The Day Krishna Left His Body. And Krishna’s Last Words.


18 February 3102 BCE Friday. The day the earth stood still. It was an afternoon as the bright big sun was shining through the leaves in the forest. The sky was clear and the hour was serene.
Mother Nature became abnormally quiet and silent. There was no chirping of the birds. Butterflies were behaving erratically. The galactic movement of planets and stars showed that they were getting ready for the transmigration of a great era. There was no breeze of wind.
The place was the forest on the banks of the river Hiran in Prabhas Patan theertham (the junction point where the Gomati River joins the sea).
He decided that it was time for the pay off the Karma to take effect and so he sat down to meditate while exposing his left foot. He knew what was going to happen.
For, he was Shri Krishna Vasudeva, the resplendent one, the one who lacked nothing, the one who gave magnificently.
Yes, he was Sri Krishna, the Yaduvanshi prince (no, he refused to become the King) of the island nation of Dwarka. It was 36 years after the culmination of the great war of Mahabharata.
As he was resting by a tree, a hunter mistaking his foot for a deer shot an arrow through it. Krishna got shot in his left foot.
When he neared what he thought was his kill, the hunter, named Jara, was shocked to find Krishna, dressed in yellow robes, lying there. On realizing his grave error he was filled with remorse and grief.
He was horrified and fell at Krishna’s feet, begging for mercy.
The dying Krishna told him in a compassionate voice: “It is not your fault, it was destined to happen. Don’t be scared or sorry as these are the ways of destiny.”
These were the great man’s last words on earth.
For, Krishna knew the law of Karma is universal. Even Gods and avatars are subjected to it. As magic, Krishna’s voice told Jara from inside: “You need not repent because you were Bali in your previous birth and I as Rama had killed you in Tretayuga. Now, I have to leave this body and was waiting for an opportunity to end my life. I was waiting for you so that the karmic debt between you and me is finished. Since all acts in this world are done as desired and designed, you need not worry about this”.
Blessing him, Krishna then breathed His last at 14 hours, 27 minutes, and 30 seconds.
His death marked the end of Dwapar Yuga (Era). The period after his disappearance has great significance in the history of the earth – it marks the first day of Kali Yug.
-Incidentally, Krishna was born on 19 July 3228 BCE – the day we call Janmashtami (birth of Krishna), which was also the eighth day of the second half of the Hindu calendar month of Shravan. When adjusting with the current English Calendar, the Janmashtami date differs. India never had a unified calendar system…..

From my book: “The Secret of Krishna’s Birth: Deciphering The Krishna Code”
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