Hinduism Teaches Hate Whereas Abrahamic Religions Preach Love and Peace

“Dear Udayji, I am Vinod Kumar from Kollam, Kerala. I regularly read your articles in your website. Recently I heard a Pentecost pastor speaking in a public place saying that Christianity hails love whereas Hinduism preaches hatred…I went and confronted him. But he showed me some mantras which hails hatred. I was really shocked. Is it true that Hinduism promotes hatred?”

“The Pastor is right in his perspective. I guess the pastor is a Malayali Keralite, convent educated and followed leftist syllabus in the school and colleges.” I replied.

“Yes, you are right. How could you guess it? He is a local person, completed his Masters in Malayalam and now working as a pastor. But why did you say he is right? Is our Hinduism preaching hatred?”
“What’s the meaning of Vairagyam (Vyragyam) in Malayalam?”

“Hatred, in Malayalam…”

“Right…For a Mallu Pandit, the meaning of Vairagya is hatred. ‘Pasu’ becomes cow. ‘Nasthree swathantram arhati’ means women should be kept in chain….They are telling facts according to their language and conditioned knowledge. Even if you tell them that those words are in Sanskrit and NOT in Malayalam and the meanings are totally different, it is of NO use. They won’t listen to you. For, most of them, they know it better than you…”

“Udayji, the pastor has shown me many mantras…”

“Almost all sacred mantras starts with ‘Vairagya Sidhartham’ – the literal meaning in Malayalam, according to a Mallu Pandit, is for the ‘purpose of gaining hatred’. When all other religions preach love and peace, Hindu Mantras appear as earnestly praying for hatred.”

“I don’t understand, you always wrote that Sanatan Dharma is all about non-violence and compassion, but now you are saying contradictory thing….”

“Vinodji, the real meaning of Vairagya is dispassion. Even when you perform a Lakshmi pooja, you would say, ‘Vairagya Sidhartham’ – because for a Santana Dharmi, the ultimate goal in life is to attain Vairagya. And only through Vairagya he/she can get enlightened (Moksha).”

“I don’t understand why our religions don’t advocate love…”

“I totally failed to understand the meaning of love as propagated by religions. I don’t know its meaning. If it loves the entire humanity, I am for it. But, see today’s practical reality. Love appears as a temporary insanity and a cultural construct. Peace is another wrong construct. Both are hypocritical to the core. Those words, in reality, represent fraudulent front cover to hide blood in the hand. Facts on the ground: Those who advocate love had killed millions of people with utmost hatred and animosity. Those religions which talked about peace are still making meat pieces of humans cutting them into pieces. So, I feel scared when religions talk about love and peace…”

“Some greedy fanatics may have mis-interpreted and mis-used the religion. Should we blame the religion for that….”

“You have a point there. In that case, the authorities should deplore violence and cruelty. A Portguese pastor named Francis Xavier and his followers came to Goa and brutally massacred thousands of people and raped thousands of women who refused to get converted to his religion. If it is the kind of love, I am scared of it. If it is NOT, the authorities like Pope should openly deplore such heinous crimes and apologize to the victims. They should punish the wrong-doers. Instead, in this particular case, the authorities happily rewarded him by canonizing as saint…So we have reasons to be fearful of such love…”

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