Goa!“Dear Crow, Have you been to Goa? Have you seen my beloved Grandpa there? What did he tell you? Did he tell about coming here for the next auspicious day?”

This is the first stanza of a melodious lullaby in Konkani that I heard during my childhood. My grand mother heard it sung by an old women while caring and feeding her grandchild.

There is a hope in this lullaby. Even at this old age, she expects her Grandpa to come to see her – for, she came down to Kerala coast along with her father and remaining family members at very young tender age after a long tough, horrible journey through ocean from Konkan Goa.

There is deep disturbing sadness in this lullaby. She consciously know that her Grandpa will never come. If alive her grandpa would have been 200 years old. She understands that her Grandpa along with her relatives was brutally tortured and murdered by religious lunatics. But her heart is not capable of accepting the bitter truth. She still aspire to see him once before her death! She loved her Grandpa so much.Please continue reading at

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16 Responses

  1. Ramesh Chaturvedi says:

    Karma will visit the Catholics soon Spain Italy and Germany will be under Islamic rule, their women will be mauled by Islamic terrorists young men who see women as Game . Christ will not come to their aid as Jehovah did not come to His!

  2. Debasish Burman says:

    Dear fellow humans,
    I refuse to accept that Jesus Christ would have approved of such heinous acts. He was love incarnate. He never differentiated between humans. For him, all of mankind was one – created by God. His message to mankind was: Love is the only Truth. All else is falsehood.

    He said: 1) “The Kingdom of God is within”
    2) “Ask and thy shall receive”.
    3) “Seek and thy shall find”.
    4) “The meek shall inherit the Earth”.

    Jesus said: The truth is only three: God the father (Creator); The Son (we humans) and the Holy Spirit (the Soul). He forbade his disciples to worship him, since he said that he was not God but only His messenger. The only message he had for humanity was: Love thy neighbour. Period. He never went to any temples or churches or synagogues or masjids to pray. For Him, the Kingdom of God was within. Hence every spot on earth was holy for Him as it had been created by the Creator.

    For speaking out the TRUTH openly, in contradiction to prevalent false beliefs, he was Crucified by those in power – one of the worst forms of torture – gradual ebbing away of life – throat parched – no food, unable to defecate, Nailed to a cross – left to die in the intense heat of the Sun, mercilessly, ruthlessly, sadistically, bones nailed, unbearable pain, a crown of thorns hammered into His head, blood flowing from all His wounds, until it stopped as no more blood was left. It was so TERRIBLE that He cried – My Father, why have you forsaken me? Then He died.

    He was absolutely non-violent, He did not commit a single crime. All He did was preach the TRUTH. Then why was He Crucified?

    If you can answer that from the bottom of your heart, you will attain the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven – instantly.

    These words have always resonated in my soul.

  3. G Pandi says:

    A get eye opener.

  4. George Fernandes says:


    You are very uninformed and uneducated. People like you like to spread false information to promote your cause. It amazes me on how you in your great research did not realize how many people in Manglore have Portuguese last names. You also left out that it was a Hindu who invited the Portuguese to Goa. Shame on you and all that are like you who continue to spread lies. Did you write about how India invaded Goa. They stole, raped and committed other atrocities. Til date they have refused to return property which they say the Portuguese gave them. Lies lies and more lies. That is what you represent. Thank you for being a great human being.

  5. Prasad s Shetty says:

    Vry less hv been written on such type of henious crime commited on GSB hindus by portuguese & bloody missionaries…Francis Xavier was given sainthood…Shame on this ppl…Sir,ur writing iz a eye opener…

  6. Usha Mohan says:

    Swapna Saraswatha is a Kannada novel written by Mr. Gopalakrishna Pai. He got several awards for this book including a National Award. It is a fiction. But it is all about how the Gowda Saraswath Brahmins were persecuted by the Portuguese and how they migrated from Goa to Mangalore and surrounding towns. It is a very well researched book. I truly enjoyed reading this book.

  7. Lalitha says:

    Sir can I post this on my timeline

  8. Abhimanyu says:

    Imagine, first slicing their eye lids off so that the would have to watch what happened next.


    Thankyou sir for Enlightening me.

  10. Vasantha says:

    Very touching

  11. Soumya says:

    Please share the song also… Thanks. I am a native Konkani speaker. Would love to hear the song… If you have the name / audio / video – you can share that too. Thanks.

  12. kimberly says:

    Do you remember the lyrics of that song?

  13. dr.urmila jayeshkumar says:

    dear sir,
    i myself is one among this barberic suffering as your great grand father is one among the tortured one and among his seven sons the eldest was converted into christianity by cutting his pony and sacred thread and we are his vamsha.but others distant relatives in our families are still gsb hindu’ great grandfather sacrificed to save other siblings by turning into christianity.but being a 3rd generation in my family i could not practice christianity from childhood,i was against it i was not knowing for what reason.i liked veggies and fruits much than non also i am practicing hinduism(gsb).

  14. Arcanjoe Almeida says:

    Hi Sir,

    Very Sad to know how a person can do something horrible like this..


  15. Venkat Sreddy says:

    How convenient it is to shut eyes to such barbarism and to go on living as if nothing had happened.

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