I was young, my master loaded soiled linen on my back and extracted maximum amount of work from me. Now that I am old and feeble, he has abandoned me saying that he cannot feed me…The crocodile is right…There is injustice and unfairness in the world…Such is the way of the world! Such is life!”

“Ok kiddo…you heard it…now, if you have any last prayer, I have a good mind to allow it…”

“One second, let me ask that rabbit, please one last chance…”

“Hmmm” crocodile was getting angry.

The rabbit said, “No, no! I cannot accept what the crocodile is saying. It is utter nonsense!”

“No.?”Crocodile got angry.

“I can’t hear you. I can’t come near you, be little louder…You’ve got that boy in your mouth? Release him.”

The crocodile laughed at this and said, ‘I am not a fool! If I let go, the boy would run away!’

The rabbit says, “You are stupid or what? Have you forgotten how strong your tail is? If he attempted to run away, one slash of your tail would kill him.”

The crocodile fell for this and releasing the boy, continued its argument. The rabbit screamed to the boy, ‘Run! Run! Don’t just stand there!’ and the boy took to his heels.

Crocodile became very angry and shouted at rabbit” “You cheat…this is injustice…”

The rabbit smiled: “You know very well. There is injustice and unfairness in the world…Such is the way of the world! Such is life!”

The boy ran to the village and called all the men folk. They came with their weapons and killed the crocodile.

The boy’s dog came along with them. The dog has spotted the rabbit and started chasing it. The boy screamed at the dog ‘Hey! This rabbit saved my life. Do not attack him.’ But alas, before the boy could intervene, the dog had chased and killed the rabbit.

As he watches the rabbit die, he says, “The crocodile was right, this is the way the world is, and this is the law of life. There is injustice and unfairness in the world…Such is the way of the world! Such is life!”

“So you are justifying all these wrong things?” she asked me.

“I am NOT…Today our life style is defined and determined by marketing and media forces. We are proud that we, human, can think. But the painful truth is that our thinking is conditioned by the market and we are not even aware about it. This force has already corrupted and manipulated human mind – it makes a human selfish and insecure. That’s why people do not care for others and do things that turn to be bad for others. Today’s style is “live and let die”. It appears that those who exploit others or manipulates win in the practical life…Those manipulators are leading a successful social life. Those who stay with truth would face all sort of troubles and miseries…This is not 100% generalization, but majority cases are like this” I said.

“So there is no value for truth and there is no justice?”

“It appears like that…”

“What do you mean by “appears like that”?”

“The sky appears blue, but the colour of the sky is not blue…”

“No – I want a serious answer…”

“There is no answer or reasoning for the most of the things in the universe……”

“So you don’t have answer for ‘why do bad things happen to good people?’ And you say, still we have to be good?”

“In fact the bad happenings are warning to be better. When bad things happen to good people they tend to become better, not bitter…”

“Funny answer…very funny…”

“How do we light a matchstick? It is ignited by striking the match against a rough surface – the friction will lead to light. When we confront with rough things in life, it should lead us to light.”

“Hmm…But why justice and truth disappeared from the world?”

“There is a proverb: God sees the truth, but waits…The truth would hide beneath the clouds of frauds just like sun hides behind dark clouds” I smiled.

“You do not understand the sufferings that are why you can smile it off…”

“No, I have suffered a lot in life, probably more than you do…”

“So you became corrupt now…when people become older, they will lose their zealous, value-systems and become corrupt…”

“Don’t jump the gun. I have not become corrupt or manipulator. I accepted the fact: the world is unfair. And I am trying to live a fair life myself, rather than trying to change the world…”

She thought for a while then said: “Still I cannot tolerate this kind of injustice….This is wrong. Very wrong. Why god is not punishing bad guys? Is it that we also have to become bad to live in this world?”

“No. Your logic is not correct. Everybody is corrupt doesn’t mean you have to be corrupt….Let me make a prediction – your fellow workers, who were unjust to you will get their due, if not from god, but from their own karma…They cannot escape the wrong doings that they did to you. Even god can’t help them…”

“How is it possible?”

“To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. All of them have family and a future life – you wait and see what will happen to them. Some reactions will take time to act upon.”

“I am very confused about all these things. There is no room for a decent, honest and truthful person in this world. So what do we do?”

