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  1. Rahul Sarkar says:

    Really i was worried too much about the location of my toilet(on its chamber) towards south-western direction of my plot. I tried to shift its chamber towards north -west of my plot,under staircase. Bt it was costly for me. Now, after reading your article, I’m free to make my toilet on its chamber towards south-west of my plot. In this way i also be able to have my desired home & save mony.
    Thanks a lot, sir.

  2. Geethma says:

    Thank you for sharing this great article.
    I’m from Sri Lanka.
    I’ve already had an appointment for vasthu architect in Sri Lanka for my new house.
    Actually I don’t believe in vasthu.
    But my mom really concerns.
    In that case, thinking about this vasthu all the time makes me unhappy.
    Just feel like I’m on the fence.
    Anyhow what I wannna know is, does it really matter the height and width of the main door and the all other doors and windows. And the length and width of a room and other area. Are there any standard measurement for them or can we do as our wish?
    Please let me know
    I need a reply.
    So I can give a best answer to my mum.

    • AMV says:

      Sorry, I Might be late to the answer,
      There are guidebooks for anthropometry and basic measurements in architecture and construction.

      You can refer to
      1) Neufert’s Architects Data
      2) Time Savers Standards
      3) Planning Architecture: Dimensions and Typologies
      4) Human dimension & interior space

      And you can refer to local regulatory guidelines from Central, State, District govt. manuals and development Control Regulation Standards for spaces that everyone in locality must comply, for ex: structural aspects, exterior design, Services, parking, setbacks, circulation, public utilities and connection related standards

  3. Santosh Amarchand Gandhi says:

    Great uday ji, tremendous job,on vastu , unsuccessful persons in life,finds way for excuses rather thank creating positive energy in themselves
    Thanks once again ,it will be helpful for many,for changing life in positive mannet

  4. Deep Singh says:

    Thanks for sharing this article, such an eye-opener. I bought a north-east facing plot and about to build a house on it. After finalizing drawings it is just yesterday my friend told me that a house should be Vastu compliant since yesterday I am searching the internet and took an appoint with the so-called expert for tomorrow. My wife is already against believing in all vastu thing and she gave me the same example of Guru Nanak incident.
    Your article just pulled me out of darkness, thanks for saving my time and money. After reading this, I realised I should be focusing on progressive things rather than these bullshits.

  5. Jayasankar says:

    Very Good article for the first time i had read. I had traveled to many places in India. Please do not mistake or get angry on this line” people are AP are craze on Vastu or can i say Mad”. Just reading books written by some fake Vastu Consultants , they are getting carried away. Even in TN this is happening . Only in a Independent Bungalow u had to construct according the Ancient Vastu Sastra-how may knows it.?. Next is asking to buy Laughing Monk( Mistakenly called Laughing Buddha) . stones, and what not. I saw a Fountain in front of Office and i asked the MD for what it is and replied According to Vastu we had done it. I laughed at him. People are fooled by fake consultants. Just Belive in Almighty and pray to him.

  6. I am really great full to you for enlighten me about the reality of Vastu….recently i am very confused about the Vastu as different Vastu expert giving different opinion

  7. Siva says:

    Superb.. well said

  8. Neo says:

    Well expressed contention. well said: “Your ego derives pleasure when somebody puts all the blame on others or inanimate things”. But all said and done the vaastu cult will remain and pervade, since this world is driven by mindless ego, fueled by greed and loaded with dimwit safety features to handle ‘the fear of unknown’

  9. Gowthaman says:

    Excellent article. Before reading this article i thought to change of my house. Now i changed my mind to stay with the same house. Understand the peaceful life depends on good Karma and Dharma. Now i am peaceful.

  10. Shujat says:

    It’s great, to read trough. I have suffered from this situation many a times. My clients they will get my layout approved from vastu consultant and than later would like to amend it at 80% of work done, reason being some friend suggested a random sastri saying that this one is better than earlier
    One. My heart ache on waste of time, resources and money.
    Now I will forward this link to all my ongoing projects client s
    Thanks a thousands times.

  11. Premalatha Mariappan says:

    This article is an eye opener for me. Thank you so much

  12. Premalatha Mariappan says:

    I am sure this write up has open up many eyes. Our thoughts creates vibrations. We can lead a happy life with good thoughts.

  13. vilasini says:

    very good. I am a practising architect and have hard time making people understand these things. They seem to be so blinded by these vastu consultants. One simple example for vastu doesnt work anymore is – locating master bedroom in SW. This corner receives the late evening sunlight and radiates heat after 7-9 hrs(midnight). So AC bill shoots up. During summer this corner is the oven of the house.
    Hope These info will enlighten a few atleast.

  14. Pallavi Naik says:

    very food writeup…

  15. Chetana Naik says:

    Thanks a lot ….actually a light in darkness to open our eyes… one should believe in karma then in vasthu … it makes sense to believe ourselves then the materialistic placements or positions and living with expectations from vastu myths


    Excellent, you shed some light in the darkness.

  17. vishal says:

    Thank you so much, we are also planning to book a new flat having south facing entrance.. and have doubts and discussions in home for the same. This gives a good thought that if you’re a good human being with good karma, no need to check vastu.

  18. Sakshi says:

    Many many thanks first of all. I have booked a new flat which is at South West direction. As per so called Vastu Shastra that is not good. But after reading your site all of my queries resolved. so many thanks once again. Great Guidance for people like me. Good job. Thank you.

  19. bhagya says:

    it really helps,thank you it’s change my mind,thank you so much.

  20. Remika says:

    There are genuine and fraud Vastu consultants. So are astrologers and yes, even doctors and useless teachers as well. Finding the right Vastu consultant is important if you want the correct benefits. Entry from South is a popular belief in South India and amazingly people only believe the right entrance means the house is Vastu compliant. In fact, a certain part of all 4 directions are right entrance points as per Vastu and the other part is not. Similarly, many other aspects, locations of rooms, water tanks, toilets, fireplace, elevation of different rooms play a very critical point in Vastu. I know of Vastu consultants who can not only tell you what problem you have been facing in a place but for how long and give good remedies that are not expensive- this is from personal experience. But again, one has to contact and get in touch with the correct consultant for the correct results.

  21. Pradeep says:

    good writeup

  22. Aanchal says:

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful writeup…

  23. TUSHAR says:

    An excellent write up debunking the myths on Vastu Sashtra. An eye opener on how people are taken for a ride by so called Vastu Sashtris. The examples of Guru Nanaka,Padavas, Peshwas etc.are convincing enough on the subject. Thank you Sir for an excellent analysis of the issue.

  24. prabhu says:

    Great writing. I totally endorse your words ” your ego derives pleasure ….. inanimate things”.

  25. bharat says:

    Thanks Uday. You have provided very good information in nutshell.

  26. John says:

    It is a very useful information. I agree with the interpretation.
    Please keep up the good work.

  27. Vishwas Rao says:

    A very good write-up and informative. As mentioned every thing is in your mind. The thoughts are the outcome of your mind. Vastu is just a manual and this is dependent on the time, place and circumstances. For eg, the vedas and Upanishads say that you have to perform agni karya at each and every home, is it possible now? We can also pickup some of the topics mentioned in “Tantra Saara Sangraha” written by Sri Madhavacharya.

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