Is Hadiya a Curious Case Love Jihad?

Many readers from all over India and outside ask me this question: “What’s happening in Kerala? Is it true that Kerala is becoming like Kashmir? Are Muslims converting Hindu girls to become sex slaves for ISIS? Are Hindus turning into a minority here? Are Muslims trying to create caliphate in Kerala? ”

I guess these are biased observations. Obviously it derives from the lack of understanding the ground reality. The state of Kerala has many accolades in terms of progressive thinking and social-human development index.

The structure of social fabric in Kerala and its complex caste equations are quite different. Look at the latest caste/religion wise population demographics of Kerala:
Muslims – 27 %, Christians – 18.4 %, Ezhavas – 23%, Nairs – 14%, SC/ST – 10 %, Brahmins – 0.9%, Others – 6.7%.

Kerala does NOT have Kshatriya and Vaisya communities – their numbers could be few thousands, at the maximum count. Hindu Brahmins in Kerala includes Namboothiris and Tamil, Konkani, Tulu speaking population.

Nairs, though put under Shudras, are considered as upper caste in Kerala. They had close-knitted cross-connections with Namboothiris in the past. There were many Nair kings too.

Muslim population in the state does not include Bangladeshi Muslims who migrated to Kerala with the support of West Bengal politicians during the last 20 years. The Christian population mentioned, does not include Crypto-Christians. However, they are not as huge as other south Indian states.

As a second pointer, we should look into the political spectrum. Both Marxist-led LDF and Congress-led UDF have almost same vote share in Kerala – approx. 38-40 % each. BJP has around 10 -12 %.

UDF voters are predominantly Christians, Muslims, and Nairs.

The communist parties (CPI and CPM) are the major constituents of the LDF. In terms of numbers, Marxist Party (CPM) has the lion-share in LDF. The communist parties are predominantly a Hindu party. Ezhava community is the strongest hold of CPM. Traditionally, Muslims and Christians did NOT support CPM, though there were lots of exceptions.

This was the historical reason for CPM’s fight with BJP, which, of course, is another Hindu party. Both have been catering to the same market segment- Kerala Hindus. Since BJP is making dent into Hindu vote bank, the CPM market share has been depleting.

So, to win in the election over UDF and to compensate the number of votes that go in favour of BJP, the CPM has to explore into new market. If CPM disappears from Kerala, it will become extinct in India. Hence, they desperately needed to garner a solid vote bank.

It’s normal for any political parties to negotiate with a solid chunk of n-block vote. As everybody knows, Indian elections are fought unofficially based on caste and religion equations. Political parties always considered Muslim population as a solid vote bank. In Kerala, traditionally Muslims go along with Muslim League, Congress and other so-called “secular” parties, but not with the CPM.

But there is a growing chunk among hardcore Muslims – the radicals. Though there is no statistics available, sources say the sympathizers of these radicals can be around 4-5% in terms of votes. CPM, which has been trying to woo them for long, was able to get their support in the last election. Hence they won in the state assembly with 44% vote share. So politically, CPM’s strategy worked.

To please the ordinarily hardcore Muslims and to get into in their good book, the CPM parivar have conducted beef festival, insulted Hindu traditions and denigrated Hindu customs many times during the past few years. CPM doesn’t have any real hatred towards Hindus. Few years ago, the then veteran CPM leader EMS Namboothiripad went publicly against Sharia law which had resulted in a sweeping victory. Now that Hindu market in Kerala is shrinking, they went in for Muslim market, that’s all. It’s just common sense.

While CPM thought they could use hardcore Muslims as vote bank, they didn’t see the approaching danger – followers of radical Islamist groups have in-filtered deep inside the Marxist party. Currently, CPM is so helpless that they cannot possibly do anything against Islamic radicals. BJP has been trying to exploit this situation by instilling fear and insecurity among Hindus.

CPM members cannot express their Hindu identity in public as they claim that they don’t believe in religion, even if 70-80% of the votes for them are coming from born Hindus (mostly from Ezhava community). This is the whole point. In other words, going by the ground reality, the population of Hindus – those who claim their religious identity – must be less than 20% in Kerala. Even among those 20% Hindus, caste comes first and religion last.

Hence, obviously, Islam should be the single largest and most powerful religion in Kerala. A large section among Muslims does not favour radicals. Islamic radicals are a real threat for the growing number of middle-class and NRI Muslims too.

“Udayji, Can radicals declare a caliphate in Kerala?”

No. There won’t be a situation like that in Kashmir where Hindus were asked to convert to Islam or be killed. The reason? An outsider cannot guess the real reason. There is a strong population of Christianity here in Kerala. They are powerful enough to counter Wahhabi empowerment. Most of the Christian denominations in India are controlled by Mallus. Even in Vatican, Mallus are powerful.

“Then why does a large section among Hindus feel threatened in Kerala, Uday?”

The communism has created a social revolution in Kerala. It created a new generation who are always eager to show that they are progressive and secular. “Given the standard procedure in India, only Hindu-bashing will make you known as progressive secular and intellectual.” That is why CPM had allowed their parivar to conduct beef-festival, burning Gita and Manusmriti in public etc. So, as a general principle, the left parties and so-called progressive thinkers, liberals and seculars won’t like to imbibe Hindu traditions and customs.

Adding to woes, the ministry of education in Kerala was always under control of either non-Hindus or communists. The final outcome of education system designed such a way that any educated Hindu would only feel ashamed of his/her religion. Kerala media guys are typical example of those educated people who earnestly follow this pattern. So there is no point in blaming media, artists, writers or think tank intellectuals. They are conditioned that way.

