Was Jesus Christ a Hindu Yogi?

Few years ago, a priest belonging to Syrian Christians community visited me. He said, he had read my article on sin and appreciated me for initiating such a discussion though it questions Christian faith and philosophy. The broad-mindedness of Christian priest has really touched my heart.

“I respect every religion. It has its own merits and demerits. We should give freedom to people to choose a religion instead of forcing upon them…” I said.

He agreed. He said there are good elements and bad elements in the church. We should accept the good and reject bad.

Christianity as a spiritual path has helped millions to transform their life. But as a religion, when institutionalised, it has become just another MLM (Multi-level marketing) industry. Among 4500 Christian denominations, nearly 140 are working in India, says a non-authentic resource, pegging the total turnover of the all Christian denominations in the country at a whopping Rs 15 lakh crore (USD 2.3 trillion)!

“That’s not true. You cannot generalize. There are denominations among Christians that work without any selfish motive. I have never ever forced anybody to convert into Christianity. I know some groups converting Hindus to get more population into their fold so that their business will flourish”

I understood – Christianity was not a business for him. He is passionate and dedicated to Jesus Christ’s teachings. He is not an aggressive convertor or fanatic follower. He is just a good human being, accommodative and broad-minded. Hats off to him. We talked a lot. He had lunch from my home and we parted as good friends. He was also pure vegetarian. I found a Good Samaritan in him.

There are good Christians like this priests I mentioned above. There are real cruel Christians too, like St. Francis Xavier who massacred nearly a lakh of Hindus in Goa. (See https://udaypai.in/grandmas-konkani-lullaby-and-a-tragic-goan-story/)

Recently two well-dressed men came to my home saying that there was a “good news”. They belonged to a Christian sect. The good news was that if we attend their prayer meetings, the god will give us a free entry pass to heaven.

I listened to them carefully. The senior pastor asked me: “Have you read Bible?”

“Yes- I read it during my early schooling days”

“Oh, still you are not a Christian?” the junior person exclaimed!

“Yep- thanks to Bible. I am a Hindu by birth and by wish…”

“You mean to say, despite knowing Bible, the God’s words, you still are a Hindu! What a shame!”

“Sir, those are God’s words for you, but it is another religious book for me. I understand there are good things in Bible as well as very wrong things…”

“Absolutely no!” he sounded like a thunder.

Often believers are very rational when it comes to analyze other’s beliefs but when they start analyzing their own faith there is something that blocks their rational ability.

I told him: “As a Christian you have no trouble dismissing the absurd beliefs of Hindus or Muslims but when it comes to the absurdities of Christianity, you become completely helpless and can’t be rational. That’s what, I call, wrong and biased thinking.”

“Can you tell me what are all those wrong things in Christianity?” he asked.

“Yes – before that, let me tell you an incident happened in my life,”I replied. I am a practising Hindu. I follow Sattvik way of living, not because I was born in a Brahmin family – this path is based upon non-violence, love and vegetarianism, so it is more in tune with the Cosmic principles. I am not a castiest. For me, people like Abdul Kalam, Gandhiji, Abraham Lincoln, the Christian priest that I came across are all Brahmins, though they do not belong to the caste Brahmins. (I have explained these points in other articles)

When I bought my first car in 1988, it was a Mariti800. There was a sticker of Jesus Christ in my car. I have never removed it till I sell that car after 3 years. Incidentally a Christian bought the car and removed the sticker of Jesus. I don’t have a habit of doing Poojas (Offerings to God) to my vehicles or never ever kept any God’s pics in any of my cars or vehicles. For me, God’s presence is everywhere, including all particles in the car, so I don’t need to carry a God’s pic. Still I didn’t remove that Jesus’ pic – I told the priest.

“Why?” – he asked.

“I don’t have any problems in accepting Jesus Christ as one among our thousands of Sages and Jewhowa as one among our 33 crore Gods. But that’s not the case with you people. You cannot accept any other beliefs, ideology or Gods. For you, the Bible is the final truth”

“Can you tell me one single wrong thing in Bible?”

