The Girl Who Wanted to Commit Suicide!

“Sir, my best friend is so depressed that she is at a point of no return. She lost all her hopes. She said would commit suicide…” Akhila (not real name) from Kolkatta.
“Please take her to a consultant psychologist ASAP. She needs immediate support…” I replied.
“Yes sir. Will do. Uday sir, I need a few clarifications related to suicide and Hindu Dharma…”
As I do with all the readers who contact me, I told her that I am not able to type for a long time, so we can talk over the phone at a mutually convenient time. Accordingly, we fixed the time and I gave her my phone number.
“Uday sir, apologies for lying. It’s not my friend, but me facing issues and cannot escape from thoughts of suicide. But I am scared of committing suicide too. I felt that you’re the right person to provide clarity. I need clarity of thoughts. Is Atmahatya (suicide) a Papa (sin)?”
“There is no English word for Atma. Hatya means killing. I don’t think anyone can kill the Atma. Gita and Katha Upanishad – the two authentic scriptures – clearly say that Atma is “na jayate mriyate”. This Means, Atma is not born, nor does it ever die.”
“Okay sir, what about killing the body then?”
“As per ancients, your body has three parts – Atma, Jiva (the life energy or breath), and Sharira. The Sharira (body) is Sthula Sharira (gross body) and Sukshma Sharira (subtle body) together. But as per our Dharma, you don’t have any right to destroy the body too….”
“What’s the reason?”
“As per Dharma, _Shariramadyam khalu dharma sadhanam_ means the body is verily the first means of following dharma. According to Vishnu Tatvam too, this body with its features like hands and legs was designed as an instrument towards dharma. That is, the body is a vehicle for your _Dharma Sadhana_ to reach the purpose or goal of life. You’re born for a purpose and with a purpose. So you’re not supposed to destroy it.”
“Sir, you always go by science. What does science say about it?”
“Body is an ecosystem. Trillions of microbes are living in and on your body right now. Seventy to ninety percent of all cells in the human body are bacterial, representing perhaps 10,000 different species. The researchers have already calculated the number of bacteria in the large intestine and other organs of the human body. In total, some 39 trillion bacteria frolic in and on the human body.”
“Oh, it is huge. I didn’t know that Uday sir”
“As with everything in the universe, each bacteria or cell in your body is a unique one. You’re the protector of the system. Of course, when some cells don’t do their dharma properly or create hurt for the system, you punish them using medicines. You have absolutely NO _Adhikara_ (right) to destroy the ecosystem of trillions of life. When you do something for which you don’t have Adhikara, it is called Aparadham (crime is an illegal action or activity). Papam is born out of Aparadham”
“You made it clear sir, but how can I escape from the thoughts of suicide when I face problems?”
“Mostly people try to commit suicide to run away or hide from a problem or situation. Do you think it will disappear if you cease to exist? We should learn to face every problem, issue, and situation. We have the inherent strength to face any problems that come in life. We have to take the strength out.”
“How to take that strength out?”
“By worshipping your _Ishta Devatha_ (favorite deity). Do it earnestly.”
“Uday sir, I am not able to recite mantras, my mind is disturbed.”
“Then open your mind, in front of your mentor or parents, or elders or non-exploitative person in your life…let the disturbances of mind flow out…”
“That’s why I am opening up in front of you Sir,” she said.
“Aha, nice try! However, I suggest only one thing – you have got a lot of Karma to do in this life. So focus on your health. Do regular exercise. Learn at least one subject/topic a day. Earn well. You will need wealth (artha) to take care of your _kamanas_ (desires) in life. Also, you can be an instrument to help a lot of people around you. As far as solutions to problems are concerned, there is no problem without a solution. The disturbance of the storm clouds does not affect the sun or the sky through which they pass. Be like a sun or sky.” (Broadcast Message No: 377)
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