Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Recently I met my friend’s younger sister who was suffering from depression. Earlier her lover had deserted her. When parents tried to get her marry, a couple of potential bridegroom rejected her. So she lost her self-esteem, confidence and was generally down. She was standing in the terrace looking at sun set. I said “Hi”. She turned back – sudden surprise, and then she smiled: “Hi Uday Anna (Brother)” she said.
“You look very beautiful” I said.
“No, you are lying to me, Anna…”was her sudden response.
“Why should I lie…?”
“I am sorry, I know you wouldn’t lie. But I am not beautiful. Boys reject me as I am not good looking…”
“They don’t deserve you…if they can’t see beauty in you; let them go and have their eyes checked…So it is their worry, not yours…” I knew 99% chances are there that any external beauty is not everlasting. Those most beautiful girls during my teenage are now turned to be double-chinned pumpkins – that’s natural process. Most handsome boys would also become a mix of orangutan and chimpanzee in later age. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” I said.
“How come you see beauty in me, Anna?”
“When you smiled at me, you smiled with your eyes…I have been seeing plastic (superficial and artificial) smiles in many girls, which never draw in the eyes. When I saw the smile in your eyes, I was seeing the divine beauty in you…”
Her eyes filled with tears of joy. I felt very happy. Sometimes a gentle pat on the shoulder, a kind look or few good words will make a person happy and do-away from depression. And if we do it with a genuine concern, the divine will support us. The good boy who came to see her next liked her pleasant face. And they are getting married!

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