“Let’s begin with creation: “The Bible is clear that Adam, the first man, lived only 6000 years ago. Adam was created on the sixth day of God’s Creation Week, so according to the Bible the earth and sun must be only 6000 years old too. Irish Archbishop James Ussher (1581-1656) calculated exact date: on 23 October, 4004 BC. Isn’t that ridiculous Sir?” I asked. There are evidence that, Archaic Homo sapiens, the forerunner of anatomically modern humans, evolved between 400,000 and 250,000 years ago.”

“Mr.Uday, but there are such mis-calculations in other religions too,” The Priest said.

“Sir, that’s not the answer. We are talking about your religion. I am not an expert of any religion and I am not representing any religion. You represent a religion.” I continued: “But, for your information, according to Hindu Cosmology, the entire universe was in existence 1.7 trillion years ago. And the universe was not created by a creator. So, we cannot say all scriptures provide wrong information.”

“Many beliefs in religions cannot be compared or proved with science…”

“I agree with you religion is not science. Truth is science. Religion is belief. That’s what I said. We have to admit that Bible is set of beliefs and not based on truth…”

“One or two things cannot be generalized for all”

“Sir, it is not just one or two things…. According to Bible, Earth came into existence before Sun. Day came into existence before creation of Earth. The earth has got pillars….The Book of Genesis is a list of blunders sir. Science has discovered that the Earth formed around 4.54 billion years ago…”

“Such blunders can be seen in Hindu puranas too…” he said.

“Right, that’s why we call it as Puranas. Puranas are mostly stories or exaggerated historical events. Nobody claims it as 100% truth. We do not call any Puranas as words of God. Even our authentic scriptures – Vedas, Upanishad, Gita etc – are written by great sages and not by any god.…”

“Creation is to explain the concept of God…”

“But that very foundation is very weak. God creates everything within seven days. He creates from nothing. Then, when he created Eve, why did he took Adam’s ribs and created Eve? Can’t he create her from nothing? And anatomically, men and women have the same number of ribs – 24!″

“These are all symbolic as in the case of forbidden fruit…the symbol that represents, among other things, temptation, sin, immortality, seduction, the forbidden, and knowledge…”

“I don’t know much about it… But I have a question here, Sir”

“The evil comes in the form of serpent tempts Eve to eat fruit, right?”


“After eating the fruit, Adam and Eve become aware of their nakedness; they make coverings of fig leaves and hide from the sight of God. That was the reason for inventing body covering and then clothes, right?”


“So what was the original idea of God? Human beings should walk naked? Wasn’t it the serpent who gave wisdom to human being to wear dress? Wasn’t it because of the evil, humans started wearing clothes?”

“I don’t expect such questions from the class where you belong to…” the Priest lost his calm.

“Ok – I apologize if I have hurt your feelings…So I am not asking my next doubt associated with this…”I said.

“No problem… We Christians believe in total transparency. We have high level of tolerance. We are not like the other Semitic religion that forcefully and violently convert people. Our language is of love and peace.” he said.

“Ok, then I have a question for you. Adam and Eve had three sons, Cain, Abel and Seth. How did these four people (after Cain killed Abel) expand and multiply into the whole entire population now? Where did Adam and Eve sons, get wives, since the bible doesn’t mention god creating any others…”

“Adam and Eve must have had daughters. At the beginning, the laws against incest had to have been suspended. Otherwise, the human race would not have got off the ground. The Book of Genesis 5:4 says, Adam lived eight hundred years after the birth of Seth, and he had other sons and daughters. So, therefore, there were other sons and daughters in order to procreate…” he answered.

“Hmmm…”I nodded.

He abruptly changed the subject: “But you said you believe in Jesus Christ and his powers.”

“I didn’t say that. I said, I have great respect towards some of his teachings.”

“But we can’t see the image of Jesus Christ among the pantheons of God displayed in your Prayer room…” he pointed his finger to my prayer room.

