Is Vedic Astrology the world’s oldest con?

Vedic Astrology is a misnomer. There is absolutely no mention of Predictive Astrology in any of the four Vedas, Upanishads or Brahmanas. No authentic Hindu scripture ever supported astrology.

“India is the source of most superstitions in the world….” one of my colleagues made a sweeping statement during a meeting. He is an atheist and leftist.

I asked him: “Can you show me any superstitions that originated from India, that’s before 1000AD, that’s before foreign invasions?…”


“It is NOT originated in India. Swami Vivekandand said ‘Anything that is Indian origin, first accept it, then verify it if necessary. Anything that is western origin, first you verify it, then accept’. Yes- astrology has origin, not in India, but in ancient Babylonian, Greece and Roman beliefs. The belief became common in India after 1000AD”

“Oh, then what about Vedic astrology? it was there from Vedic period”

“What’s that ?” I asked.

“You have been learning and writing about Indian our cultural heritage you must be well-aware about Vedic astrology…,”he said

“Whats’ that? And what’s that to do with our cultural heritage?”

“Oh- you have not heard about Vedic astrology?”

“I have seen advertisements about it, but I do not understand it” I said.

“You have learned sacred books – like Vedas, Puranas, Ithihas, Darshans, Upanishads, Gita and other texts, still you have not come across it?”


“Do you believe ancient scriptures are based on truth?”

“Yes. All our scriptures deal with subjects from Sex to Space science. Psychology to Mathematics. Aviation to navigation…Going into deep, I found that, my logic founded upon modern science and conditioning of my mind, is not true. The profound analysis and in-depth interpretation while dealing any subjects in those ancient texts can be termed as unparalleled. Many-a-times, modern science looked very puny and silly compared with ancient science…”

“Then you might have come across Vedic astrology…”

“Our ancestors were masters in Astronomy (Please note Astronomy=Science; Astrology=belief – both are not related anyways!)”

“You mean to say there is no mention about astrology and Jyotish anywhere?”

“I found that there is no system of predictions has any validity either from the Vedas or even Puranas least of all our dharmashastras etc. I have not found any predictive science anywhere in authentic Hindu scriptures. I am not saying I have read everything. As far as I know, that is. I am not an authentic expert in ancient scriptures…”

“But I have read in many places that people have been following Vedic astrology…”

“You are wrong…Our ancient scriptures never promoted any superstitions and mis-beliefs. Ancient Indians (till 1000 AD) didn’t have any superstitions (durachara and anachara)… British rewrote our history to make us feel shameful about our culture and tradition. After foreign invasion and foreign rules, we were left with shame and contempt of our own culture. So please do not evaluate Rigvedic period based on Indian history, leftist pseudo-intellects and semitic pundits. If you really read Vedas and Upanishads, you would understand that we had a much advanced civilization…”

There is no astrology in the Vedas so the term Vedic astrology is a misnomer. Vedanta also doesn’t talk about astrology.

“Oh, forget Vedic thing then, I am sure that I have read about astrology is originated in India”
“No. It has been borrowed from the ancient Greeks and the Babylonians. Historically speaking, astronomy started with the work of Aryabhatta. It was the first systematic astronomical text. The Vedas only discuss seasons, nakshatras and phenomena like solstices and equinoxes.”

“So you don’t believe in astrology?” he asked.

“No. I don’t” I said.

“Phew, so you are in the scientific path…”

“Yes- like our ancestors who were on scientific path from 3000BC…” I said. Most of our scriptures deal with pure and applied science.


ASTROLOGY CHALLENGES THE VERY BASIC CONCEPT OF GOD. If you really believe in God, surrender to God. Cross-checking what god has in stored for us in the future is insulting the trust in God. If you believe in astrology, your belief in God is not true. If somebody says that god will be pleased by making payments for certain poojas, then he/she is taking you for a ride. Ask yourself: Is god so cheap to wait for bribes? As if god gives you bad time, so that you will pay him bribes! The entire universe belongs to God. According to astrologers, God’s will can be purchased by offering him some money. Everything belongs to God. When astrologers say that God falls for few Indian Rupees or US Dollars, we can’t rubbish it off as just a childish thinking- this mind set can come only from very inferior beings who think even God is corrupt. Before going to astrologer, ask yourself, should I trust in God or should I trust an astrologer? Both go opposite direction.

Those who really believe in existence of divine power won’t doubt it’s strength. Please do not manipulate yourself believing that this divine power can be bribed. Our ancestors taught us clearly about dharma and karma, please try to understand it, before jumping into superstitions.

Please note that I am not against astrology or astrologers… There are more corrupt people in our society. Politicians also exploit us, right? I do believe that there are lots of people who can use their intuition to predict what is going to happen. Such precognitive power can appear by practicing deeper meditation, but such people won’t use it for material benefits. They won’t take innocent people for a ride. In short, they are not astrologers.

Like my father, I didn’t check horoscope before my marriage. But that doesn’t mean I would enforce my ideas or principles to others. If my friends, relative or children want to believe in astrology, let them. Nobody can question other’s beliefs.

My real concern is about exploiting innocent people in the name of beliefs and mis-interpreting our sacred knowledge. We are ridiculing our profound astronomy wisdom with fraudulent astrology. We have seen above, astrology is neither science nor art. It can be termed as belief. Again, I am not challenging any beliefs. Every human have the right to believe in beliefs. But, if astrologers charge a fee for their services, they should be accountable and should come under consumer protection act.

Most of the Hindus in India don’t follow the authentic scriptures. How many Hindus have read the Gita? This ignorance allows cunning people to twist Hindu religion for their own benefits.


Another friend, who believes in astrology, asked me: “Have you ever come across astrology or astrologers or any such events?”

“Yes, of course. During my twenties, I came across one of the toughest period in life. My family priest advised me (in private) to consult a good astrologer and seek advice. He knew that my father didn’t make my horoscope. I was almost tempted to do so. My father believed that astrology challenges the very concept of god. He said: “Surrender to God’s will and pray for betterment, that’s all you can do. No astrologer can help you more than that.”

Despite being born in a very conservative Brahmin family, my father had married without seeing or cross-checking horoscope. He had five kids including me. And nothing wrong happened to my parents till this day of writing this article. My father never prepared horoscope for any of us. (Later I have seen my mother’s horoscope written by a famous and reputed astrologer – he had written that she won’t cross 51 years. I saw the horoscope when she was 75 and still healthy!)

“Astrology has mathematical, scientific and research base, that’s why people believe it..”
“Friend, to in god, we do not need any scientific evidence, data or research. If you believe in astrology, it is good or bad for you. Why do you need to substantiate your belief with the aid of science – either you are not confident or you feel insecure about that belief, that’s why you want to mix up this wtih modern science, which is not very evolved..”

“You are ignorant…”

“Yes- I am and I am still learning…”

“See, astrology is a science…it is all mathematical calculations…”

“I totally disagree with you, within my limited knowledge” I said.

“Have you learned physics and mathematics?”

“Yes – in fact I am a graduate in Physics” I smiled.

“If you have gone through any books on astrology, you would know it is mathematics…”

“I have read few books long ago and had a job of editing weekly column on astrology. But let me tell you there is no science in mathematics in astrology…”

“How come?”

“Wherever you go, 2+2=4. That’s mathematics. But I have not yet met any two astrologers who can give similar readings. Astrology is NOT mathematics. Astrologers claim that there are mathematical calculations in astrology. Yes, there is. In Cricket game there is a calculation. Six balls = one Over. This is true everywhere. Or there is an application of mathematics in Card game too. It is a set rule of the game. And it has its own mathematics. Similarly there is a set rule in astrology as well as in gambling. That doesn’t prove anything. It’s all in the game..”

