yakshiMy childhood was rich with all sorts of superstitions. The village air was filled with stories of ghosts and goblins – Yakshi (beautiful witch who seduce men with her beauty and drinking their blood), Brahmarakshas (very fierce demonic spirit), Kuttichathan (mischievous spirit or goblin), Bhoot, Pretha, Satans, demons, etc.

One day I have been walking back to my home around 11.30PM. It was a full moon day. This happened during my teenage.

There was a small bridge (not fully built) on the way, across a stream (you can’t call it a river, though we use small rowing boats to move aorund). The banks were piled up sand platforms on the both side.

I was crossing the bridge. Suddenly, I saw a human figure passing below the bridge, through the sand platform. I was shocked. I stood there paralyzed. I could smell the great fragrance of Pala tree (Alstonia Scholaris or Indian Devil tree) – a typical ambience for appearance of Yakshi. I couldn’t make any moves, but trembling. My body was full Goosebumps. My mouth and throat went dry. My voice had gone!

“What am I seeing? A Yakshi?” I asked myself.

As in legends, she was wearing white sari and blouse. Her hair was untied. The popular belief was that Yakshi has all the body curves in place – a perfect international standard body shape! But, this Yakshi was bit overweight!

I looked at her leg….As per stories, the Yakshi’s feet shouldn’t touch the earth. But her feet were touching the sand leaving marks! There could be overweight, earth-touching Yakshis too!

I stood there freeze. I saw her walk towards the south side – there was a pond and “Sarpa Kavu” (Abode of Snakes) – a traditional natural sacred space, grove, covered in forest where the flora and fauna thrived and was preserved. I guessed – she is going to her “Avasa Kendra” (home) – so I am seeing a real ghost!

My body slowly started shaking. I began reciting mantras (sacred hymns). Suddenly….

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