“How to stop worrying?” is a question from a reader. “People say ‘Don’t worry, Be happy’ but I am not able to.”
“Don’t worry, Be happy is a cliche and utter display of sheer ignorance – as if worry is invited by you and there is a switch in you to put on to make you instantly happy. Nonsense. Worry just comes unannounced. You have no control over it. So it is ridiculous to advise someone not to worry and be happy. You are making people more worried by saying so….”
“You’re right Udayji. When I hear that I feel that it is my fault that I can’t stop worrying. That makes me anxious too…”
“Worrying is normal and it happens whenever your mind overthinks. The mind only works in one direction: more thinking. So it is not easy to stop worrying…”
“Even my belief in God and prayer doesn’t stop worrying Udayji…”
“Ah – if you believe in God, you must know that whatever happens in life, it happens with the awareness of God. God knows what’s good for you and obviously has more wisdom. So, worrying about a happening is definitely insulting God’s wisdom. You’re praying against the wisdom of God. So how can it help you?”
“So, how to stop worrying Udayji?”
“Don’t try to stop worrying. It will make you more worried. Instead, try to find out the source of your worry…”
“When things happen against our wishes, we worry, right?”
“Yes. The delusion that life is supposed to be fair is the prime source of worrying. Worry is always a part of the life story. When you’re worried, you become immersed in the problem. It will strengthen the worry. You become part of the problem. So you won’t be able to see the problem as an outsider who can see things objectively with a scientific method…”
“How to do that?”
“We need clarity in thinking for that. When we don’t interfere with our mind, it returns to clarity, automatically and effortlessly. Of course, not interfering is easier said than done. I am not an expert. I can only share my experience. I will tell you how did I overcome worry…”
“Oh, you’re also worried?”
“Aha – I was an international hub of worrying. I had been worrying about almost everything. If there was nothing to worry about, I would worry about that situation too!… Now, even if I want to worry, I won’t be able to…”
“How did you achieve that state of mind?”
“First, I started asking this question. DOES IT HELP? Is this worry helping me? Absolutely not. It makes things more complicated. Does it help? No. I keep on asking the counter-question for each thought – does it help? At last, my mind didn’t have any answers…”
“Then what happened ?”
“The things destined to happen will happen and worrying about it can’t change it at all… Nothing, no circumstance, job, interview, relation, or result is bigger than my life. There is always a life above all failures! That helped me… When something happens, I use clarity, I use scientific thinking, then I was able to find a solution for that. If you can’t find a solution always seek help from others as there is no point in just sitting and worrying about it. There may be alternative solutions to your problem. For, every problem comes with a solution.”
“How do you manage to overcome your problems in life?”
“If something happens as per my wish, I would attribute it to Hari Krupa. When something happens against my wish I would realize that’s Hari Itcha. (Hari= the existence or being. You can use your favorite God’s name here. Traditionally, I am a Vaishnavite, hence using Hari’s name). So whatever happens let it happen, I am always with the existence, so I don’t have to worry about anything as I feel blessed…”
“So leaving everything to Hari and keeping quiet…”
“Oh, no. Once I accept this truth, I get instant solace. It makes the mind still and calm. I get clarity then. I believe in clarity and scientific independent thinking. The state of no worries shows the actual solutions to any problems. It also pushes me to continue my Karma.” (Message No – 333)
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