“But, still it is science…”

“Astrology is NOT Science. The labeling of astrology as a science is totally erroneous. All scientific disciplines derive their legitimacy from the scientific method, the foundations of which are: a respect for data, consistent reasoning, observational checks and the possibility of experimental refutation. Sadly, neither the method nor the practice of astrology conforms to the standards demanded of a science. The wily idea to promote astrology as a science is not only misleading but also dangerous. Astrology cannot be classified as either a science or an art because there is a lack of rational thought in the entire structure of astrology. Astrology depends on chance to fulfill its objectives, which is not the case with any other form of discipline…”

“But astrology is father of astronomy…”

“Biggest misconception. Astrology is NOT astronomy. Astronomy is a pure science, while astrology is based on superstitious beliefs. Astronomy (science), based upon careful observation and prediction, designed to help humans learn more about the universe in which we live. Astronomy has also been responsible for the discovery of asteroids, planets, stars, galaxies and more. Astrology is not a science. Astrology is not based upon collected data and carefully controlled, objective observations. Astrology is not based up falsifiable predictions which are tested and re-tested by independent observers and researchers. Astrology has not discovered any celestial objects – indeed, it is not clear that astrology has discovered or revealed anything at all about our universe. Astrology mis-uses some astronomical calculations”

“But astrology talks about planets and stars…” he said.

“Astrology MIS-INTERPRETS planetary effects. It is true that the sun’s radiation is the main source of energy for the creatures of the earth and it affects their growth very significantly. Similarly, it is the attraction of the sun and moon which cause oceanic tides. But all these effects are physical and they affect the earth as a whole, and not individuals in particular. From the laws of physics it is clear that the planets cannot greatly affect the weather and other terrestrial phenomena, let alone the lives of individuals on the earth’s surface, as claimed by the astrologers. So there is no need for us to be afraid of the imaginary effects of the harmless planetary configurations. Even astrologers know this, but in order not to lose face they go on fooling innocent people by pouring out some irrelevant scientific jargon in support of their trade. ”

– Our Jyotishis still consider the sun and the moon as planets! If you don’t know ask your kids – they would know. The astrologers took advantage of the fact that the periods of the heavenly bodies are such that they span different periods of man’s life to back up their hypocritical claims. We now know that the characteristics of a person are determined when the egg and sperm fuse together at the time of conception. DNA or God’s codes decide the program known as you. They have nothing to do with the planetary configuration at the time of the birth. Also, the seasons associated with the conjunction of the sun and full moon with given Nakshatras (Stars) change with the passage of time due the phenomenon of precession of the earth’s axis.

“Ok, I agree it is a belief system…there is nothing wrong in beliefs”

“Nothing wrong, as long as you don’t force it on others. Belief is belief, not truth. You can belief that your belief is truth. But insisting on others that my belief is truth, known as fanaticism. And exploiting in the name of belief is crime…”

“You are always proud about your Indian heritage and write a lot about it, then why are you not promoting astrology?” he asked.

Astrology is NOT invented by Ancient Hindu sages. Maharishi Bhardwaj was a statistician par excellence and the excellent sutras compiled by him to describe the motion of the planets. Also Varahamihira and others have done voluminous work on astronomy. Evidence suggests that work has gone into painstakingly noting down coordinates and mapping the path of planets. Bhaskaracharya rightly calculated the time taken by the earth to orbit the sun hundreds of years before the astronomer Smart. His calculations was – Time taken by earth to orbit the sun: 365.258756484 days. How many of you know about Aryabhata, Varahamihira and other ancient astronomers. But we know how to harass them – using their amazing invention for astrology.
“But an astrologer told me that Gita says about astrology…”

“As far as I know, Gita negates astrology. In Gita, it is mentioned that Arjuna wanted to know about his future. When Arjuna expressed his doubt by saying “I do not know what is good for me nor do I know whether we will win or the Kauravas will win the war”, Krishna neither asked him to consult any jyotish (Asrologer) or soothsayer nor did He tell him to wear any gems or perform some poojas (offerings to god)! He just advised Arjuna “You must fight – that is your karma. If you get killed in the war, you will get fame as a good warrior and if you win it you will be the lord of the world”. Lord Krishna Himself, who has the ability to see future or what is going to happen did not divulge such “secrets” before hand to us. Lord Krishna Himself did not believe in “fate being revealed” and “remedial measure suggested as per planetary indications”. The meaning is very clear: There were no astrologers around then.

“What about Ramayana?”

“Ramayana say that before deciding about the coronation of Sri Ram, his father Dashratha wanted his great guru Vasishtha to confirm the suitable muhurta (auspicious time) for that function. (Please note that this is not about horoscope or predictive science). Sage Vasishtha advised Dasharatha to anoint Rama as the Yuvraja (Crown Prince) the very next day, as it was “Tishya” i.e. Pushya nakshatra then. From this anecdote, it is clear that either Vasishtha did not know as to what was going to happen to Dasharatha by declaring Ram as yuvraj or Vasishtha kept quiet deliberately since he did not want to interfere in the divine dispensation! Valmiki doesn’t mention about any such astrological superstitions!”

“So no scriptures support astrology?”

“Nobody (Gods or Kings) in purana times checked horoscope before marriage”

Next day this friend came back and told me that I was wrong. He says, Brighu Samhita, Nadi Jyotishi, Aruna Samhita etc talks about astrology.

“Astrologers talk about Brighu Samhita, Nadi Jyotishi, Aruna Samhita etc. But there is no mention in any of the authentic Hindu scriptures that Vasishtha or Garga or Brighu etc. have ever written any books on predictive astrology. You can check yourself in puranas. Please don’t go by some false quotes you see in the astrology marketing websites! Check for yourself.”

“Another astrologer told me that “Hora Shastra” is taken from Vishnu Purana” he said.

“I have read Vishnu Purana by Parashara that has lot of astronomical references. But there is not even a single mention of any Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra…” I said. The most moderate and mild phrase to describe so-called Vedic Astrology, is “The mother of all cons, literally.” Veda has nothing to do with astrology. People have been using the word “Vedic” to justify everything. (I heard that somebody was planning to launch Vedic toothpaste too!)

“But our ancestors could predict the future” he asked.

“Yes – Indian Saints could peep into past as well as future by their yogic practice. But they did not reveal the future before hand, unlike some of the astrologers of today, who masquerade as “Pravachaks” to tell us even our past and future life just by glancing at so-called birth-charts, even if those charts doesn’t have any scientific base! Our ancestors, without even using telescopes, were able to determine the movement of celestial bodies and speed of light. They have even calculated the distance between the Earth and Sun. But they didn’t have the guts to cheat people the way today’s astrologers do = mis-using our ancestor’s study in astronomy.”

“I don’t understand, you say predictive science was there, and you don’t believe in astrology”

“I have experienced the predictive power of enlightened people. Those with sattvic guna can feel the vibes of intuition – but they, surely, are not astrologers. People with sattvic quality won’t exploit fellow human beings. If you can feel the vibes of cosmic, you can easily say what’s going to happen. For that you need not learn astrology or any such beliefs. Sometimes, after seeing astrologers, people begin a sattvic life – all of us know that sattvic guna will bring extreme good luck. And astrologer becomes beneficiary!”

As such, it is really a fraud on the Vedas being played by some charlatans to call any predictive gimmicks as Vedic astrology and hail themselves as “Vedic Jyotishis”. It is a crime under “The Consumer Protection Act” as it is a misrepresentation of facts to a client and is thus a deficiency in service. The fact of the matter is that our Vedic Rishis were not bothered about predictive astrology. As such they never mentioned anything about Mesha etc., rashis even by mistake.

“Hmmm. If astrology is not correct, how come millions of people blindly believe in it and follow it?” he asked.

“Good question. The basis of astrology is disarmingly simple: a person’s character and destiny can be understood from the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the moment of his or her birth. Interpreting the location of these bodies using a chart called the horoscope; astrologers claim to predict and explain the course of life and to help people, companies, and nations with decisions of great import. People always wanted to believe that the future can be predicted. That is why there are still many believers in the stars. People think horoscopes are accurate because they wish to think they are. This is not a science — it is hocus-pocus. The astrologers did no better than chance. And the astrologers often failed to agree with each other’s matches….”

“But in my cousins case, a prediction came true…”

“I really would want to give the benefit of doubt as half of the earth’s population believes in astrology to certian extent. Sadly, till this day, I have not come across to any first hand information or proof to support astrology. I have never met an astrologer, who can predict accurate, or at least 60 % true. Anybody, even me, can predict up to 50% true – it is known as a “chance”. When you go to heavy traffic, I can predict there may be an accident – and there is 50% chance in that….”

