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Where is the Origin of Philosophy?

Greece. Essentially, philosophy is Western. Most people answered (naturally) India and Hinduism. India/Hinduism was never the origin of any major philosophy. Instead, in ancient India, we had Darshan Shastras. ‘Darshana’ is to see or...

How to connect and/or talk to God? 0

How to connect and/or talk to God?

“Have you really seen Shri Krishna? Have you talked to him? Can we really talk to God? Will God reply? If it was pure imagination, how come you revealed few unknown secrets?” These are...


From Frustration To Fascination

From Frustration To Fascination “Dear Uday, I have been reading all your articles on your website. I am living in the US for the last 40 years. I do meditation, prayers, rituals, read all...