“That’s because I am confused. Jesus Christ born in Israel and was Asiatic. Till 14th century he was pictured as a man of wisdom with short Asiatic body frame, bald and with long beard. When Christianity spread in Europe he become Caucasian race! Tall, lean, six-pack, blue-eyed, trimmed bread with a Hollywood actor look.That’s racial discrimination.”

“But, today there is no such discrimination in Christianity…”

“In that case, why don’t you appoint a Black or Chinese as Pope? Why do you insist on White Pope?” I asked.

He changed the subject. He said: “Jesus lived as a saviour of human beings!”

“But lot of people not sure about his existence. History doesn’t say that.”

“Everybody in the world knows that Jesus was born on Christmas day. Everybody celebrates his birthday on December 25. And you are not sure! Shame on you”

“Sir, you should read your own chronicles. We celebrate Jesus’ birth on Christmas, but no one really knows what day Jesus was born, or even exactly what year. In 336 A.D., the Western Church, based in Rome, chose December 25 to celebrate as Christmas, meaning “Christ’s Mass.” The Eastern Church chose January 6. The day was named Epiphany, meaning “appearance.” Eventually the period from December 25 to January 6 became known as the Twelve Days of Christmas”

-By the early fourth century, Church leaders decided they needed a Christian alternative to rival popular solstice celebrations. They chose December 25th as the date of Christ’s birth and held the first recorded Feast of the Nativity in Rome in A.D. 336. Whether they did so intentionally or not, Church leaders directly challenged a fellow up-start religion by placing the nativity on December 25th. The Cult of Mithras celebrated the birth of their infant god of light on the very same day.

The pastor didn’t say anything.

“Sir, In Paul’s letters he never mentions Jesus as someone who lived on earth and died recently. His Jesus is a spiritual figure with whom he communicates at a spiritual level. The ONLY record of Jesus is what it says in the Bible. There are no contemporaneous sources outside of the early Christian community. Can you show any single contemporary text in Roman, Greek, Hebrew or any languages there which mention about Jesus Christ? Apart from the Bible, his name was ONLY mentioned in the ancient Hindu Scriptures…”

– Several authors have claimed to have found proof of the existence of manuscripts in India and Tibet that support the belief that Christ was in India during this time in his life. Jesus during the time he 13-29 years old was in then Bharatvarsha to learn and study from the great masters, most of them were Brahmin gurus and sages. So there is a chance that Jesus learned Sanatan Dharma.

“So, your own Hindu scriptures say his existence!”

“Yes. Hindu and Buddhist scriptures have some proof that Christ was alive. According to those scriptures say that Jesus was an enlightened Buddhist monk or a Hindu Yogi.”

“That we didn’t know. Do those scriptures say about his heavenly abode too?”

“Sir, I am not an authority of Hindu scriptures. I have read it long ago. That’s all. I know nothing about Jesus’ entry to heaven. As a Hindu, I don’t believe in heaven or hell. Your scriptures say heaven and hell exist.Even Bible is contradictory in that account. Saint Mark and Saint Luke, who were not there, simply speak of Jesus being taken up into the heavens. But Saint Matthew and Saint John, the two Evangelists that were eye-witnesses of His departure, do not even mention such a thing…”

The pastor turned into his co-worker who also didn’t answer.

“Sir, I have no argument against most of Jesus’ teaching. In fact, I follow most of his teaching in my life. He has advised for a Brahminical way of life. A life style with Love and non-violence. He taught us to ‘love thy neighbours’, ‘kingdom of god within you’, ‘forgive your enemies’ etc… If Jesus really spoke the words found in The Gospel of John, “I and the Father are one,” then he was teaching what Krishna taught us in the Bagavad Gita: that each of us is God. “Tat tvam asi,” “Thou art That.” The true Self (not the ego-identity) is divine….so I have no problem with most of his philosophy….but I have argument against exploiting the poor, innocent and naive Indians in the name of Jesus…”

“We don’t do that. We do service to humanity…”

“Then I don’t have any case against you. But there still exists people like barabarian St. Francis Xavier. They don’t use brutal physical force now – instead they use media and situations to trap innocents. People like you should not support those who have done gross unethical conversion in Eastern states of India…”

“We do not force conversion…”

“Then you should teach your fellow-Christians to stop it…”

“Apart from this do you have any allegations against Christianity? We are here to clear your doubts and lead you to the heaven…” the next priest said. I was tempted to ask if he was deaf till now.