– You also can make predictions that are as correct as anybody else’s i.e. hardly 50%. However, this is a secret that no “jyotishi” shares with anybody — which his /her predictions are hardly more correct than fifty per cent, whatever logic or Ayanamsha he/she may use! We meet with so many difficulties in our life, mostly are caused by our own actions and others by the actions of our fellow-men. Astrological forecasts provide one such false hope and sometimes it serves as a peg on which to hang one’s mistakes and responsibilities. That is why many people continue to believe astrologers, although most of their forecasts are quite ambiguous and often wrong.

“If you know it is fraud, why can’t you fight it?”

“I am just a writer, not an activist. See, wrting makes you more enemies than friends. If I write in support of astrology everybody would be happy. I know there is a big mafia of astrologers-priests-temple management working together to cheat people. There are few good astrologers too – they do not ask money. They believe that astrology is true and they want to do good for others based on their beliefs. That means few astrologers have good intention, thought it is baseless.”


India’s decline and astrology: Experts say that if you read history, you can clearly understand that one of the main reason for the downfall of the ‘Glory that was India’ happened because of the later entry of priesthood, astrology and astrologers along with other anacharas, durachars and superstitions.

After foreign invasions, Indian kings lost their dharma, karma and virtuosness. They became corrupt. The system got manipulated. Insecure kings began chasing Jyotishis. They were insecure because they didn’t follow their Dharma. During epic period it was a dharma yudha (ethical war). Later, kings were not interested in the principles of war strategy and statecraft as explained by the ancient scriptures, the Manu and later by Chanakya. Kings didn’t focus on our ancient science (on navigation, aviation, astronomy, weaponry etc). Instead they took easy route – beliefs – like blindly followed priests and astrologers!


Astrology appears in different forms in many cultures. It arose at a time when humankind’s view of the world was dominated by magic and superstition, when the need to grasp the patterns of nature was often of life-and-death importance. Celestial objects seemed in those days to be either gods, important spirits, or, at the very least, symbols or representatives of divine personages who spent their time tinkering with humans’ daily lives. People eagerly searched for heavenly signs of what the gods would do next.


I don’t understand why is the moment of birth, rather than conception, crucial for astrology? If the mother’s womb can keep out astrological influences until birth, can we do the same with a cubicle of steak?

And every day thousands of people around the world base crucial medical, professional, and personal decisions on advice received from astrologers and astrological publications. But I don’t understand why do different schools of astrology disagree so strongly with each other?


French astronomer Jean-Claude Pecker has pointed out that it seems very small- minded of astrologers to limit their craft to our solar system. Billions of stupendous bodies all over the universe should add their influence to that of our tiny little Sun, Moon, and planets. Has a client whose horoscope omits the effects of Rigel, the Crab pulsar, and the Andromeda Galaxy really had a complete reading?

David Hilbert, one of the world’s greatest Mathematicians in a statement said that, “When you collect the ten wisest men of the world and ask them to find the most stupid thing in existence they will not be able to find anything stupid than astrology”. (Ref: Science, Non-science – the Paranormal).

If the stars lead astrologers to incorrect predictions 9 times out of 10, they hardly seem like reliable guides for decisions of life and affairs of state. Yet millions of people, including some scientists, seem to swear by them.


What astrology is, however, is very good business. Books on astrology bring in billions of dollars each year, and who knows how much money professional astrologers earn collectively. This is one reason why astrology and astronomy stayed together for as long as they did – funding from astrology helped support astronomical research.

Please reflect on all these before you go to an astrologer. But if somebody insists that they need to, there is no harm in going along with that. I don’t force my belief on others. Belief in astrology and non-belief in astrology both are beliefs. So, I keep an open mind.


Reflect on this conversation happened in my life:-

“I have a sister. Her bridegroom’s parent insist that they want to see horoscope chart – what to do?” One of my friends asked me.

“Go and check it” I said.

“But you said, astrology is not science and it is fake”

“It is a belief…Why should we convince others on what we believe or dis-believe? I can marry without checking horoscope as I am sure that astrology is a phony thing… But we should not impose any beliefs on your sister or daughters or any siblings. I do not want to argue with any. Everybody is free to have his/her faith…”

“What will you do in your case – tomorrow if your kids needed to check it for marriage?”

“I don’t impose or thrust my opinion, beliefs and policies on my kids. They have to experience themselves. I would tell them that according to my understanding, astrology is just eye-wash… Then, if somebody insists, I would also go with them and enjoy their experience…just as I go for a movie. I always wanted to take it as it comes.”

“So should I go?”

“Friend, you do whatever you want – why do you need to get a support or acknowledgement from me? My opinion is mine only. You are a different expression. So you can have different perspective – If you stop them from seeing an astrologer and in the event of some unfortunate things happen to them in the future, they would put the blame on you. I know nothing can be prevented and nothing can be changed or nothing can be predicted before-hand, but what’s use in telling others if they don’t understand it” I said.

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47 Responses

  1. Rajeev Kamath says:

    What I have been believing all along based on my reading and understanding of Vedas and Upanishads, is clearly stated in this post. Awesome post… Yes, I liked the statement “ASTROLOGY CHALLENGES THE VERY BASIC CONCEPT OF GOD”. Sad to see the people of this great country are conned by Astrologers.

  2. suba suba says:

    I value the blog.Really thank you! Want more.

  3. Vernell says:

    I enjoy what you write about Dharma and science. Such clever work!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Matt Zacharia says:

    You really make it appear so easy along with your presentation but
    I to find this topic to be really something which I believe I might never understand.
    It kind of feels too complex and very huge for me.

  5. Priyam says:

    Hello, with all due repects your problem seems to stem from the fact that you haven’t met a astrologer of high caliber or maybe you have met but you still choose to.stick to your belief then whatever I write stands void ab-initio. Further, your entire argument is based around people cheating others for material gains by giving silly work-arounds. Do let me know your city I will introduce you to a very accomplished astrologer and if you agree to come with an open mind he might change your belief towards astrology.

  6. Manoj says:

    What an enlightening piece of article.It has nailed the so called astrologers who use term vedic to give legtimacy to their conmanship.

    Astrology was exported into India by greeks,arabics,etc etc.Before that indians were preoccupied in astronomy,scientific experiments ,inventions,mathematics etc etc.
    After this hoax came to India the kings stopped doing their karma properly and expected good planetary combinations and good dashas,mahadashas will do the needful…it is like playing batting without wearing safety guard while shoaib akhtar is bowling just because u are under good planetary dasha.

    This is the reason after the coming of kushanas,parthians ,scythians etc etc that scientific temperament Indians stagnated and the western societies like british ,Americans progressed we got degenerated.
    The supreme knowledge of Hinduism was plagued by hoaxes like astrology,oomen shastra etc etc.

    Believe in your karma and while doing karma give importance to minute details and u can see good results.Doing half hearted karma and expecting good results will lwad nowhere.

    Astronomy zindabad,astrology murdabad.

    • Astroguide says:

      Your example – about batting( not playing batting) without wearing helmet and guard while facing shoaib akthar can be xplained like this-

      For a person who is having a favorable dasha and transit of planets- not wearing a helmet and guard will guarantee no safety – if he doesnt know how to bat- even if he knows how to bat – he has to wear them true-
      However for a person who is not having a favorable dasha and transit – even if he is wearing a helmet and guard – he will get hurt- this is explained only by astrology.

      Astrology is a guiding light- never a final version of what one will experience- Also astrology is intact- astrologers differ and hence the readings! Just because of that you cannot brand the entire subject as murdabad- you seem to be retarded.

  7. Neha Rawat says:

    Great knowledge shared by you. Thanks a lot for this important & wonderful knowledge. All Indians prefer horoscope matching without any care of their child whether they are happy or not? I say that no one can reveal our future and also no one can change our future. if some incident will have to happen then it will surely happen and no one can change it. All Indians are becoming foolish due to less knowledge And little knowledge is dangerous.
    But I am very happy to see this article and this should be come in a bigger extent.

