Was Ram a Castiest? Did Ram Kill Shambuka, the Dalit?

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  1. Nivi says:

    Just so you know valmiki wasn’t a dalit but a brahmin.

  2. Radhakrishnan says:

    Living in mars means fool others.

  3. MUTHURAMAN says:


  4. Sam says:

    Like Devdas a story or poem written or filmed again and again by many writers or directors. Like Padmavati, Ramayana is also a story or poem written by many writers. It’s fake approved by supreme court.
    Only to feed ( in temples) or for bhiksha ( Daan or bhikh) brahmins use Ramayana as a tool nothing else.
    Not in past or in future you can create a boy by bodys dead tissue (ganpati).
    No one worships a man who rapes his own sister and daughter (bramha).
    You can’t create humans with non living things ( kauravas in mahabharata).
    If you can answer these questions

  5. Kishore swamy says:

    lies being spread by liberals and Ambedkar caravaan Shambuk was a Shudra (Dalit) who did tapasya and Lord Ram killed him to prove lord Ram was a castist person he killed Shambuk on caste lines and gives a silliest explanation saying a Brahmin complained and he did it , lie spread by liberals but Actual truth is

    jaN^ghanAmA.asuraH pUrvaM girijAvaradAnataH | babhUva shUdraH kalpAyuH sa lokaxayakAmyayA | tapashchachAra durbuddhirichchhan.h mAheshvaraM padam.h

    its so FUnny till date no one has spoken this truth out cowards ,
    Means :-
    Shambuk wanted to marry goddess Parvati he was attracted to her Beauty and form and wished to take position of Lord Shiva so which Lord Ram gave him the punishment , which these liars won’t say
    For which he got his Due punishment , please enlighten others with this truth Courtesy Kishore swamy 🙂

    • Radhakrishnan says:

      Can dalit see parvati and siva .even today dalits are prevented to enter temple.Shambuka loves god asexually that means like ravana so Ramayana fully love story .

      • Premnath Duraivelu says:

        Several Temples DOnt have Brahmin Preist , Please dont lie , Puri Jagganath temple also certain Shrines dont have Brahmin SHrines

  6. pushpendra pushpendra says:

    since you mentioned there is no caste system then why you use dalit words ? please clearly

    • Premnath Duraivelu says:

      Cause these Ambedkarwaadis and Bamcef Rascals use Shambuk SHudra saint killed by Casteist ram thats why
      Blog is clearly written Lord Ram greeted fisherman kewat in Ramayan people hide all truth and spread lies

      If u prove me wrong i shall stop living in this earth and reside in Mars !!!

  7. Shivanand Pandey says:

    I also believed that Ravan was a brahmin and Valmiki Ji was a dalit before reading Valmiki Ramayan and Shrimadbhagavat.
    After reading these books ,I understood the facts.
    Dev, Daitya, Rakshash, Daanav,Asur and Manushya are different.Only Manushya have the Varna Vyavastha.
    Ravan was a Rakshash ,and Rakshash have no Varna Vyavastha.

  8. Sanam says:

    I m vry thankful to u sir …
    U removed lots of questions marks which trouble me a lot …
    Sir I want to share something …
    Sir there r mny professor Nd scholar who teaches me wrong Nd creates these type of ideology indirectly they criticized Hinduism …why ????????????

  9. Sathya says:

    A very cogently argued and convincingly explained proposition. 👍 👏 The last two paragraphs could, however, have been avoided, I feel.

  10. san says:

    how can u say a dalit is sudra.? dont put your mind. kindly know that at that time no dalits are there. according to Manu, he divided society into 4 varnas ; brahmins, kshtriyas, vysyas and sudras. not casts. kindly get educated and try to share truth in society.

  11. K NARASIMHA says:

    Excellent sir clarify my doubts very neatly

  12. Sekar R says:

    You say “Shambuka wished to go to Heaven. And Ram helped him reaching there ASAP, that’s all. Period.” What arrogance!! Almost every believer in any religion wishes to go to Heaven (probably including you). Why don’t you help them reaching there ASAP? I really pity the Shudras who were living in the kingdom of Ram. They would have been happier living in Ravana’s Kingdom. One question. In Ramayana, we, the south Indians were depicted as monkeys with tails and all. Are we the descendents of Hanumanji? Did our ancestors evolve as the present day Humans in South India? In India, Hinduism is getting eroded continuously due to conversion of Dalits and backward classes to other religions. Start genuinely accepting all the things that were wrong in Hinduism. Treat all Human beings as equal. No one is superior or inferior by Birth. Do not damage what is left of Hinduism.

  13. Arti says:

    You are Great, how easily you make the things clear to everyone.

  14. Dharma Dhwaja says:

    Namaskaar Uday Sir

    We need to understand how Valmiki Ramayana was written. Ramayana is dictated to none other than Rama himself. Rama’s son Luv Kush did that. This formed the beginning of Valmiki Ramayana. Luv Kush ended Ramayana on 6th Kanda 128 Chapter.

    Valmiki doesn’t approve Ramayana after Yuddha Kaanda Chapter 128 (Rama pattabhishekam)

    This hints that Uttarakandam is much later addition and hence disputed.

    Infact you are not the only person who is countered with such questions. I was also asked once – why Rama banished Sita?

    I told him to read Valmiki Ramayana 6.128.1 onwards which explains where Ramayana officially ended.

    But then he took over Kambha Ramayana to explain his point. I told him to research on history. Kambha was told to rewrite Ramayana in Tamil. A fellow sage was jealous of him. Hence tried to test Kambha’s knowledge. After noticing Kambha’s patience (he did not offer dismay due to tests) , that poet apologized. As an act of kindness, Kambha used his Uttara Kandam in his own Ramayana. While Kambha’s Uttara Kandam mentions Rama exiling Sita, it is not written by Kambha himself. He only included that as an act of Kindness.

    He asked – there must be Puranik reference. Yes, it is – Padma Puraana Paataala Khand.

    But that explains why Sita was banished. As per that, Sita insulted a parrot duo in her childhood and tried to put them in castles. The female parrot cursed her to be separated from husband during pregnancy. Sita accepted that as a punishment. So, her exile is approved by Sita herself.

    Nevertheless, my purpose of writing this was: people have only half knowledge. They prefer to cherry pick without proper research. Hence myths become widespread.

    Sita’s exile became famous due to this half baked research and so is Shambuk’s story. Glad to know that avid researchers like you exists.

    May GOD bless you.

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