Is Mahabharata Logical?

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4 Responses

  1. Sai says:

    V insightful article. There needs to be more logical interpretations of Mahabharata in popular eye

  2. Satya Pramod says:

    Hello Sir, in the article you mention that there are a number of clues that Vidura was the father of Yudhistira. I am curious to know what are those clues that point to Vidura.

  3. Madan says:

    Krishna himself told in Geeta that, he is god. Vedavyasa also accepted Krishna as god… Krishna showed Vishwaroopa as a proof to prove he is Supreme god. Saints like chaitanya, Meera, guru raghavendra, etc..even in Veda also accepted Krishna as god. So Mahabharata is not a concept. Krishna is not historical character

  4. Madan says:

    Mahabharata is not a concept..and Krishna is not a historical character. Misleading article

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