  8. SP says:

    What a great article Uday Sir. I have completely stopped believing in astrology after reading this article. However, I have few doubts related to the concept of Sade Sati.

    Is Sade Sati really related to Shani Dev ? Is Sade Sati a part of astrology?

    Thanks Sir. Awaiting your reply.

  9. peterparker123 says:

    This indeed is true. Astrology cannot be science, but is just belief.

    The problem is that Hindus are now so much ashamed that they, instead of working hard to come up, want to follow short cut techniques to achieve success. So, even the astrology is based around such short cuts. ‘ I am not getting a JOB’, so the pravachak will say, wear a stone of yellow colour, where as, one gets job through skills.

    And why is it that virtually, all astrology questions are centred around the same things, ‘Will I get job’, ‘Will I get degree?’, ‘Will I get married?’

    And answers will be ‘As GANESHAS foresees…..’, this is ridiculous.

    It is time that hindus leave ‘BHAGYAVADA’ and become ‘KARMA YOGI’, because ‘KARMA’ never goes waste. Work always pays off. I myself is an example. Despite being down and out in life, I kept my preserverence, and kept of working hard, irrespective of the outcomes, and what others told about me, and thanks to the will of almighty, now I am going to pursue my higher education from the finest university of this planet. Where did janam kundali came into these?

    Though, I have written WILL OF ALMIGHTY, which is correct, because, it was god’s will that I keep on working hard.

  10. CA V.P.GHUWALEWALA says:

    Big brother,I am very impressed with your article. No sane people should believe that people who can not predict their own future can predict others. Even if we believe that ancient Europeans developed this deductive theory based on planets and nakhshatra, it is almost impossible to calculate permutation and combination and their result. I am very happy to know that our ancestors were astronomers and not astrologers.

  11. Srimatthi says:

    Why do people argue that God and astrology is different? I see that God speaks through astrology…If astrology is authentic. Its a map that we can understand ourselves even better through the eyes of astrology..which in fact God could have created this whole astrology hoola via human and maybe He wishes to clear the ignorance that we humans hold and wishes us to see our KArma and warns us via the horoscope picture that we hold. God is the creator of everything, right? Science have not proved that God exist. Does that mean God is fake. All legends and mythologies talk about God only in human forms. I strongly believe that its just a belief system whether God is real or AStrology is fake? Neither has no proof. However, something great -extraordinary-not in our control is always there and we humans are under that control-be it God or planetory. A plane was missed last MArch and top most military is searching to this date and we could not find. trying to find proof and concluding its a fake is pure ignorance. I am so sad for these ignorant people who thinks that they know it all concluding that AStrology is fake (or real).

  12. Vinoth S says:

    This is really true. God is the creator and he wishes certain things to happen for us. We are not that much intelligent to change his plan and we should not even think of it. If he wishes us to be kings, we will be kings and if he wishes us to be beggars, we will be. He is complete in his creation, each of his creations has its own purpose and he will not deal anyone with injustice. So we should worship him alone by heart without making any company to him. This leads us to reach the destination. But seeing horoscope will lead us to be in the worst ever destination – the hell.

  13. JS says:

    Astrology in my personal experience has turned out to be quite accurate. But the point of astrology is not remedial measures. It just tells whatever your sanchita karma is, and under what conditions will it come to pass. you cannot run from it. It is the best way to know thyself and ones motivations with respect to the actions in this world.

  14. Shelton says:

    Yoou really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be really something which I
    think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and
    very broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next
    post, I’ll try to get the hang oof it!

  15. linda juan says:

    Fine way of telling, and fastidious article to take facts about my presentation subject matter,
    which i am going to deliver in institution of higher education.

  16. Rothschild says:

    Brahmanical hinduism thrives on astrology. Just visit a local temple to do archana and your ‘strological’ details are taken to propitiate planterary gods aka navagrahas. It’s a placebo business.

  17. Vivek Nadig says:

    In my opinion astrology is like meterology. where in weather prediction also goes wrong, even though it is being modern science. But if rain is predicted and if we are to go out we can protect ourselves by wearing raincoat or carrying umbrella.Like if our time predicted is good encash it. If time predicted is bad keep your mouth shut & mediate as much so that effect are less. This ma
    y help rather than blaming science or any knowledge..

  18. mango says:

    yes astrology is true in my Believe, but u need exact time of birth with min, with out time of birth prediction goes wrong, and date of birth, and place of birth, one more thing u do good thing automatically god will show u right path, don’t worry (i trust in astrology not in Astrologers) tnks

  19. A Khanwalkar says:

    Jyotish is one of the Vedangs. It may be mathematical and predictive astrology may or may not be scientific, but I am sceptical whether it has any basis. position of star/planetory issues may or may not be relevent.

  20. Srimathi says:

    Just because prediction did not work for some doesn’t mean astrology is fake. Not only precise birth time is required, but also ‘the Ayanamsha’ the astrologer uses should be correct and ofcourse the Astrologer should be legit as well. If Astrology is fake I am sure someone would have proven it… So far, it keeps growing.

  21. Naveen Shettigar says:

    Dr. Shri Udaylal pai ji ,it was excellent article but please clarify,why nav graha puja is performed and why astrologers predicate manglic and shanidosha .And what is sarpdosha? Why to worship the saturn planet ( shanidev ) on saturday to get rid of Sadesati (misseries cause for seven and a half years) sir, pls reply on my email Id. Thank You.

  22. Rishi Yogiraj Ji Maharaj says:

    Our strict adherence to client-centric approach has enabled us to render highly reliable and flexible services to our clients that are created as per their requirements. Owing to the expertise that we hold in the domain, we are able to muster and secure a large satisfied clientele across the nation.

  23. turiya says:

    I would like to bring the story of sahadeva, one of the greatest astrologer.

    Duriyodhana asked sahadeva to give the date for sacrifice to kali, the god of war. without hesitation he gave the date. All other abused him, but he told politely that his duty as an astrologer is to tell the truth. krishna created bodhana amavasya and pandavas gave the sacrifice to kali to win.

    However sahadeva could not identify that karna was his brother. Divinity did not allow him to ask the question whether he had a brother or not. So divinity is superior to astrology. Many of the rishis had the power to perceive all the three times, but they clearly mention that the time movement cannot be changed.

    Vyasa told dharmaputra that the war will happen as per the mandate of time irrespective of whatever he does to stop it.

  24. turiya says:


    I am quoting from bhavadam on definitin of brahman. You can equate brahman to god if you want that way

    “O best of the brahmanas, please tell us of the position of Narayana, who is also known as Brahman and Paramatma.”
    sthity-udbhava-pralaya-hetur ahetur asya
    yat svapna-jagara-susuptisu sad bahis ca
    dehendriyasu-hrdayani caranti yena
    sanjivitani tad avehi param narendra

    “O King, know Him who is causeless and yet is the cause of creation, maintenance and annihilation. He exists in the three states of consciousness — namely waking, dreaming and deep sleep — as well as beyond them. He enlivens the body, the senses, the breath of life, and the heart, and thus they move. Know Him to be supreme.”


    “OM” is the Pranava Mantram described in the Vedas , which is the base for all the Shastras of Hinduism. “Om Namo Narayanaya” “Om Namah Shivaya” “Om Shakthi” ….all the Moola Mantras start with the word “OM”. And it stands for all that is revealed in the 18 puranas, Ithihasas and other smruthies and shruthies.That is the Tattwam of the Bhagavatham, the absolute Truth, the Mahat Gnanam, and the learned ones think that Tattwam is called “Brahman” by the realised souls and “Paramatma” by the Yogies and “Bhagvan” by the Bhakthas, devotees.