“Yes Sir. I have a doubt in your promoting the cross…”


“According to your belief Christ died in the cross. So it was an instrument to kill Jesus. Cross is an evil. Why should you worship it? It will be like we Indians worshipping Nathuram Godse’s gun to show respect to Gandhiji. Should we print the picture of the gun in the currency note instead of Gandhi’s face?”

“You should understand it is a symbolism. Jesus died on Cross for our sin…”

“I am not a sinner. I do not understand how a person could die 2000 years ago for the sin that you may commit today…! Ok, forget it, tell me, where in Bible say, Jesus died in cross for the sin of human? Under Roman law, anyone who claimed to be a king was guilty of rebellion against the emperor. The normal punishment was crucifixion….Bible doesn’t say Jesus was crucified for the sins that human race will commit in the future. Jesus cried out in pain with a loud voice, saying, ‘Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?’ that is, ‘My God, My God, why have You Abandon Me?’ Jesus earnestly prayed to Yehewa (Jehowa) to save him. But there was no God to save him from the cross. So if you believe in God, wasn’t it the God’s wish to kill him?”

“These are all wrong interpretation of Bible…”the pastor continued, “you are ignorant about Bible, so let’s talk about something else related to Christianity…”

“Yes sir. I have no expertise in Bible or Hindu literature. I am telling you whatever little I have learned…”

“Oh, so you admit your ignorance…”

“I do…but are you following the good teaching of Bible? Are you preaching for Christianity or Churchism?”


“Sir, you want the Church to be powerful. You want luxury life. Probably you in person may not – but most of you do. Many educated Christians told me about such torture. You made birth, marriage and death associated with Church. So everybody should be interlinked, bonded and tied-up with Church. Christians cannot live without church. This is clear exploitation and spiritual black-mailing. Jesus never said that. You have institutionalised a great spiritual philosophy of Jesus. You are trying to contain an Ocean to a small pond…You are using the power of Church to play politics. Don’t you think these are unethical practices?”

“I cannot agree with these allegations…These are false allegation…”

“What am I getting by making false allegation sir? I am not in favour of any organized movement in any religions. I am not getting any benefits by making such allegation. I am not a member of any organization. I do not have political view other than democracy and equality. I never interact or address public. I am just a writer. If I write in your favour, you will be happy and supportive. Here, I am undoing a support and benefit, right?”

“Hmmm…then, why are you arguing against Christianity?”

“Sir, I am not arguing anything against anybody. Why can’t you take up goodness in Bible, Jesus and spread the teaching of your religion in an ethical way?”

“Hindus also have lot of superstitions…”

“Yes Sir…there are anachara and durachara in Hinduism also. But nobody forces it on you. In your case, everything is forced upon the followers. There is no freedom or choice for them. Do you know where are you leading to? Have you ever thought of future? Why are you losing market share internationally?”

“What do you mean?”

“Thousands of European churches face closure. Former churches are being turned into centers of worship for other faiths. Pope visits many countries and apologize for any offence Christian churches are caused. Still you are not learning your lessons…”

“There may have wrong things done by clergy or priesthood. You cannot generalize Christianity…”

“I am not..There are good priests and bad priests, as in any religions. But I want you to see things very clearly. Majority of conversion happened in India by exploitation. It continues in many states of India.”

“But we have not done conversion forcefully as Islamic invaders did. We didn’t kill people who refused to get converted. We know 80 million Hindus were brutally killed.”

“We are not talking about Islam here – that’s another story. But don’t say you have not killed people. If you take international count in Inquisition, Islamic atrocities won’t come anywhere near to it. Here, in India itself – What about Francis in Goa?…”

“That’s not true…”

“Please check your own Church history. Please read Francis letter’s to Pope. He only claimed that he killed 40,000 Hindus and G.S.Brahmins. He only said he derived pleasure in killing and fixing cross in every Brahmin’s house…”

“That’s not taught in history…”

“But your own Church chronicles has it. And please note that Indian history is written by British and later by Communists to please vote-banks. So, whatever we know is from your own chronicles.”