“First, we need to accept the world as is. Let me repeat: The world will appear unfair to us. Still we need to live a fair life…Sometimes the bad things would be temporary. In long-run it could turn to be a good thing…Let me tell you another story…”

“What is it now?!”

A villager had a horse. One day it had run off during the night. All his neighbors told him that such was bad luck.

The villager replied, “Maybe…”

The next morning, his horse returned leading two wild horses back with it.

The villager neighbors said this was good fortune.

The villager replied, “Maybe…”

The next morning, the villager’s son tried to ride one of the wild horses which threw him off and he broke his leg.

“Bad fortune!” said the neighbors.

“Maybe…” said the villager.

The next day the provincial army came by to gather up all of the young men in the area in preparation for a war but because the villager’s son had a broken leg he was not inducted into the army.

“Good fortune,” said the neighbours.

“Maybe…” said the villager. I finished telling the story and smiled at her.

“Hmmm…This is just a story….every time bad things cannot become good things later…”

“True…but the moral of these two stories are…”

“I know what you are trying to say: (1) The world appears unfair (2) We have to accept it as is (3) Truth won’t have immediate benefits (4) All bad things may not be bad…”

“Intelligent… And also, the same action can be considered sometime as good and sometime as bad (based on intention or motive)….You shouldn’t “do” (so called) good things simply because you think you will get something out of it. You should do things freely without any attachment to the outcome. You give because you want to give and you have no emotional attachment or expectations on what you get back…”

“But how do we manage the frustration, anger, helplessness, and all the other emotions that flood in when this happens?”

“We do not know why bad things happen to good people, but we can do what we can to help, and to remember that underneath those dark clouds, the sun is still shining. Every bad experience you have – there is a lesson learned. Its knowledge gained. It’s one of the ways God (if you believe in) make you a stronger, smarter person….”

“Ok…Hmm…Feel bit relaxed. Can you analyze how do these bad things happen?”

“You are back to square one – your mind (ego) needs an answer – a black and white answer – that a conditioned-mind can understand. It is not satisfied. But it is the nature of mind. It will continue asking why bad things happen to me.”

“Yes – the question always pops-up”

“Ok. Let’s do a deeper research into this so-called “bad-things”. Bad things can be broadly classified into four:

1. Genetical: Diseases and conditions: Being good cannot protect you if you are unlucky – You cannot guarantee that you will not develop the condition – it is usually (but not always) unpredictable. Those genes won’t disappear just because you are good.

2. Bad things are done by others to you – like what happened in your case. They are insecure and do not value ethics in life. Unpredictable and unexpected things can happen from others – e.g. back stabbing, mugging, exploitation, cheating etc… Common sense will help you to reduce the risk but being good cannot protect you if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Those insecure asuras (demons) won’t care whether you are good or not.

3. Natural calamities: These too are unpredictable and no place on earth is safe from natural disasters. Natural calamities can’t distinguish between good and bad people and being good cannot protect you.

4. Accidents, financial loss etc: Again, being careful and cautious can help you to certain extent. If you go deeply into the reason, you would see about 80 percent of bad things happen in this category due to your own mistake or ignorance. Please understand you will get a nasty shock if you touch electric wire knowingly or unknowingly. But, still there are 20 pct bad things happen because of others (see the category 2 above). And they don’t care if you are good and bad. At the best we can try to minimize the risk if we can but we can’t eliminate the unpredictable.

I hope you got my points” I paused.

“So it is not surprising that bad things happen to good people. That’s the way the world works!”

“Yes- that’s it. Besides inconsistency in life is what makes it interesting and livable. It keeps you wondering and looking for explanations… It gives you a purpose. Humans would become organic robots otherwise! If only good things happen to good people and bad things to bad people, would we still have freedom of choice?”

“So there is no point of being good…”

“Being good is a relative term… The concepts of good and bad are different in different places and culture…Religions and society teach you good and bad based on its perception or concepts. It conditions you. We make judgments of good and bad based on our own conditioning. What is good for one person is bad for another. Therefore what constitutes a ‘good person’ or a ‘bad person’ is a relative consideration. On the whole it makes no difference if you are good or bad AS FAR AS THE UNIVERSE IS CONCERNED…good and bad is defined by the society or man-made religions; not by cosmic…The cosmic will protect only when you do cosmically good and it necessarily not a good thing in terms of religion and society…”

“What’s cosmically good?”