    ” Vadanti Tat Tatwa Vidah: Tattwam Yat Gnanam Advayam,
    Brahmeti Paramatmeti Bhagwan Iti Shabyathe.”…1/2/11
    “…..Dhrushta Eva Aatmameesware”…….1/2/21

    This is the essence of Sreemad Bhagavatam, which was first instructed to Brahmaji by the Lord Himself and which Brahmaji described to Narada Maharshi and Narada gave to Veda Vyasaji in the form of the Chatur Sloki Bhagavat. Veda Vyasaji was found very unhappy even after writing the 17 Puranas and the four Vedas and the Mahabarat,which is known as the fifth veda. Naradaji advised him to write the Bhagavatam containing all the stories of the Lord and more importantly that of His Devotees.The “OM” tattwam is very much visible in the chatur Sloki Bhagavatam.The first verse speaks about the “Brahma Tattwam”,the second one tells about the “Jagat Tattwam”, the third one about the “Maya Tattwam, and the last one explains about the “Aatma Tattwam” which is the essence of all the Spiritual Learning and all these four form parts of the Pranava Mantra “OM”.Let us see these verses in details……..

    ” Aham Eva Aasam Eva Agre,Na Anyat Yat Sat Asat Param,
    Paschat Aham Yat Etat Cha, Yah: Avashishyeta Sah: Asmi Aham”

    Here the Lord Tells Brahmaji, that before the creation of this Jagat only He was existing, nothing else, and what he is seeing now in this Jagat is only He,and at the end of the Maha Pralaya only He will be existing and nothing else will.That is why He is called the Sarva Vyapi, Vishnu. In the Bhagavat Geetha, Lord Krishna is clearly stating that He is residing in every living being. The Upanishads declare that “Esa Vasyam Ithagum Sarvam”, that the Lord resides in every thing in this Jagat.This is the Brahma Tattwam, Jagat Guru Shankaracharya said that the whole Jagat is Mithya, Maya and only the Brahmam is Satyam, it is only truly existing. Or as the Lord was alone before the creation of this Jagat, He thought of making this World with His Sankalpam, and just as the Spider makes it’s web by it’s own materials, God created this World with His own materials, meaning that what ever we see in this Jagat is the part and parcel of the Lord Himself. That is “Brahma Tattwam” we understand here.
    Then comes the question,if that is “Brahmam” what is this Maaya? In this connection the Bhagavatkar says…..

    “Rite artham yat pratiiyeta, na pradiiyeta cha aatmani,
    Tat vidyaat aatmanah: maayaam, yathaa aabhaasah: yathaa tamah:”

    Here Bhagavan tells Brahma that what ever appears to be true or of some value,if it is not related to me then it is not real or it’s false. It is actually my illusory energy called the Maayaa,it is actually like a reflection in darkness.That is the Maayaa Tatwam. It is like the reflection of a Moon in a pond, which is only illussion which makes one believe that there are two Moons. Or like the Graha Rahu , Tamo-rupa,which even though present among the Grahas it does not shine like one.

    The first said Asat object’s light, the reflected Moon’s rays, and the second said Sat object’s darkness, the Rahu’s non-illumination, represends the Maayaa, which is the Lord’s illussory Energy. It is the power of hiding a real thing called Aavarana Shakthi,and the power of showing something which is not there ,called Vikshepa Shakthi. That is “…..yathaa aabhasah: and yathaa tamah:” However a Sane person a learned person knows that it is the power of the Lord, maayaa is also an energy emanating from the Lord Himself. Only a less learned person will only come into the direct influence of this Maayaa. In explaining this, He has to mention what is then the Jagat, Universe, is…………..

    “Yathaa Mahaanti bhuutani, bhuuteshu uchcha avaseshu anu,
    Pravishtaani apravishtaani tathaa teshu na teshu aham”

    God tells Brahmaji that just as,all the material elements of this Jagat are visible after the creation are called the Pravishtas and they were existing in the form of a cause even before the creation and hence called the Apravishtas, I too, as I’m present in every creation internally, Antheryaami, am a pravishta and as I did existed even before the creations of the Jagat, I am Apravishta too. Or The Lord is in everything in this Jagat internally, at the same time He’s outside of all these elements. This is the Jagat Tatwam. The Lord is very specific in telling us that He’s in every creation, as a part of that thing and at the same time all these things are not in Him. He is pervaded by the entire Universe, He’s the part and parcel of every thing in this world. In Bhagavat Geeta too Lord is clear in telling that He’s in every creation but none is in Him. As we do, Brahmaji too would have got confused with these terms as Brahma Tatwam Maayaa Tatwam and Jagat Tatwam, that is the reason why the Lord ends His Chatur Sloki Bhagavatam with the clear and real essence of the Bhagavatam, what is the real existence of the whole Universe and the whole of creations, what is the actual Truth is……………….

    “Etaavad eva jignaasyam, tattwa jignasunaa aatmanah:
    anvaya vyatirekaabhyam, yat syaat sarvatra sarvadaa”

    This is the Pranava Tatwam we started this post with. It explains the whole Truth as to what we are and what we stand for. Here the Lord says that all those who are the Jignasus, those who are searching for the Absolute Truth, will end their search with the knowledge that in all circumstances and in all the space and times and directly or indirectly the Paramatma is resting in all the living beings in the form of Atma and the whole Truth of the matter is the Chaitanya in each and every creation is the part of the Paramatma, however infinitesmal measure He may be present there.

    Directly or indirectly what is always everywhere existing,or what is true, that Param Aatma Tattwam only is the ultimate goal of all the Satya Anveshies, the Jignasus.
    Aatma is the Truth which one is seeking to find. It is like, the Gold is the atma, or real thing in all the ornaments and we search for ornaments . And those who know this Truth for them..

    “Bhidyate hridaya grantihi:,chidyante sarva samshayaha:
    Kshiyante chasye karmani, dhrushta eva aatmaneeswaraha:”

    This is “OM” the basic Aatma of every creation of this world and according to us this is the True essence of Bhagavata Purana. This Chatusloki Bhagavat was given to Brahmaji by the Lord Himself and Brahma transferred it to Narada and Narada in turn gave to Veda Vysasa Rishi who expanded this four slokas into about 18,000 verses of Sreemad Bhagavatam. So this Bhagavatam is the Vangmayi Roopam of Bhagavan Sree Krishna Himself.

    • Kamlesh says:

      Dear Turia,
      Excellent quote (Chatushloki Bhagawatam & its meaning) from Srimad Bhagawatam. Please send this article to me on my mail id Please do favor to me. Thanks

  25. Baneshwar says:

    Excellent article !!!!!! First of all, understand that Veda means Knowledge. And that’s the reason people used this term as Vedic. It is Vedic astronomy (not astrology) to study the effects of all the planets & stars on this beautiful planet. Our ancient sages had that meditative or intuitive power to predict or check the present status of all these stars and planets. Astrology as it came at later stage shall be used as alert signal but it can not change your future. If a real astrologer who does not do for business will alert you with some predictions. Like for ex: if he says, next month drive carefully since chances are bright that you meet with an accident. If it has to happen, it will happen but since you are alerted, the effect will be less. That’s it. So what outcome you get in your life is based on your KARMA and nothing else. Every body is born with free will. If he/she does good, you get good outcome. God has to control the entire universe with billions of galaxies and is not biased. He has given you road to drive. Just drive it properly and be on the road within the speed limit. You have to suffer with your mistake. That’s it. Just go through 23 GURUS, we need to follow to live our life. LORD KRISHNA TO UDDHAVA (also known as Pavanayadhi & son of Devabhaga, who was the brother of Vasudeva, Krishna’s father). Discussion is often referred to as the Uddhava Gita. This particular conversation is also found in Srimad Bhagavatam and is part of the conversation between Lord Krishna and Uddhava …………..

    1ST GURU:
    Mother earth:She taught me to hold those who trample me, scratch me, and hurt me lovingly in my heart, just as she does. She taught me to give them my best, remembering that their acts are normal and natural from their standpoint.

    2ND GURU:
    Water:It is a force that contains life and purity. It cleanses whatever it touches and provides life to whoever drinks it. Water flows unceasingly. If it stops, it becomes stagnant. Keep moving is the lesson I learned from water.

    3RD GURU:
    Fire:It burns everything, transforming it into flame. By consuming dead logs, it produces warmth and light. Thus, I learnt how to absorb everything that life brings and how to turn it into flame. This flame enlightens my life and in that light, others can walk safely.

    4TH GURU:
    Wind:The wind moves unceasingly, touching flowers and thorns alike, but never attaches itself to the objects it touches. Like the wind, I learned not to prefer flowers over thorns or friends over foes. Like the wind, my goal is to provide freshness to all without becoming attached.

