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Chemical-free Life!

“We’re a startup and rolled out a 100% chemical-free natural herbal shampoo, based on an ancient Ayurveda text. Udayji, I have been your loyal reader since 2009. I know you have thousands of followers...


Are you still a fanatic vegetarian?

  “Are you still a fanatic vegetarian?” an old colleague asked me recently when we met and had lunch together, “Oh Uday, that’s extreme religious fanaticism like Islamic Halal” “I am a vegetarian. I...

Why am I a vegetarian? 49

Why am I a vegetarian?

The most difficult situation that I encounter during my travels in the West is getting vegetarian food. In some parts of the world chefs don’t even understand the meaning of vegetarianism. They would ask: “Vegetables? We would provide you veg salads with dressing on it…”