The clear and present danger in life!

“Udayji, what does one need to do in times of danger? When we face an imminent threat, no logic will work, we instantly become thoughtless. So, how to face a danger/trouble or emergency?” gist of a long message from Narain Pratap, Jaipur.
Our ancestors have pondered the same question centuries ago.
Q. _Aapadi kim karaneeeyam?_ (What to do when in danger?)
Ans: _Smaraneyam charanayugalam Ambaayaam_ (Think of/visualize the lotus feet of Amba)
That is, when you face a real threat to your existence, the only way out for you is visualizing Amba.
*Amba means mother and she is Goddess Shakti (Durga). She is Jagadamba = universal mother, also known as Shakti, Durga Maa, Ambika, Lalithaambika, Bahuchara Maa, Kalika Maa, Bhadrakali Maa, Maa Bhavani*, etc. Per Hindu scriptures, Durga is personification as universal energy itself. The divine forces (energy), known as Shakti (feminine energy/ power), arises from Agni, the Vedic deity of fire and light as a protective force. Puranas say Durga was created by Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and the many other Gods, embodying their collective energy. All energy channels rolled into one.
“Udayji, usually you come up with a scientific explanation of Hindu Gods and such divine powers. Can you logically explain how does this work?”
“Visualization works from a human perspective because we respond to and process visual data better than any other type of data. In fact, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.”
“Yes, I know that’s a scientific fact.”
“As per research by Scientists from Uppsala University in Sweden and the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil, your reaction in a danger/threat may have less to do with logically analyzing the situation and more to do with how so-called “bravery cells” in your brain. They pinpointed one thread of the cognitive web that controls anxiety: _oriens lacunose-molecular interneurons_, or OLM cells.”
“You mean to say visualizing Durga will stimulate those cells?”
“Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have identified two adjacent clusters of nerve cells in the brains whose activity level upon sighting a visual internally and externally. Located in the middle of the brain, these clusters, or nuclei, each send signals to a different area of the brain. They have found the brain circuits “responsible” for the decision to either fight or flee in the face of danger. The researchers found increased activity in neurons that were grouped in a structure called the ventral midline thalamus (vMT). Using brain mapping, the scientists were able to see what sensory information comes in and what information goes out of the vMT. But they still don’t know how does it happen and why”
“This is a bit difficult to digest. Can you make it more simple?”
“Science proved the power of visualization and resultant neuron activity. But, so far it didn’t answer how and why it happens. So we don’t know how Durga’s image would work. But our ancestors (trustworthy sages) said it works. And we know for sure that it has an effect that is much more than merely a placebo. But, you need to have an in-store image of Durga in your brain storage.”
“That also means, as long as science cannot connect Durga’s image with the reaction, we cannot recommend this to a non-believer. Or it won’t work if the person does not know Durga’s image.”
“Right. It works only with those who have Durga’s image by heart.”
This could be the reason why our ancestors instructed us to recite *Lalitha Sahasranamam* which describes Durga bit by bit – even the beautiful layout of the creeper of tiny hairs rising from Devi’s belly to her breasts has been described in it. The reading will clearly place and store Amba’s image in your brain files.
Durga is seen as a motherly figure and often depicted as a beautiful woman, riding a lion or tiger, with many arms each carrying a weapon. Her weapons include a sword, shield, bow and arrow, club, and trident. It is a powerful figure, and she is usually depicted standing above the buffalo demon with raised weapons. Probably the whole image would activate a few neuron cells in our brain. It needs to be explored whether it is connected to our ancestors’ DNA memory.
Try to read Lalitha Sahasranamam at least once. You’ll see the difference. (Message Number: 368)
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