    5TH GURU:
    Space:Space has room for the sun, moon, and stars and yet, it remains untouched and unconfined. I, too, must have room for all the diversities, and still remain unaffected by what I contain. All visible and invisible objects may have their rightful place within me, but they have no power to confine my consciousness.

    6TH GURU:
    The moon: The

    7TH GURU:
    Sun:With its bright rays, the sun draws water from everything, transforms it into clouds, and then distributes it as rain without favor. Rain falls on forests, mountains, valleys, deserts, oceans, and cities. Like the sun, I learned how to gather knowledge from all sources, transform that knowledge into practical wisdom, and share it with all without preferring some recipients and excluding others.

    8TH GURU:
    A flock of pigeons: One pigeon fell into a hunter’s net and cried in despair. Other pigeons tried to rescue it and got caught, too. From these pigeons, I learned that even a positive reaction, if it springs from attachment and emotion, can entangle and ensure.

    9TH GURU:
    Python:Who catches and eats its prey, and then doesn’t hunt again for a long time. It taught me that once my need has been met, I must be satisfied and not make myself miserable running after the objects of my desire.

    10TH GURU:
    The ocean:Which is the abode of the waters. It receives and assimilates water from all the rivers in the world and never overflows its boundaries. It taught me that no matter what experiences I go through in life, no matter how many kicks and blows I receive, I must maintain my discipline.

    11TH GURU:
    The moth:Drawn by light, it flies from its dwelling to sacrifice itself in the flame. It taught me that once I see the dawn, I must overcome my fear, soar at full speed, and plunge into the flame of knowledge to be consumed and transformed.

    12TH GURU:
    Bumblebee:Who takes only the tiniest drops of nectar from the flowers. Before accepting even that much, it hums and hovers and dances, creating an atmosphere of joy around the flower. It not only sings the song of cheerfulness; it also gives more to the flowers than it takes. It pollinates the plants and helps them prosper by flying from one flower to another. I learned from the bumblebee that I should take only a little from nature and that I should do so cheerfully, enriching the source from which I receive sustenance.

    13TH GURU:
    Honeybee: Who collects more nectar than it needs. It gathers nectar from different sources, swallows it, transforms it into honey, and brings it to the hive. It consumes only a bit of what it gathers, sharing the rest with others. Thus I should gather wisdom from the teachers of all disciplines and process the knowledge that I gain. I must apply the knowledge that is conducive to my growth, but I must be ready to share everything I know with others.

    14TH GURU:
    Trapped Elephant:Once I saw a wild elephant being trapped. A tame female elephant in season was the bait. Sensing her presence, the wild male emerged from its domain and fell into a pit that had been cleverly concealed with branches and heaps of leaves. Once caught, the wild elephant was tamed to be used by others. This elephant is my fourteenth guru because he taught me to be careful with my passions and desires. Worldly charms arouse our sensory impulses and, while chasing after the sense cravings, the mind gets trapped and enslaved, even thought it is powerful.

    15TH GURU:
    The deer, with its keen sense of hearing:It listens intently and is wary of all noises, but is lured to its doom by the melody of the deer hunter’s flute. Like the deer, we keep our ears alert for every bit of news, rumor, and gossip, and are skeptical about much that we hear. But we become spellbound by certain words, which, due to our desires, attachments, cravings, and vasanas (subtle impressions from the past), we delight to hear. This tendency creates misery for others and ourselves.

    16TH GURU:
    The fish who swallows a baited hook and is caught by the fisherman:This world is like bait. As long as I remember the episode of the fish, I remain free of the hook.

    17TH GURU:
    A little bird who was flying with a worm in its beak: Larger birds flew after him and began pecking him. They stopped only when the little bird dropped the worm. Thus, I learned that the secret of survival lies in renunciation, not in possession.

    18TH GURU:
    The baby that cries when it is hungry and stops when it suckles at its mother’s breast: When the baby is full, it stops feeding and nothing its mother does can induce it to take more milk. I learned from this baby to demand only when I really need. When it’s provided, I must take only what I require and then turn my face away.

    19TH GURU:
    A young woman whom I met when I was begging for alms: She told me to wait while she prepared a meal. Her bracelets jangled as she cooked, so she removed one. But the noise continued, so she took off all her bracelets, one by one, until only one remained. Then there was silence. Thus, I learned that wherever there is a crowd, there is noise, disagreement, and dissension. Peace can be expected only in solitude.

    20TH GURU:
    A snake that makes no hole for itself, but who rests in holes other creatures have abandoned, or curls up in the hollow of a tree for a while, and then moves on:From this snake, I learned to adjust myself to my environment and enjoy the resources of nature without encumbering myself with a permanent home. Creatures in nature move constantly, continually abandoning their previous dwellings. Therefore, while floating along the current of nature, I find plenty of places to rest. Once I am rested, I move on.

    21ST GURU:
    An arrow maker who was so absorbed in shaping his arrowheads that the king and his entire army passed without attracting his attention:Thus I learned from the arrow makes to be absorbed in the task at hand, no matter how big or small. The more one-pointed my focus, the greater my absorption, and the greater my absorption, the more subtle my awareness. The goal is subtle, and can only be grasped by subtle awareness.

    22ND GURU:
    A little spider who built itself a nice cozy web:When a larger spider chased it, it rushed to take refuge in its web. But it ran so fast that it got entangled and was swallowed by the bigger spider. Thus, I learned that we create webs for ourselves by trying to build a safe haven, and as we race along the threads of these webs, we become entangled and are consumed. There is no safety to be found in the complicated webs of our actions.

    23RD GURU:
    A worm who was caught by a songbird and placed in its nest:As the bird began singing, the worm became so absorbed in the song that it lost all awareness of its peril. Watching this little creature become absorbed in a song in the face of death reminded me that I, too, must develop the art of listening so that I my become absorbed in the eternal sound (Aum), Naad, that is always within me.

  26. aditya says:

    so you believe in god and not astrology ? give me the proof that god exists.

  27. Shashwat says:

    The very fact that astrology has been misinterpreted to be a discipline which predicts future, is the root cause of all confusion and criticism i believe. It may be worth affording a thought as to whether on failed medical transplants and fallen bridges we blame the doctor/engineer or the medical science and engineering, respectively? Even if we hold that astrology was intended to be a predictive discipline, why should astrology’s perception should be tarnished for the incapacity of the astrologer? In my humble opinion, a wrong prediction, a failed calculation, a surgical blunder, a falling bridge…all are methodical faults and not conceptual ones..And then the ultimate test of any doctrine or hypothesis is that it should hold good in practicality.. so long as predictions stand the test of time and accuracy (which does happen in a good number of cases when astrologer is competent, scientific and intuitive), astrology as a discipline should not be assaulted I think..Anyways, opinion emerges out of experience and if someone has had bad experience with an astrologer, one has all rights to criticise him..but certainly not astrology.. A field which has been long ignored in terms of dedicated research definitely deserves level playing field vis-a-vis other science streams before being summarily debunked on account of unpleasant personal experience.. And Im no astrologer..Physics, Chemistry, biology all have failed severally in trial n error in laboratories through centuries in course of their evolution to the present authentic level.. lets give the same chance n research environment to Astrology and then decide its fate..Just my unimposing thought..Thanks.

  28. Deepika says:

    I would like to start by saying awesome blog .its a true inspiration like you said if you believe in god then dont insult him by believing in future predictions .
    I have been married from last two years .ours was a love marriage several predictions were made from both ends that it wouldnt last for a month but to everybody’s belief i can assure i have been blessed to have a guy like him in my life .
    I lost my mom at very early age and later my dad passed away 5 years ago and i had made a promise to my father that one day i will make him proud by achieving what he wanted me to achieve in life .i have been working really hard to save even my last penny for my higher education and ofcourse my husband is supporting me immensly as my studies would keep us away from each other for a year .now since my time has come everybody around me is discouraging and in lieu me and my husband had been running around every pandits and wasting huge sum on everyone …
    Everyone is claiming different remedies and asking for different rituals .
    After reading your blog i have made my mind by not divulging in any false clas .
    If pandits are to believed then i wouldnt have lost my parents at the first place .stay blessed

  29. Pidrap says:

    Check out the biggest fraud ripping people off their money … Mr.X (Can’t mention name) has page on Facebook and recruiting thousands of people delusioning them
    To believe in astrology. I personally known him and he ruined my life! I was stupid to believe his astrology lies! You should enlighten more people with sharing your article. Great work!