“That’s something beyond our mind. So better don’t spend time on it – you will never know as long as your mind is active. We need to transcend our conditioned mind to realize what is cosmically good…”

“Hmm. So we just have to accept the fact as it is…”

“Better. The fact is that a bad thing has happened. What to do now? Don’t be part of the problem by thinking “why did it happen” – as long as you remain as part of the problem you won’t find solution or way out. Why should you spend time on searching WHY?”

“So there are no definite good and bad?” she asked again.

“Unfortunately, NO…See, the same nerve carries the message of “pain” and “pleasure” to the brain…”
“So how to live without a concept of good and bad…”

“Good question – Please understand that you won’t eat lion doesn’t mean that lion won’t eat you. You are honest doesn’t guarantee that everybody would be honest…Still you have to be honest. That’s in your genes. Ask yourself – are you being good by choice or by force?”

“Hmm…By choice”

“Then why worry about outcome? But, when you live among a community, try to follow the set of moral values, ethics, laws and principles set by the society and the country. Otherwise, life would be more miserable than this…”

“But there is no guarantee that living a good life will help you…”

“NO – still, it is better than being bad in the community. The inherent being good will give you more moral strength in a society or community…As I said, be good because you want to be good. When you are good, without expecting good results, the cosmic will take care of you – that’s the secret…”

“How are you living then? It “appears” that you follow certain principles…” she mocked at me.

“Hmmm…I believe in non-violence. And I believe that the nature will intervene when something not good happens…This is my belief…I am well aware about the difference between belief and truth. In practical life, we may have to follow a set of beliefs – but don’t take it as granted. I remain as a truth seeker. I always try to de-condition the mind to unlearn myself. If cosmic grace is there, I would transform. Otherwise…”


“I will lead an idiotic life searching, why do bad things happen to good people and will blame all others…”

She smiled.

“As you know courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear….Similarly, being good despite your bad surrounding is the real virtue. Living a fair life in the unfair world is pure divinity…”

She said: “I understand….Still I didn’t get a complete solace, Uday”

“I know you believe in god. If you are a pure devotee, you won’t feel any stress…”

“How come?”

“Pure devotion is surrendering. If you have surrendered to the divine, you will know everything in this universe happens with the knowledge of cosmic intelligence. Even a grass won’t move without the “knowing” of cosmic. So the cosmic knows a bad thing is happening to you. There should be a reason for it – we do not know. So, worrying about bad situation is equivalent to insulting the cosmic wisdom. Do you want to insult god by worrying about a situation that is provided by god? When good things will happen to you, why didn’t you look for logic and reasoning?”


“Your mind says good things happen because I deserve it, and bad things happen because of others…”
She smiled: “Now I got my answer”

P.S: Lord Sri Rama is known as “Maryada Purushotama” (literally the Perfect Man) – a person with all good qualities and characteristics. Was he able to live happily at least for one year in his life period? His life was full of miseries, struggles, troubles, fighting with demons and all those bad things. Despite being the perfect man, all bad things happened to him. Bad things didn’t make him bitter, but he evolved as the best man in the whole world.
Udaylal Pai
June 01, 2013

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54 Responses

  1. Kumar Udit says:

    How to buy this book

  2. Srishti Bhatia says:

    Bad things happen to all people all the time. Bad people are insensitive. They respond to it differently to it. They ignore the pain and manipulate the situation to suit them, and bury it in the recesses of their unconscious mind. Hedonism and insensitivity together.
    They remember what lead to the bad thing and unconsciously avoid that behaviour in future. They remember what lead to the good thing, because of hedonism, and repeat that. E.g they will pretend to be cordial with everyone so that they can benefit from them and avoid the ir wrath.
    Good people are completely different creatures. They are sensitive. They are less hedonistic. They choose to face the pain. Sometimes because they want to go to the root cause of pain so that they can avoid it forever. And they keep it in their conscious mind. They respond to it by way of trying to not cause pain to another, because they know what it feels like and wallow in some self pity after that. They do not brush it aside. They let it transform them. And thus remember all the bad things that happened to them.
    Besides, a lot of our pain can be avoided by simply being selfish and insensitive. E.g one cannot avoid a sudden job loss but a good person will choose to face the sufferring while the bad person will try to make friends with someone who can get him a better job.
    Apart from that I have observed that even despite above considerations, universe gives easier problems to bad people. That happens because bad people are still first graders. When life hits them they hit fellow classmates, so universe does not choose to teach them anything. Universe gives toughest situations to good people since they are sensitive enough to use it for their own growth anf betterment towards reaching a higher more joyful, peaceful state of mind.

