Parenting, Pampering and A Cruel Father

ParentFew months ago, my distant relative and retired bank manager asked me: “Uday, I have a serious query – I saw your bank account of last 12 years. The only income you had is your salary that had been remitted as Forex. But I can’t see any savings. You have done lot of withdrawal. Where has your money gone? Do you have any investments, apart from those basic assets – house car and the small plot?” he asked.

“No…I am not an investor. And my job is not making money. And how can you say those are just basic things – there are billions who do not even have a house…”

“You don’t worry about those billion populations. You focus on your family…”He snapped: “So where has the money gone? Just vaporized into thin air? You don’t spend money on luxury, horse racing or even lottery…Did you invest money abroad or in private finance?”

“No uncle”

“Then where has the money gone?”

“That’s a secret…Let it die along with me…” I smiled again.

“Will you get it back?”

“Could be, as intangible, unexplainable and invisible things…Please don’t ask me to elaborate…”I pleaded.

“Ok. Forget money part, you are still capable of making money…” Aunty said. “But why are you not concerned about your kids and their future?”

“How can you say I am not concerned, aunty? I am taking care of them now, right?”
“Hmmm…Should I tell you? I have recently met your daughter’s classmate. I never knew that you are so cruel as a father. You do not help your children in studies – When they ask doubts, you would tell them to find on their own. Your daughters were very good in singing, painting and dancing. You have never encouraged them. Aren’t you ashamed – that too being a journalist, artist and writer?” he….

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  1. sathya narayanan ramaswamy says:

    The above mentioned article is realy good. I want to take a copy to forward to my friends. I need your support to do this.

    Looking forward for your positive response and thanks in advance.

    With Warm Regards,
    Sathya Narayanan Ramaswmy

  2. Narayan says:

    Dear Mr. Pai ji

    I just came across your blog & really thought provoking content.

    I always feel the Indian kids born in US don’t know the real struggle for food and other things. They take things for granted. They take it life as easy going. Sometimes its blessing & other times its curse.

    Anyhow , I have sent u FB request. Can u pls accept it.

    Thanks & let us keep connected.


  3. ranjini says:

    Please may I post on my FB your writings..Also wish to share on my page Recipes of Palakkad..with more than about a thousand members..your narration skills are simple and eloquent,and I need permission to share with a cancer survivor who is just coming out of remission and depression..sincere gratitude.

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