    He mentions that astrology is Vedas… He is corrupting the hindi belief system.

  30. Gopika says:

    Read only the first 1-3 lines.

    You are right when you say “no authentic Hindu scripture ever supported Astrology”
    The vedas, puranas , ithihaasas are not Hindu scriptures.

    Vyaasa Maharshi who has devoted more than one chapter in his the Bhaagavada on what Garga Mahashi had to say about Shree Krishna s birth .

    Also please see, whether Vyaasa Maharshi has mentioned Astrology apart from Krishna s life. The reference from the Bhaagavata purana is also quoted in here

    It s best not to speak about what one does not know

  31. gp says:

    in my last 13 years i have seen astrology work to some extent such as wheather time will be good or bad, but can not actually tell the circumstances which bring good or bad time. it is very accurate regarding good and bad time but can not predict the cause. all the time in my last 13 years when jupiter was either 4th, 6th, 8th and 12 and to some extend 2nd house: allways bad time and when in 5,7,9th, 11th always good time.

  32. M Raghavendra Rao says:

    Astrology challenges very concept of God. The article is quite revealing.Astrology, creats fear of the unknown, because of lack of knowledge so one should not believe. Best course would be to ‘BELIEVE IN GOD ‘ totally surrender.

  33. San Antonio says:

    Its like you read my thoughts! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the e book in it or something. this is great blog. An excellent read. I will definitely be back.

  34. Kobe Bryant says:

    I used to be suggested this website through my cousin. I’m no longer positive whether or not this post is written by him as nobody else realize such specific approximately my trouble. You’re amazing! Thank you!

  35. sanjay says:

    I have studied astrology to some extent and found that astrology is also true to some extent but accurate prediction is very difficult. It has got a scintific angle and it works more on law of probability. now, we are not calling probability and statistics a fraud. is not it? for example astrology gives a general idea of personality for people born in particular nakshatras (birth star). 90% of time i found that it is correct upto a large extent.if you live with that person for some days you will find that most of the things are true.there are cases where it fails but very rare. even if you use a common software available now-a-days many of the things really match.But really what really astrologers claim to know the accurate future and remedy that may be money making business many times. astrologers should clearly accept their shortcomings then things would have been more transparent. i feel till now honest research on the astrology has not been done. it is done by the people who want to prove astrology wrong or otherwise.

  36. J. Christian Maria Joseph says:

    Dear sir,
    i am a catholic by birth. but i am a staunch believer of astrology and cosmos. i believe in electromagnetic interference in every body in this universe due to the constellations positions. . Astrology is also a science that deal with the position of constellations interact with the universe and universal live stocks. new moon and full moon causes so many changes in your mental behaviour and digestion system of every live stock in this universe. whatever be the out come of the astrological prediction, theris always a postive act will be there. Astrologers may be the fraudsters but not astrology. the astrology will ever live and do the service to this human race. There is always a positive deed in every prediction.

    • Rohan says:

      Respected J. Christina Maria Joseph, you are absolutely right. We must acknowledge an undeniable fact that be it Western or Vedic, each astrology has its own unique and irrefutable prototypes. I am a researcher and I have witnessed that Sun signs unquestionably affect our inner persona and collective behavioral traits. But there are notable records that Indians followed moon signs and continued wandering aimlessly in their lives. I have witnessed that Indian moon signs leave nil or negligible impact on human nature. But astrologers mislead people using Placebo effect and con them into believing moon signs as though its a totally unnecessary element of the human horoscope. As though the other houses may affect us mysteriously. All I say is all our intellects should be back in the harness before we choose an astrologer. Like as though Western astrologers don’t believe in Kal Sarp Yoga, they still manage to ascertain and establish a fact that the native is under a harmful astral influence that isn’t letting him/her to progress in his/her life. All of us are here to catch the best nuances of every astrological heritage. I found both Western and Indian astrological civilizations having certain accurate facets and certain improvable ones.

  37. vedradijaus says:

    Thanks for sharing dear you are really doing a wonderful job.

  38. Vinod Varma
    Jun 30, 2012 at 02:37 pm
    There is a basic principle in astrology like “person will posses lot of self respect(Swabhiman) & endowed with spacious lands if ones Mars is exalted”.let us try to find the logical reason behind this .according Kuja graha stotram,
    “dharani-garbha-sambhutim vidyut-kanti-samaprabha
    kumaram shakti-hastam cha mangalam pranamamy aham“.
    Mars is the hottest part of the earth which is separated from earth and created its own existance in the solar system, that is why Mars is the significator of the lands and adventour,rebelism,self respect,extreme heat.
    If one is not studying the astrology with careful analysis, then that is the problem with the person. But not with the Astrology. We can’t blame astrology. It is never forcing us to study and comment on it. People need astrology but astrology dont people or persons.
    Yes !.it is acceptable that astrology lost its glory and greatness because of some ones cheapful acts,and misused for money.we should feel ashamed of the people who are misusing this great science,but we cannot simply degrade this great science.
    “When all the great sciences in the world falied to explain the reason for a perticular thing,then Atrology speaks”.we can find reason for everything in astrology. Let us see some of them.
    1).a psychologist may fail to explain the reason for the over reaction & change in the moods of the mental patients during the full moon,but astrology can explain this in a quite simple manner, (Chandrama manaso jathaha-Purusha sooktam,Rigveda). Moon is the significator of the Mind or heart in the vedic astrology, moon also decides the purity of the mind.
    2).Why two people grow in different manner & perceave the things in different even though they are born and brought up in a same family,social,economical environment. None of the sciences except astrology can explaint this question.
    3).None of the great painters ot the color theorist in the world know why “blue,green,white colors can adjust or can be mixed with each other”,”why blue and red can’t be adjustable as it is.only astrology can give the reason for this question, but not any other science.
    4).Graphologists say a person will be very aggresive if he use a good pressure while writing on the paper. But if you ask them “why it is so ?”. They can’t explain.only astrology can explain this.
    Being Indians-the so called children of the great sages, we have a responsibility on our shoulders to protect such ancient science. Shastra ninda(Accusing the ancient sciences) is equal to accusing our own mother. It is considered to be one of the biggest sins(Mahapataka Dosham) in indian culture.
    Very finally what i would like to conclude is,
    We are living in Kaliyuga,where in every idiot is born to blame our Mother(Veda mata and ancient Indian scriptures) only because he dont understand the essence hidden in it. After all it is the Yuga dharma.But being an Indians what best we can do is “please dont degrade or spoil the glory of the ancient Indian culture”.
    Most of the Shastras are written by great seers and sages.these people are not so stupid or mentally retarded people to write such a great scriptures by sacrificing thier entire life.shastra is a well wisher of the human never created harm to us & will never creat a harm to us.
    “Dharmasya Vijayosthu” “Dharmo rakshathi rakshitaha”
    Om shantihi shantihi shantihi !!!

    Sekhar Ray
    Sekhar Ray Replies to Vinod Varma
    Jul 01, 2012 at 03:00 am
    He is the biggest fool on earth who believes all are fools except me.
    He is doing sin on earth who believes most are doing sin except me.
    He is most ignorant on earth who believes most are ignorants except me.
    Most of the so called astrologers are Mahapatakas who are in conspiration in disgracing Vedas & our great seers and sages .
    The astrologers are most unfortunate people on earth because they believe they can see all others fortune except their own.

    Vinod Varma
    Vinod Varma Replies to Sekhar Ray

    Jul 03, 2012 at 11:00 am
    Astrologers are very fortunate people. who always had respect from crores of years across the world. in all the yugas. 90% of the people in the world believe astrology. The very stupid thing is that,….people come to me(the so called nasthik)that they don’t believe astrology but when i predict about their future,they go speachless.
    May god pardon the innocent mind of such fools.
    “Shastranam Jyotisham Mataram”.