“That may be, I don’t know…”

“I want you to talk about your religion. I want you spread the good news of Jesus Christ. My intention is to show you the adharmic things that you do. You probably won’t understand that as you see things from inside. I am an outsider. I am free from religious conditioning”

“What do you expect us to do then?”

“Instead of increasing market share by converting innocent people to your religion, teach the real Bible to Christians first. Talk to Christians about the good things in Bible. Admit that there are idiotic blunders in Bible as in any other books. Just don’t worship Bible, experience the good content in the Bible.”

“Since you know good things of Jesus Christ, why don’t you join us?”

“Sir, we have 33 crores of gods. Millions of yogis and sages. Each Upanishad is profound. Still I am not propagating it. Those who seek will find. For some people Jesus may be saviour. Let people seek – that’s what Bible also says. For me, Jesus Christ is another enlightened man.”

“I don’t understand your view point. What is your religious point of view?”

“Oh, I don’t follow any religion. I follow Sanatan Dharma. I follow Brahminical way (don’t get confused with Brahmin caste) of life. Since I follow it earnestly, I don’t have any conflict. I contain Jesus, I contain Muhammad. I contain Rama as well as Ravana. And I don’t need any middle person like you priests to reach God. I don’t think any Gods would like to have a broker or commission agents. I can see God’s presence in everywhere. If I want to access Jesus Christ, all I have to do is meditate on him for which I don’t need anybody’s permission or join Christianity.”

“It is difficult to follow such things….”

“On the contrary, it is very easy. Try to see God’s presence in everything. I see God in you. But you are not seeing God in me – that’s why you feel I am a heathen or infidel and you consider me as an enemy. I don’t have such feeling. That’s why I welcome you. I address human being as ‘Amrutatman’ (pure) but you call people as sinner! The gospel preachers welcomed here as Indians believed in ‘Aditi Devo Bhava’ (The guest is equivalent to God). Our ancestors welcomed foreign Christian preachers whole-heartedly and gave free land and property to set up church and worship. All Christians in India are my brothers and sisters. They are also descendants of our ancestors, but following different belief system, that’s all.

Udaylal Pai
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23 Responses

  1. Hammer says:

    The Christian religion has been disastrous for Europeans. Here’s my reasons for not being a Christian. In practice it’s no different than Islam or Judaism. The actual core of the religion was stripped away and became a religion of conquest.

  2. p k says:

    Sir koti (crores) in Sanskrit also means types. Kotis here doesn’t mean crores

  3. Didianna says:

    The yogis in India loved Jesus and wrote many books about him, so I think they must know something about Jesus being in India, though I don’t think he was any Hindi necessarily. These yogies have a lot of intuition so they might know something. Besides many Western psychics tell also commonly that Jesus spend many years in India.

  4. Dr. John Pulparmpil says:

    This is a very good article, with valuable feedback attached to it. I enjoyed reading both.

    May I have your permission to copy and print out a copy of this article for personal study?

  5. Arcanjoe Almeida says:

    Dear Udaypai!

    Good Observation Sir and very well written..

    Hats Off to you and your article.



  6. muktipada says:

    Brahminical way of living — confusing. Why don’t we say Vedic way of living. Veda is not just Brahminical way of living. It is also Kshyatriya, Vaisya, Sudra way of living. This is how we perpetuate the caste through these kind of political word Brahminical way. This word does not make sense in Sanatana dharma and it divides people.

    Also Christ came to India is the opinion of many Hindu saints like sw Yogananda(YSS), sw Shivananda(Divine life society). Also organization believes Christ as God incarnation like Ramakrishna mission, Chinmaya Mission, Divine life society, Yogoda sat sang. Ramakrishna dev has a vision of Christ through spiritual practice and he said Christianity is a valid path for God realization.