  3. G Seetharamakrishnan says:

    Dear sir,
    I have read your article today. I can’t agree with your concept of bad or good will happen without any reason (without past action) to us. Our vedas are clearly stateing that, this birth what we are living today was given by god/cosmic force/Brammam based on our sanchida karma ie the karma which was done by us in our begingless infinite Nos of our past life and I feel this is only logical answer for all these type of questions. Where as there is lot of chances to us to clear all our past karmas and we shall have moksa in this life. There is a proverb in tamil that “Nanmaiyum Teemayum perar thara varaa” this means none can give/do us good or bad. whatever we enjoying in the life is absolutely the reward for our doings in this life or in our past life.

  4. sri puttanna says:

    wonderful article. I recommend an another 10 persons read this today and understand this truth. And let there be another 10 each day. I cannot thank and appreciate enough.

  5. K.V.RAMESH says:

    Uday sirji. Thank you so much.Your this article is the best I have ever read on this topic and have got lot of relief because it has answered almost 100% of all the questions I had in my mind.I have recommended this article to my fmly and friends who also have this question. Hope they will also be benifited. Thx Sirji.

  6. Vinayak says:

    Very nice.. it felt like im reading a modern day gita..

  7. Madhu says:

    Your writing is such an eye opener. There are many occurrences in life that go unexplained bringing up doubts, but the fact that this is life and it is up to us to live it the way we want it, is a choice we have to make. Ultimately we reap the benefits of our own good deeds and experience hardships due to our own misdeeds. Very well articulated! Thank you so much for this article.

  8. Anitha says:

    Very Nice. Is it possible to tell from where you gained all these things?

  9. Dr Mahesh says:

    Usually for this question, people justify with mundane reason Karma of this birth Iraq earlier birth. But this article goes way beyond and explains the reasons. Most prominently l liked the counter view that when god things with good people we never ask justification. And second for every good to happen three has to have some bad must happen, that is proven scientific law. The only certain in this world is uncertainty , then why worry.?
    Thanks a lot.
    I would love to read your future posts.

  10. Rohit K says:

    Hi uday… loved your article… the way you represent the solution is really wonderful….

    well i have something to comment on this topic..

    we know already that whatever the sufferings, miseries we have are all our karmic reactions… and the world appears to be unfair to us & it is the fact… as in scriptures it is said that the world (material) is a ” dukhalaym ashashwatam “… the temporary world full of sufferings… it indicates that the world we are living is not iternal and we are here for some reason… may be our own mistake, our own selfish desire… that means we belong to something else beyond this material world… something divine… spiritual…

    when we realise this we definetly try to get out of this material bondage and all the entanglements of this illusory world…… and if we dont realise, we either ignore or match ourselves with the material nature which is not our real nature… our real nature is ‘sat chit anand’…… everyone is searching for it & naturally inclined to get it… bt when we try to get happiness in this world we fail…. even if we get some happiness it is either temporary or illusory… not iternal…

    the reason we are here is that we have forgotten our eternal relationship with lord….

    so when we realise this we go for the deliverence… ‘moksha’, and we can achieve it only by surrendering as you said as well as the loving devotional service….

  11. Lakshay says:

    I don’t remember reading a better article on Life’s ways ever! You have unfolded the secret of life! Kudos to you. I am sure you are a blessed soul.

  12. M.NageshKini says:

    I fully agree with you. It is sum result of attachment to worldly activities .Therefore follow Nishkama Karma.No attachments attached!

  13. Garima Sehgal says:

    mindblowing article with awesome clarity . Loved it Uday . May the cosmic good be with u , thanks for enlightening. Sharing it.

  14. Sri says:

    Lord Rama is full of infinite auspicious attributes like bliss and knowledge (poorna ananda-jnana) at all times and all places.. He did not suffer or struggle or had troubles or bad things. He is omnipotent, omnipresent God who is verily the controller of all. It’s wrong to think otherwise. Only humans are subject to sufferings not God.

  15. Shravan Kumar says:

    Beautifully narrated, simply fantastic.

