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  1. simplysuper sir i also agree but we cant change the past

  2. dr.himani says:

    Vry nice n resonable articl udayji

  3. Chandra V Pakala says:

    It’s insane that the Modern Civilizations & RELIGIOUS FAITHS ( JEWISH, CHRSITIAN & ISLAM ) peoples claim illegally that GOD gave them lands, when the historical records clearly says the ‘TRUTH OF THE KNOWLEDGE’ that a minority Affluent Hinduism Civilizations and Hindu Temples existed before the Modern Faiths destroyed it instead of building it next to it like my Grand Grand Parents & Grand Parents did in the Golden City of VIZAG, AP, India, which proves that GOD is only one source of spiritualism of doing good and common goodness to the local and global communities and societies in need.


  4. Murthy says:

    Hello Vijay:

    I appreciate what you say. Hindu Indian Temples in South are quite different from the ones in North. Very few have elaborate archeology.


  5. B N Goyal says:

    Very informative article. Problem with us is that we have been left to worry about our livelihood and survival.
    We have no time to remember our Creator. In fact our learning of our culture, education, religion have gone in the background. Money and materialism are now our priority.

  6. Jaya Kumar says:

    Hi Uday,

    Above article is very informative and thanks for sharing.
    Can you please explain why some Hindu temples, were not allowing other religion guys.


  7. K S PADMA says:

    The article was so soothing to my mind and soul, that I can not explain through words. In fact, as a person who was born and had spent the childhood days in Trivandrum, it pains me whenever I hear people discuss about Sri Padmanabhan’s TREASURE (????) and why can’t it be distributed among poor people.

  8. Gaurav Kumar Pandey says:

    Nice facts
    Well illustrated

  9. Kku Kuchhal says:

    very interesting to note the contents & wonderful kathaa.

    that process of energy is taught is prakritik shwaaspathy training.

    We r doing that only.

    & perfect kathaa u hv written

    • Vijay says:

      Hello Kku Kuchlal
      Not sure if you are aware of one important concept behind the building of temples and its rituals… you may please verify the authenticity of my words …. temples are not built anywhere and everywhere … it is usually built on specific locations on earth where the harmful elecro-magnetic activity is quite heavy … and the exact point usually is the sanctum sanctorum … “garbha griha” or in tamizh as we say “moolavar sannithi” … and if the main idol usually sits on a plate (“Sri chakram”) set in a specific manner which helps convert the harmful electromagnetic radiation into positive radiation for the benefit of the people who are in the temple … this i i belive is just one fact … temples had a big list of significance in ancient india …. I appreciate your telling of “prakritik Shwasspathy” but i would humbly request you to not just look at one point from Mr.Uday’s article above … please try to give it a holistic view and then you might see the difference.

      Also I believe that every ritual or activity that is done in our faith has a certain purpose, reason and above all science to it… like chanting of mantras has a certain effect on our body .. not the verses alone but the verses sent in a cetain tone and raga for rendenrance … I believe ancient indians were master of accoustics… which led to us having so many slokas and hymns etc etc …

      I am just trying to give some extra directions to think not starting any arguements.

      Kind Regards

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