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CharityMy old friend had come to meet me along with his three friends. He is an ex-NRI. The purpose of this visit was to invite me to join a social and charitable organization (non-profit association) that they plan to roll out soon.

“Please give one solid reason as to why I should join in your association?” I asked.
He said: “Plenty….This institution is a platform for your charitable social service. You can also donate some money to avail tax benefits, meanwhile helping poor. And after all it is a great punya (good deed) and heavenly quality…”

“Friend, thanks for your fabulous and gracious offers, but I am sorry that I can’t join you…”

“Why Uday? Can you give at least one solid reason?” he snapped back.

“Plenty…First, I am not yet a member of any social, political, charitable, religious or any sort of organization, association, clubs or anything like that…”

“Why? Is it bad joining hands? Are you being an individualist?”

“Not at all…On the contrary, the Buddhist philosophy says “Sangham Saranam Gatchami” (I take refuge in the community). We Hindus believe in “Satsang” (being with good/righteous companions) to maintain the awareness…so, joining hands or being together is most important aspect of life….But that would just happen, without any marketing effort. For instance, when a death happens in our village or a pooja performed, the neighborhood would join together – that was our culture… But, my perception is that any planned organization will eventually become corrupt…”

“That’s not correct. How can you say that?” his friend asked

“My perception can be wrong…But, any organized movement will become institutionalized after sometime. There need to be a system and money to run an institution…eventually (or mostly) it becomes commercial establishment. And then, internal politics, manipulation, nepotism, corruption etc would pop up. Is there anything free from commercialization ? Be it a temple, church, ashram, mosque, any religious/spiritual institution, whatever…” It is a fact that lot of institutions collect money from abroad in the name of charity. But…  For further reading please check the book : TIDBITS: From The Life of Pai
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