The RIP Culture!

RIPKishore, a reader, asked me this question: “What’s your opinion about lot of Hindus saying RIP?”

“Why should I have opinion for each and everything? And even if I have one, why should I tell it to everybody?”

“But why do people say RIP?”

“That, you have to ask them”

“Would you say RIP if a friend or relative dies?” his second question.



“The meaning of the word rip (as verb) is to tear or pull (something) quickly or forcibly or move forcefully and rapidly. As a noun rip means a long tear or cut or a fraud or swindle. I can’t tell such things when somebody near and dear to me die”

“Uday sir, are you joking? Don’t you know RIP means ‘Rest In Peace’. It is a common practice to say RIP when a person dies?”

“If you think it is a common practice, then what’s wrong in following it?”

“No. Hindus should not say like that….”

“Why? What’s wrong in that?”

“It’s because only Christians and Muslims say that…”Kishore said.

“Kishore, just because other religions follow a custom, why should you oppose it? We are in a democratic country in which the state has no religion. Any such religious bias is highly deplorable. If people follow a traditional, let them follow”

“If you don’t have religious bias why don’t you say RIP then?”

“What kind of question is that? I follow my culture and tradition. They follow theirs…”

He was silent for few minutes then said: “Sir, I understand that I jumped gun. I understand your viewpoint = religious hatred is bad. But I really want to know about our culture and the RIP culture seen everywhere today, especially in the social media. I have a question for you – Why do most of the people using that phrase and why don’t you use it?”

“Hmm. Those who says RIP tends o believe that when a person dies his/her soul travels on to heaven or hell. They believe in the Judgment Day and a creator as god.”


“As a descendant of Sanatan Dharma I don’t believe in soul, heaven, hell, Judgment Day and in a creator . As far as I am concerned, these are superstitions and imply discrimination between believer or non- believer. Why should I follow superstitions discrimination?”

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