  16. Prahalad Rao says:

    Interesting.this us life. Bad things happen to good people bcase of karma if previous birth

  17. Praveen says:

    Hi Uday the article is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!, now onwards I will start think that bad things are there to make more perfect and stronger…

  18. Govind says:

    Good article. Good and bad are like day and night which happens to both bad and good people. Every soul behaves under the influence of swabhava and prabhava. Prabhava is environmental force and genetic force. Swabhava is inherent in soul, like soul is beginningless so is Swabhava. God is like a gardener he just provides facility for each soul to express itself. Like a gardeners pours same water to mango and carela but mango is sweet carela is bitter. Then why does god bring in bad souls into world? if he doesnt then it will get wasted like the bitter carela. On the other hand if there is no bad then there is no god too right?. So every incidence in life is an opportunity given by god to express ourselves and grow further. Its not shiksha(punishment) but shikshana(education). These thoughts i have learnt from listening to great acharya Dr. Bannanje Govindacharya who is an ardent Madhwa philosopher.

  19. D B Salvi says:

    Extreamely The Best Article I hv ever read. Thanx for The Medicine u hv given to d people who always asking the same question thenmselves that ‘Why this to me only ?’….I always remember this….we being Good by choice and not by force….

  20. A. Sehgal says:

    Interesting 🙂

  21. Radha says:

    Fantastic one..no words to describe or appreciate. GOD bless.

  22. krishnamurthy says:

    nice…… touched almost all corners of mundane thoughts…. further… i may wish to add that BEING GOOD AND NOT DOING ANY HARM TO ANYONE JUST LEAVES THE MIND AT PEACE….that in itself a reward and we do not need further remuneration ….. The Words ” inconsistencies in life is what makes life livable”…. is perfectly true…… THANKS…..

  23. v s jayakumar says:

    my early days short story sat strong in my unconcious mind. i just want to share. one saint in the river bank say a scorpion fallen into the water and struggling for his life. he tried to save that scorpion. he lifted it out from water, but scorpion bites him, due to his unbarrable pain, scorpion slips from his finger, again fallen in to the water. saint, again and again trying to save, scorpion again and again bited him. by that time, one desiciple asked his guru, why you are repeating, when scorpion is biting every time.
    guru replied, “Scorpion’s duty is to bite, my duty is to save. when other one doing its job perfectly. on my part, i have to do my duty”

  24. Sheela says:

    Beautiful! Just a few minutes prior to reading this article I was asking the same question to God after my daily prayers. Then I open fb and donno how I got into this article after reading ur article on Hinduism. Though still have doubts, major chunk of negative thoughts cleared. Padabhivandanam Uday Ji!!!!!!!

  25. saju says:

    Hey Uday,
    Glad that Im going to meet you today.
    Really this is life’s mystery which is
    shared by writers like you. Many often we
    don’t get time to realise the life we live
    and correct our thinking based on the requirement
    for this universal existence.
    Really thought provoking .
    Thanks n’ God bless.

  26. annanya says:

    Dear sir,
    This article is very nice and excellent ,really your article gave me answer of some life question and help me to realize the truth behind the cloud…..now after reading your article m feeling much better ,now m having lot of peace n calm inside .thanx lot your article gave me lot of strength to face the world as a warrior.

  27. Anita says:

    This is an excellent write up to explain the unexpected , unexplained n unpredictable things that worry most of us at some point or the other. The best part about it is that I got to read it when I was having a tsunami of questions within me , leaving me much more mature n closer to living life more peacefully. Thanks a ton.

  28. Shenelle Henry says:

    This was a brilliant article. It touched me from within because this is a question I have been searching for, for many years. I always place all my worries and issues in GOD’s hand knowing he is taking care of everything for me and I will not quit doing so. Thank you Udaylal Pai for your words of wisdom. Peace, GOD Bless

  29. renuka silas says:

    Dear Uday,
    U have sent an excellent article.I think that we can not understand many things in this world with our limited mind. eg; Why do many children die before stepping into this world? Why so many innocent kids r being raped everyday? Why poor remain poor & rich get richer and richer? We will get the right answers of these questions in heaven alone when we meet our Lord face to face. Remember one thing always that a fight is going on between good and evil continuously.

    Renuka Silas

  30. Leonardo Desouza says:

    Mr Pai actually tries to explain about awareness on the lines of Jidu Krishnamurthy’s phylosophy

  31. hastimalbarola says:

    dear sir,

    really heart provocking article i am thankful to you for such nice discussion thanks for uploading pls carry on

  32. kathir says:

    Thanks for good article. It is like speaking to our mind while we read this. You have to write about karmas which has major part of our pleasure and pains. Keep writing.

