Why Do Hindus Offer Milk to Snake?

“Why Hindus offer milk to snakes? Don’t they have basic minimum knowledge that snake won’t drink milk? Why do they worship such venomous reptiles as God?” a question from Martha Beth from London.

We were chatting further to her greetings on Christmas, when she asked this question. She has been following my articles for quite some time. I gave her my phone number and we talked about it.

“Yes Martha, some Hindus do that. And, yes, snakes do not generally drink milk. Snakes are cold blooded and carnivorous animals, whereas milk is often consumed by the mammals.”
“Not only that – I have seen even fake YouTube video showing that a snake drinking milk…” she replied.

“It may not be fake,” I said.

“Aha- you are blind-folded like those stupid believers Uday? I had imagined that your views are scientific and logical on Hinduism…Even you believe in such things?”

“I don’t mix up beliefs with truth. But there is a chance that snake drinks milk in dire circumstances. To exploit believers, some snake charmers do not give any water or food to the snakes for many days before the auspicious day (Naga Panchami). So these snakes may drink the milk which is offered on this day to satisfy its hunger and thirst.”

“Oh, that’s it. That’s why you said the video may not be fake.”

“Yes. And even if we provide Coca-Cola or Pepsi for drinking, instead of milk, snake will drink it too. When dehydrated, snakes drink almost any fluid offered.”

“As you know Uday, the milk will not digest and the snake dies. It is highly condemnable.”

“Yes, it is deplorable. I have the right to blame it as I follow the path of non-violence and I am strictly against killing of any animals. But at what capacity you…

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