Is Krishna Real or Myth?

“Uday, I felt ashamed of you. I had been respecting you for your rational thinking and scientific temperament. But when you wrote in your website that Krishna was a historical character, I lost all regards for you. How could you write such stupid thing?” the question was from my college friend Tomichan, who still is a hardcore Marxist.

“What stupid thing Tom?” I asked

“You know very well that Krishna is just a myth and a superstitious belief of Hindus.”

“Did you watch news channels yesterday?” I asked him.

“No…Why?” he was surprised when I changed the subject.

“Don’t you watch news channels?”

“Yes, just for fun. As a journalist, you know better that they won’t show truth as it is. It’s all their opinioned version of truth based on the sponsors orders…”

“So, you don’t believe in what they say?”

“No – not at all. Those journalists are presstitutes and belong to the fourth gender…”he suddenly stopped, looked at me and continued, “but of course, we have gentlemen like you too…”

“Ah, that was a good one. I am flattered! Okay. But, what about media like Doordarshan and Akashvani (All India Radio)? Do you follow that?”

“Do I look like an idiot? They are just for government propaganda…”

“Why can’t you tell public that all news channels are spreading lies?”

“Who will believe me?” he asked. “People don’t think that deep…”

“So, you are aware that truth is conveniently misinterpreted. What you see with your eyes are being pampered and changed, right?”

“Yes of course. The public is donkey. They live in a superficial society as brainwashed morons”

“Don’t call yourself a donkey. You are also brainwashed moron…”

He became angry: “You know I don’t lie and all through my life I fought against exploitation…”

“But you blindly trust those history texts – worse than these news channels. India was ruled by non-Hindus for 1000 years. Why would they support or promote anything related to Hindus? Especially, their background and conditioning were founded upon aggressive, hostile and fanatic religious belief-system?”

He looked at me for a moment. Then he shook his head.

From my book: “The Secret of Krishna’s Birth: Deciphering The Krishna Code”
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  1. Shekhar Chaurassiya says:

    Ati Sundar wakya aapke padhar bahut achaa laga. Hare Krishna

  2. Rajendra KS says:

    Recently i got to know about your website. Going through articles. It is a great honor to have people like you around in this time. Very logical in every explanation. The knowledge i was seeking for , i got it here. Thank you so much.

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