  33. Ram says:

    Hi Uday,

    The concept of nature intervening if it deems necessary seems appropriate. I was in the same situation cos’ I got laid off twice and was really struggling to make ends meet. In both the scenarios, I felt like “Why” and “Injustice” but then as you said, it just made me humble to accept the fact that Life isn’t fair and it is just the way it will be but then it also made me realize that “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, the guys who did injustice to me are still living but I don’t wish bad things to them cos’ it is not upto me to deliver justice and that I am part of the cosmic plan.
    Thanks Uday for clearly explaining this.

  34. Arathi Lakshmi says:

    Worth Reading, thanks for uploading. lot to learn from this..

  35. sunil Rao says:

    Wow Super!…Can I share this on my Facebook?

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  37. Aniruddha Das says:

    Outstandng!!!!!!!!!! loved it

  38. Aarthi says:

    Loved your article… Especially the points about good and bad being relative terms and that to be good is a way of life and not a means to an end or expectation.

    Learning to constantly unlearn oneself so as to start afresh and learn from our mistakes or take the lessons that life throws at us is an effort but this effort eventually bring peace and tranquility to ones life and removes the unnecessary stress and bitterness that we bring upon ourselves by trying to find answers to the questions such as “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

    The concept that “everything happens for a reason” also helps us in attaining inner peace and moving forward in life to better ourselves.

    Loved your analysis from all perspectives (logical, spiritual and all).

  39. Vaideeshwara says:

    If we accept thar good and bad things are part of our lives then there is no need to ask the question why bad things always happen to me. Very lucidly explained with that fine story from our age old fable Panchatantra. Hats off to you!

    If you get a chance please read the book titled ” Drunkard’s walk”. In this book the author, a Physicist and a Mathematician from U of C Berkley, CA, born to holocost surviving parents, concludes that the events in life happen at random just like a Drunkard does not know where his next step is going to land, after attempting to fit a mathematical probability for a peron’s chance of success or failure based on events in his life.

  40. turiya says:

    God is an accountant. He only keeps track of our good and bad deeds and gives it back with interest in our multiple births. It is like x and y seeking to withdraw a lakh and the bank honours X as he has balances but reject Y because he does not have balanced.

    Once Mr. X has completely withdrawn the bank does not entertain him. Best examples are saddam hussain or gadaffi, the liked like king and died as animals as their good deeds were exhausted by their bad action in this birth itself.

  41. Prem chand Mallaya says:

    njce sir,

  42. Srinath says:

    Though it was long article, it had the necessary explanation and it justified the length perfectly. Was very interesting as this looked very much a part of the inner conflicts which we have on a daily basis

  43. Prashanth says:

    Very good article.

  44. Sabaji Dhond says:


  45. Mr.Udai, I got this article now. Actually “I am that lady who asked why bad things happened to good people” Realy I feel like that lady and I was crying and asking that question myself, on these matters till now after my office hours. thank you uday. I think my GOD gave this answer through you. Thank you again.

  46. E. A. Mukunda Pai says:

    Every individual is a combination of body and mind. Body is controlled by nature but mind is above all and everybody can tune their mind, which is above nature.
    Every body is having a mixture of qualities such as bogam, yogam, thyagam. in various percentage. Those in higher level of tyagam will find pleasure of seeing the enjoyment of others because of him. but those in higher level of bhogam will find pleasure of enjoying themselves.

    Good and bad thing is a mental condition. Even the pain is mental. for Eg. One person has thrown away his job in high position because of the same condition of your friend. and doing a small business and living with pleasure. When asked he told me that instead of dishonest,and corrupt, I am getting a mental pleasure to be truthful in life than getting heavy paypacket by dishonest and corrupt.If we want to be honest and truthfull concentrate on that quality and get mental pleasure inside than material things.

    If your friend is concentrating on honesty, and truthfullness, will get immense mental pleasure by living in that principle. Let me stop now. A lot of things has to write. will do later

  47. Swathi Nayak says:

    Very well written, amazing sir.

  48. Vetriselvan says:

    Nice article. Everything determined by Karma in human beings. People is living in the unfair world and determined fair life. Newton third law (good eg.) applicable to all the people actions. Way of explanation is very good.

  49. pooja says:

    Your article just made my day 🙂 Very interesting and thought provoking. Best Regards, Pooja

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