  7. Hi Sir

    Very educating and shows how one should understand the reality called religion. I would like to call upon your attention a treatise written by Chattambi Swamikkal named ‘Christumatha chedanam’ which rightly shows some logical fallacies in the christian faith. I am not sure whether you have read it but would suggest it for a good awareness on christian religious fundamentals

    Thank you 🙂

  8. Jhonshon says:

    Dear sir,
    What you have said is completely correct. In tribal belft of India, all churches and missonary organisations are working with one goal to transform tribals to christian sect. The day when no one will be ready to convert, all social work of these organisations will come to halt. In fact these are supporting naxals covertly to attain their goal

  9. Radhe says:

    The writer of this speculative article says there are very wrong things in the bible and dramatizes poorly how the christian reacted upon it.

    The same applies to Geeta, Vedas and Puranas. They are full of weird concepts and things; an example being Panchali (only one of a million other examples).

    This article is a one-sided, biased, irrational “self-made” story… partly, if not wholly…

    Without doubt

  10. Nikhil says:

    Why get into all these religious debates ? Better to just be spiritual and follow one’s religion peacefully and also respect all other religions!!!


  11. Nikhil says:

    Utter Bullshit!!!
    Be a responsible citizen.Its …People like YOU who ignites Communal Hatred & Subsequently , communal violence in which ever part of the world YOU reside in!!!YOUR above content can be also said as…”” A HINDU YOGI WAS JESUS””… !!!Grow up Guys!!!

  12. Ravi says:

    Dear Pai,

    Beautifully presented. Aatma anubhava and later paramatma anubhava to be preached to them.

  13. Dr.G.Nandakumar. says:

    The very birth of Jesus was known to the Indian Sages long before. This has been acknowledged by the Bible itself, by the mention of the 3 saints arrival at the time of his birth from East to identify the Son of God. “Eric Von Daniken” has given enough proof of Jesus spending his missing days with the Kashmiri Brahmins to perfect his Yogic powers, before going back, in his books. Also, the very Catholic way of surrender for salvation is based upon the ‘Saranagathi thathva’ of the Sri Vaishnava Sidhantha! Spirituality should nor be clouded by way of life and social order.
    Kaliyuga started on 18th,Feb’ 3102 B.C.(The day Krishna Left after his Last Incarnation)and the Day of Jesus Birth started ‘Anno Domini’,as of now 2013 A.D.To me Narayana’s incarnation in AD is as Christ to preach “TOLERANCE” (to forgive & to forget!)in Kaliyuga.

  14. Vishnu Prasad says:

    Uday Sir,
    Excellent article. However, this is not your best. And if somebody has not read any of your articles may even doubt that you have an attitude problem. However, I have seen that this article dates back to 2005. May be your classic articles came out after that. But the presentation, style and content are superb!

    I would like to add this: Francis Xavier, born Francisco de Jasso y Azpilicueta (7 April 1506 – 3 December 1552) . He wrote a letter to the Society of Jesus in which he said, ‘Following the Baptisms, the new Christians return to their homes and come back with their wives and families to be in their turn also prepared for Baptism. After all have been baptised, I order that everywhere the temples of the false Gods be pulled down and idols broken. I KNOW NOT HOW TO DESCRIBE IN WORDS THE JOY THAT I FEEL BEFORE THE SPECTACLE OF PULLING DOWN AND DESTROYING THE IDOLS BY THE VERY PEOPLE WHO FORMERLY WORSHIPPED THEM’. He was ruthless father of bloodiest inquisition in Goa

  15. Mark says:

    I have never read a more ignorant article. The author hasn’t the faintest clue what scripture is. To blaspheme the name of God this way is just drivel. Those who believe any of this over the Word of God is a fool. If you think you are a “good” person, you have never read the Word of God. If you think God is a liar, you are doomed already.

    Jesus is God. He was crucified for claiming it. He said He was the only way to heaven, and all those who believe the above drivel will spend eternity in real physical torment. So reap what you believe. Authentic Christianity (not the nonsense above) is the only path that is NOT based on works. All false religions (including Catholicism) are based on works … and are the wide path to destruction that Jesus warned against embracing. All religions are contradictory, so the law of logic dictates that either they are ALL wrong, or ONE is right. They cannot all be right. History, science, logic, law, scripture, and ethics all point to Jesus as God.

    Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus alone.

    All other ground is sinking sand.

    • Sreenivas P Shenoy says:

      I would like to cite Swami Vivekananda’s quotes here

      “It is a sad fact that often the disciples of various paths misinterpret the teachings of their masters to the extent of claiming theirs as the only Master. In doing so, they bring their teachers down to the level of ordinary men. An aspirant, they claim, in spite of high achievements, counts for nothing unless and until he is prepared to give all credit to their master. What blind ignorance! If the master were an ear-witness of his disciple’s utterance, he would burn with shame.
      Suppose Jesus of Nazareth was teaching, and a man came and told him, “What you teach is beautiful. I believe that it is the way to perfection, and I am ready to follow it; but I do not want to worship you as the only begotten Son of God.” What would be the answer of Jesus of Nazareth?

      “Very well, brother, follow the ideal and advance in your own way. I do not care whether you give me the credit for the teaching or not… I only teach truth, and truth is nobody’s property, nobody’s patent truth. Truth is God Himself. Go forward. But what the disciples say nowadays is, “No matter whether you practise the teachings or not, do you give credit to the Man? If you credit the Master, you will be saved; if not there is no salvation for you.” “

    • Champak Roy says:

      Congratulations !!!
      You represent the obnoxious Christian perfectly and it is people like who will drive it to extinction soon.

  16. M R Rao says:

    Addition Devo Bhava . The last paragraph of the article sums up the essence of the entire article. Friendship with all enmity to none. Our sages, munis, and ancestors all have laid a strong foundation to lead life happily After reading the article I feel happy. Thanks

  17. Ashok Sharma says:

    This is the Time was to Unite all other Religions, and in no way attempt to denounce others. Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and others must become just ONE UNITED HUMAN RACE, now. !

    It is here where safety and survival of human Race depends. Warring Faiths will only bring Misfortunes, Death and Global Deva stations for tens of Millions on earth belonging to all Faiths. Hope Sanity would prevail !

    Warm Regards

    Ashok Sharma

  18. Peter Kua says:

    People must not bastardize a religion’s teachings for selfish purposes be they for conquering another country or brainwashing others. As a Buddhist myself, I do see the good teachings of Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, etc., whether or not these religions buy into the concept of a God or no-God. The folklore must be taken with a pinch of salt. After all, they are just stories to accentuate a specific teaching.

  19. Anwar Sadit says:

    Christian Brothers, Unless and until the churches of today represent goodness, and NO GOALS of POWER AND PROFIT, Christianity shall and will fail. Because it’s no longer relevant. It’s on the shelf of time in the grocery store of the universe, and it’s far past it’s expiration date.

    Sir, we have to accept the facts. Bible has good teachings as well as superb blunders. Same is true in each book around the world. If you take a movie, there is a good-doer and bad-doer. We should accept the goodness in Bible and preach the goodness.

  20. Tincy Mathew says:

    Dear Uday Sir,
    Never think that the future of Christianity in India depends only on Churches. Because, God need not depend Churches to fulfill his wish to spread Gospel for increasing the boundaries of His kingdom
    Christianity in America and Europe is on a trajectory of extinction. Most churches are being converted into museums, hotels, hostels and even mosque. Many in the USA who identify as Christian do so only superficially. These “cultural Christians” use the term “Christian” but do not practice the faith. Now it seems that many of them are even giving up the label, and those cultural Christians are becoming “nones” (people with no religious label).
    Tincy Mathew

  21. Ramakrishnan K.R> says:

    Thanks for a good blog.
    If a Hindu goes to Vatican, will they provide free space to establish a temple? NO.
    So, Christians need to respect the tradition of Hindus. Please do not make mockery. I know Hindus are immersed in superstitions and funny-faiths. But I found it far better than believing in Semitic concepts of god. The Semitic god is insecure and wants to increase his market share.

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