This is the real situation and ambience of Kerala. So, an ordinary average Hindu family in Kerala automatically will fall under two broad options: (1) be with the left liberals who do not follow any Hindu traditions (2) live like a Hindu family that follows only superstitious beliefs (Which are not part of Sanatan Dharma).

Now, the children from the type-1 family, when face the hardships and miseries in life will seek solace from outside. Reason? The peace of mind cannot be provided by the political ideologies. So they would turn in to some sort of belief systems. Hinduism is already de-sold in such families. Then, where to go? It is a known factor that Islam and Christianity encourage conversion. Conversion is part and parcel of their faith. Naturally, a member from ‘non-believing’ Hindu family will be easily lured to these religions. Not surprising for me.

What happens to the type-2 family? Belief will slowly become an addiction of mind. You would need more dosage as you proceed. For an earnest believer, Hinduism has lot of limitations. Why? Its actual foundation is not based upon belief, but upon logical thoughts and science of Dharma. So how will a believer get high dosage? The faith-systems in Semitic religions were designed such a way that an ordinary believer would be contented and be happy.

Take for instance what happened in Africa and some parts of Europe – the indigenous people of those areas were first converted into Christian beliefs. But when a stronger belief system appeared in the form of Islam, they have migrated into it. I wouldn’t wonder if USA, Canada and Europe embrace Islam as official religion within 10-15 years. People say that in many parts of UK, people follow Sharia law. There is a joke in the air that Prince Charles is planning to go to Malappuram for conversion ceremony.

Now coming to this Hadiya case. As per official records she is still Akhila Ashokan. In the Court and in the college she is still Akhila. But for Kerala media, both print and television – which is run by educated guys (as said above the education system is designed to make you feel ashamed of the Hindu ancestry), she is Hadiya. Of course, that’s her wish too.

She belonged to the Ezhava community. Her father was (you guessed it) a Communist and an atheist. There is nobody to teach her about Hinduism and its scientific aspects. So, just like any other educated Hindu in Kerala, she would also have felt ashamed of being a Hindu. Akhila was never a tough preposition for those who are in the conversion business. “She was brain-washed,” say right wing Hindus and NIA. It’s idiotic. You don’t have to spend time to brain-wash such girls. Girls like Akhila are an easy target for conversion. She was converted to Islam through her friends two years ago but the marriage controversy popped up very recently.

Obviously, Akhila’s case is NOT Love Jihad.

Love Jihad is a different ball game altogether. A section among the radicals uses Muslim boys to trap upper caste Hindus. Brahmin girls are the softest target – there is absolutely no support system for them. The news of love Jihad came into limelight only when they accidently tried it on a Christian girl. Otherwise nobody would even talk about it. Love Jihad is mostly a paid job. After conversion they use the girl for physical pleasure for some time before set her for flesh trade or use her for terrorist activities. I don’t think any mainstream Muslim will support it.

There are many other instances of trapping girls and using them as sex slaves – that happens even otherwise. When Muslim boys do it, others give a religious colour. So, trapping a girl in one thing, Love Jihad is another.

I won’t wonder if many more young Hindu girls get converted to Islam. It is also that to marry a Muslim boy it is a pre-requisite to get converted to Islam – so what’s so special about it?

I have a question to Hindu activists who cry foul: –
“Muslims ruled India for nearly 800 years, the radicals among them killed millions of Hindus who refused to get convert – still they were not able to convert whole country into Islam state. Christians ruled India for nearly 200 years. Though their main motive was business, they had also tried to impose their religion. Still they are only 3 percent of Christians in India! Why?”

Because your forefathers were upholding Dharma. The foundation of Dharma was based upon truth and fact only. Dharma is not a belief. It has a strong and solid cosmic foundation. Today majority of Hindus ONLY follow superstitious beliefs. Beliefs do NOT have inherent strength. It makes you and your family weak. Until and unless you teach your next generation about the science of Sanatan Dharma, they may get converted into other religions – you cannot prevent it.

Before accusing other religions, ask yourself – what do you know about your Dharma? When you spend thousands of rupees for rituals and superstitions, did you ever think of spending just Indian Rupee 100 to buy a copy of Gita and read it? How many of you know about Shodasha Samskara? How many of you heard about Dharma Sastras? If you think Hinduism is all about some stupid rituals, going to temples and spending money on priests and astrologers, your children will definitely get converted. And your grandchildren may go to Syria to rear goats or to become Arabian slaves.

Many political leaders in the right wing Hindu groups are also exploiting you – by projecting Islamic appeasement, they try to inculcate insecurity among Hindus. They need your vote, that’s all. Even Rahul Gandhi claims to be a Hindu Brahmin and portray his family as ardent Shiv Bhakts! Does anyone of them make any effort to teach Sanatan Dharma to next generation? Who do those Hindu parties do to spread the awareness of Sanatan Dharma among new generation?

So, believe me – Islam and Christianity are not your enemies. Those are just another set of faith system like yours. Only thing is that they are differently conditioned. Any Muslim and Christian, who consider India as motherland, is our own brother or sister. So, there is no point in fighting with them. The problem is within, not outside.

The enemy of Hindu is not outside. It’s inside. Try to get your house in order – teach your children and grandchildren about Sanatan Dharma. That will liberate them and make them mentally strong and divine. Sanatan Dharma is the only universal humane philosophy including all and excluding none. Nobody can ever convert a Sanatani intellectually. A Sanatani is free to have beliefs, but he/she will have strong foundation of science too, which no other theology can never even dream.
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