    Sekhar Ray
    Sekhar Ray Replies to Vinod Varma

    Jul 03, 2012 at 11:20 am
    “in all the yugas. 90% of the people in the world believe astrology.”
    Because that 90% people are spiritually unconscious.
    “The very stupid thing is that,….people come to me(the so called nasthik)that they don’t believe astrology……….”
    Why astrology feels itself so much INSECURED that sometimes it needs support in believeing God and sometimes it demand itself as science?
    “May god pardon the innocent mind of such fools”
    Astrology always play with innocent mind and make them fool. May god pardon the so called astrologers.

    Soumyasrajan S
    Soumyasrajan S Replies to Sekhar Ray

    Jul 27, 2012 at 06:06 pm
    I wonder whether any style of spiritually conscious teaching or even much less intellectually conscious teaching, teaches on to use words like stupid, fools and capital letters in such discussions for any one?

    Nishant Patil
    Nishant Patil Replies to Vinod Varma

    Aug 06, 2012 at 09:36 pm
    Vinod, as you have said that you can predict the future of anyone. Can you please accept the challenge of prediction with your astrological calculations(or whatever) ?
    The challenge would be on similar lines :
    Reply here or send me a message about this. Currently I am out of India, so in case if you are ready with the chanllenge, I will give you a call or email.
    I hope this is fine with you,.
    Thanks, Nishant

    Chennakesava Kadapa Replies to Vinod Varma
    Aug 06, 2012 at 09:50 pm
    “Astrologers are very fortunate people. who always had respect from crores of years across the world.”
    Enormous amount of ignorance. We humans(homosapiens) are here only for less than 1 million years, forget about crores of years. Astrologers are great fraudsters who always cheat people and exploit their situations to mint money.
    Its you who is acting foolish and stupid here. Astrology is nonsense. Its a pseudo-science.
    Nishant Patil, told you about one challenge of One million rupees. There is also another challenge of “One million dollars” by James Randi Foundation. Do you have any guts to accept those challenges and prove that astrology is scientific by predicting the future outcomes correctly???
    Tell us. Be honest. Did you predict that we are going to challenge you like this? Check-mate. 🙂

    • Pradeep says:

      This is for Vinod Verma,

      Are you Sadhu Uncle? I am looking for my lost uncle who is a very good astrologer and whose name is Vinod Verma. if you are the same person please reply to


      Pradeep Rao

    • Pradeep says:

      To the moderator,

      Please kindly post my comment as this is one of the ways I am trying to find my long lost uncle (lost since 2007). it is possible he may be the same person I am looking for. kindly help


      Pradeep Rao


    Nita Agarwal
    Jun 20, 2012 at 09:12 pm
    Interesting article. I too grew up without a kundli and all my brothers and sisters were married without matching one. But later due to some problems, got attracted towards it and spent a lot of time chasing and understanding my future till I finally realised that running after it blindly is like not having faith in God…….since then I have not taken it seriously. Though I must say, I still get tempted to know what is store for me in the future but I never take it seriously beyond my faith in God because I feel God gives me hints to do certain things as and when required…….it can be in any form. It is my personal understanding. I don’t know whether it makes any sense to others.
    I have read two of your blogs and do find some similarity in our thinking…..though I don’t say astrology is right or wrong as I am not learned enough to say that but I don’t believe in it blindly.

    Sekhar Ray
    Jun 20, 2012 at 09:43 pm
    It’s a nice & precious blog. You have expressed exactly my realization on this topic.

    Satish K D
    Jun 25, 2012 at 11:50 am
    Very true. In most cases, I have seen that the predictions of astrologers are not true. However, no one goes and asks for a refund (even if you ask, I am sure you won’t get it). If a product or service that you have purchased didn’t meet your expectations, you go and ask for a refund. However, there is no such system for astrology.
    In my case, I have not come across any predictions that were true. Astrologers told my parents that I won’t be able to complete my education. I completed post graduation in management. Some made other predictions that never materialized. On the other hand, for some people who consulted the same astrologers, some of the predictions materialized. This shows that it is only by chance that some predictions may materialize. Some event was supposed to take place and just before that you consult an astrologer. So, when that even takes place, you feel that you got a heads-up into that.

    Tincy Mathew
    Jul 07, 2012 at 12:37 pm
    Excellent article. You have the courage to write truth. People(not only Indians) are being exploited in the name of astrology.
    Everybody, before going to astrologer, should read this article twice. Thanks
    It’s 100% fake. One of my Hindu friends got married consulting 10 astrologers and all of them said their match is 9 to 10 out of ten. All of them said that she has happy-long-married life. Her husband died in a car accident after 7 months of marriage. If nobody can predict correct, what’s the use of such gimmicks? Astrologers exploit our weakness and make a living out of it. And as the author rightly points out in his blog), if you believe in GOD, you just can’t believe in astrology. Astrology is an insult to GOD…

    Veenaga Bhushan
    Jul 16, 2012 at 04:25 pm
    Past is a devil, we cannot change it, present is a demon, demonstrating, future is out come kids,little devils, no body can say the mentality of little minds. The Palm in your had haves some history,but not future, predictions are not future, they are the may happen, can any body gauge the seriousness.

    Seema Mathur
    Aug 11, 2012 at 06:30 pm
    Sir ,in your post I have come across the word cosmic grace & If you can feel the vibes of cosmic.I shall be grateful if you can explain same.

    Preeti Poojara
    Aug 10, 2012 at 11:14 am
    In my humble opinion, Vedic Astrology is known as Veidic because the calculation part follows Vedic Mathematics to determine planet positions at particular moment. It is amazing how accurate it was even thousands of years back. One purpose of astrology was to study and observe the effects of different planets on the Earth. However, it would be interesting research, when, how or why predictive aspect took over.

    Manas Das
    Aug 16, 2012 at 09:57 pm
    Few prople who consults astrology- confirm the presdictions happened correctly. This may be less than 2% Prople consult astrology mostly to satisfy their pshychie.
    My mother consults my horoscope many number of times- i have observed that each time my good time was to stary after a few months
    Astrology is a science- maynot have vedic support- predictions are based with the acquired knowledge- sometime clicks-computer astrology is pur mathematics and its predictions are prefixed in the software- so mostly wrong. Thanks for providing an exhaustive detail on the subject.

    Atul Sehgal
    Aug 31, 2012 at 11:19 am
    Dear Mr. Pai,
    An excellent article ! It vindicates my own stand on the subject, something which I have vociferously tried to project and propagate.
    Atul Sehgal

    Medha Parashar
    Aug 31, 2012 at 04:33 pm
    Good piece of information .Thank you 🙂

    Rajesh Marndi
    Aug 31, 2012 at 11:18 pm
    I don’t believe in astrology or I can say I don’t want to believe in astrology. This take away one own confident, that is the reason I stay away from it.
    But there are certain things one can’t deny, if someone has only experienced how can one say confidently that there is an major accident awaiting. This happens with my cousin recently this year, who is an today’s age youngster who too as other do not believe, but her mother once forcefully took him to the astrologer whom our family visit. The astrologer warn him of an major accident awaiting in the near future and told some antidote to prevent it( this is out of my thought, if something is certain to happen, how can one prevent it. Future is like a clock, it can show you what time sun will rise and set. But if you think changing the clock arm you can change sun rise and set, I don’t think so.).
    But for some reason he didn’t followed the antidote and within a month, he had an accident in my village in the river where the water was shallow. While diving backward in the air on the water, his head hit on the riverbed stone and had spinal cord injury on his neck back. Now his whole body is paralyzed below neck.
    I don’t know how astrology can sometime be correct, it is not right to expect astrology to be accurate , the universe works in a probability fashion.
    I want to clear I don’t encourage astrology for the reason I stated in the beginning but sometime it does astonished us.

    Courtesy: (Please visit this link for more comments and discussions)

  40. Kumar says:

    The blog is really good and i was going thru bhaskaracharya in wikipedia and found that he predicted horoscope for her daughter Lilavati.Could this be real or some misinterpretation happened here?

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