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Freelance Journalist, Writer and Researcher

I have been in the field of journalism and writing for the last 30 years. I have worked as a regular contributor, correspondent and stringer for multiple publications. My specialization has been technology and finance.

After my short stint in vernacular journalism, I have joined the national mainstream English journalism as a contributor to Blitz (Mumbai) and Weekend Review Tabloid (Hindustan Times, New Delhi). I have worked with Dalal Street Journal from January 1995 to August 2000 as special correspondent and then as editor.

My first job in international media was with internet.com, as Indian correspondent of Internet News in 2001. I have also worked as Indian contributor for US-based IDG News Service, Electronics News, Global Wireless and The Information Gatekeepers Group (IGI, US). I have also worked with European VNU News of VNU Business Publications (UK) and Canada based Investor Ideas. The last job as a regular contributor was with US-based Automation World (up to 2011).

As a freelance journalist, I have contributed to World&I (Washington Times Group),The World paper (World Times, USA), South Asian business Analyst (USA), Commodities Now, UK, India Economic Update (Dubai), Management Consultant International, Kennedy Information, US, Management Consultancy Newsletter, UK, Business Today (Sri Lanka), The Wealth Net,UK, Financier Worldwide magazine, UK, Capital Markets, UK, Investment & Pensions Asia, Global Investing, Asia Risk, Wealth Briefing, Financial Director, UK, Internet Analyst (Multex, USA), International Pension News, UK, Global Pensions, UK, FOW – the global derivatives magazine, ITreasuerer, Accountancy Age, UK, Wealthnet, UK, Taipan Financial News, USA, Investment & Pensions Europe, Asia Risk, Incisive Financial Publishing Ltd, Speed News (USA), Phillips Aviation Newsletters (USA), Helicopter World (UK), Railway Gazette (UK), Le Rail (France), Eye for Transport,UK, Cargonews Asia, Hong Kong, IPE Real Estate, EU, Europa Property, The Stage news paper – UK, Media Age, US, FIS, Wireless Week (Cahners, USA), Phone + International (VPI, USA), Sounding Board (Virgo Publishing Inc, USA), Telepolis (Germany), Teleresources (Australia), FT media – Telecom (UK), Broadband Wireless Business Magazine (USA), SMI Corporation – Market Research Report (UK), tele.com – Commweb (USA), DevX, USA, On Magazine (Ericsson), Sweden, Light Reading, USA, New Media (USA), IDG News Service (IDC Group, USA), Techweb (CMPnet, USA), MC Magazine (BPI, USA), Electronic Business (Cahners Media Group, USA), BYTE (McGraw Hill group), Upside (Upside Media Inc, USA), Computer World (USA), Smart Card Quarterly (Philips group, USA),ERP Focus (UK), Card Technology Magazine (Faulkner Gray, USA), Smartcard News, UK, Computing, UK, IT Week, UK, Infomatics, UK, What PC, UK, Personal Computer World, UK, Network IT Week, UK, Asia Computer Weekly, Singapore, Automation World, USA, Electronic Business Asia, Singapore, Electronic Business, USA, Electronic Business Weekly, UK, Semiconductor International, Asia Telecom News, Asia Logistics News (the list is not complete – have to Google it to find the full)

My last books were published 20 years ago – most popular titles were ‘Science Facts (Rupa&Co), Book of Gods (UBSPD), Mysteries, Popular Misconceptions (Pustak mahal) and The Unexplained (Sura Books) among 15 books.

As a writer, I write mostly about the human experiences and how it can be useful for the young generation to lead a happy, peaceful and blessed life, founded upon our dharma taught by our ancestors. I have been doing this as a service (manav seva) and hence never sent for any publications. Hence I am focused only in my website and my blogs. I share my experiences in life in various blog sites site like Times of India’s Speaking Tree. I have my site https://udaypai.in/. According to current reader analysis from my sites and feedbacks, here is the profile: USA -36%, EU-22%, Africa – 3%, Asia Pacific (excluding India) – 18% and India – 21%. I feel happy and contented when I get 100s of letters from readers explaining how my articles touched their life.

Though, now I can’t, I have also written in Malayalam (was columnist in Malayala Manorama, Vanitha and Mathrubhoomi Weekly, Business Deepika) in my name and under various pen-names. I have also worked as Sub-Editor of Poompatta Publications (Poompatta Children’s fortnightly and Amar Chitra Katha, Published by Paico, Kochi), Assistant editor, Chitabandhu Film Weekly (Published by Desabandhu Publications, Trivandrum, also as Editor for Balabandhu, Children’s magazine), Assistant Editor of Dhanam Publications (Dhanam Financial Fortnightly and Rubber Asia). (I have worked in Malayalam publications from 1982 to 1992). Malayalam was not my mother tongue – but I have special love to this language – I have been selected as best short story writer of Kerala University, Best story writer in Malayalam by Campus group (N.V.Krishna Warrier) and Best Malayalam Business Columinst among other awards. My articles have been translated to Tamil, Hindi and Marathi.

I have traveled extensively in US, European countries, Middle East, South East Asia and Japan and covered the most of the technology companies for various publications.

E-mail: uday.pai@aol.com

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