Is Mahabharata Logical?


One of my readers, Balashankar, came to visit me.
“Udayji, the more I read about Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma, the more I get confused. There are complexities, illogical and irrational errors. There are a lot of contradictions and complex structures in Indian ancient texts. I have come to you to clear some doubts…”
“I would be happy to share whatever little I have learned from our ancestors,” I said.
“In your article, ‘Are Puranas Real’, you said that Rama and Krishna were historical characters who were elevated to the position of Avatar, for, they had followed Dharma. You also said Trimurti’s are just concepts of three forces in the cosmic (Secret of Thrimurthi) and not in the popular forms as they were picturized.”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“So Mahabharata and Ramayana are historical texts”
“I would prefer to say historical epics…Yes, those are true stories”
“If those are historical texts or true stories, how come there are lots of exaggerations, unbelievable and unexplainable things appear? You also claim in all your articles that everything in our Dharma can be explained in terms of science or by reason or logic.”
“Yes…The exaggerations could be the poet’s freedom to explain a character…But I don’t see any illogical thing in the story.”
“How’s it possible for Kunti, Pandavas mother, in Mahabharat to get a child Karna from the Sun god? Sun god is a concept and not real.”
“Bala, have you read original Mahabharata?”
“I read an abridged version, saw serials, and read Amar Chita Katha (picture stories)…”
“As part of my profession, I have been translating Amar Chita Katha for nearly four years. So I can say that picture stories are for kids. The original Mahabharata (Jaya) is written by Ved Vyas. It has multiple dimensions and deep meanings. You can read it just as a superficial story. You can read it as a devotee. You can also read it as a scientist, atheist, non-Hindu, pious man or sex maniac or whatever. Whoever reads the original Mahabharata carefully, would definitely say, “Vyasochishtam jagat sarvam,” (whatever you find said in the universe, Vyas has said it before). You would understand Mahabharata entirely depending upon your mental age – you will see different meanings at different ages…”
“Udayji, but I asked you a specific question on Kunti…” he reminded.
“Bala, you said your son is 3 years old and your wife has just delivered a baby girl.”
From my book: “The Secret of Krishna’s Birth: Deciphering The Krishna Code”
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5 Responses

  1. Sai says:

    V insightful article. There needs to be more logical interpretations of Mahabharata in popular eye

  2. Satya Pramod says:

    Hello Sir, in the article you mention that there are a number of clues that Vidura was the father of Yudhistira. I am curious to know what are those clues that point to Vidura.

  3. Madan says:

    Krishna himself told in Geeta that, he is god. Vedavyasa also accepted Krishna as god… Krishna showed Vishwaroopa as a proof to prove he is Supreme god. Saints like chaitanya, Meera, guru raghavendra, etc..even in Veda also accepted Krishna as god. So Mahabharata is not a concept. Krishna is not historical character

  4. Madan says:

    Mahabharata is not a concept..and Krishna is not a historical character. Misleading article

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