The Secret of Krishna’s Birth


Recently, I have visited my friend Mahesh’s house. His father was watching a program – Bhagavatham puranic disclosures – on television. As a courtesy, he had put it off and welcomed me inside.

I asked him: “Uncle, what was that you were watching?”

“Oh Uday, I was watching the talk on Sri Krishna’s birth by (name of a Swami)” he said.

When the great sages along with Brahma prayed to Vishnu to destroy evils in the world, the latter assured them that he would take avatar (as Krishna) in the earth to annihilate tyrannical forces like Kamsa, the ruler of Mathura. On the day his sister Devaki was married off to Vasudeva, Kamsa heard an akashvani (voice from the sky) prophesying that Devaki’s 8th son would kill him. The frightened Kamsa imprisoned the couple. Devaki gave birth to six children, each time Kamsa picked up the child, held him by the legs, and smashed him on a rock.

Vasudeva managed to smuggle out the seventh son (Balarama) to Gokula and gave it to Rohini, his second wife. The eighth child was Krishna. Vasudeva could miraculously take Krishna out of the prison and replaced Yashodha’s (wife of his brother Nanda) girl child and came back. Kamsa picked up the girl child by her legs and was about to crash her on the floor, this child slipped out of his hands, flew out the window, laughed at him, and said, “Your slayer is elsewhere.”….

I heard a soft laugh of Mahesh and his wife. Mahesh is a physics professor. Uncle got angry.

“Today’s youngsters are not interested in these divine stories….My son won’t let his kids learn such Purana stories.” Uncle and aunt told me as a complaint.

“Dad, you were a Marxist during your young period and taught us to think rationally and scientifically. Now that you are old and weak, you suddenly turned out to be religious. Your bad. I can’t let my children learn such irrational nonsense stories which have nothing to do with today’s life. Krishna is just a myth….I can’t let my children listen to those fancy dressed jokers in the name of swamis and gurus.” Mahesh said.

“You see Uday…my son has become a hardcore Marxist. I made a huge mistake.”

“But Mahesh is right, uncle. The story that you have just told me is for kids. Not for grownups…” I said. Mahesh grinned at his father.

“Mahesh, there are rational, scientific, and logical explanations for our Puranas. I agree 90% of today’s high-profile Swamiji and Gurus are frauds. But our great sages were not like those cons men. There is a strong message, philosophy, and science behind each story…”

“Oh, really? Isn’t Krishna’s birth a bed-time story? Isn’t Krishna a fiction hero ?…” Mahesh said.

Instead of replying to him, I asked his father: “Uncle, you said Krishna is Vishnu’s avatar. Tell me about Vishnu?”

“Vishnu’s abode is Vaikunta in Ksheera Sagara (Milky Ocean). He is lying in a five-headed serpent named Ananta-Sesha. He is blue colored…” Mahesh’s father said…. From my book: “The Secret of Krishna’s Birth: Deciphering The Krishna Code”
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19 Responses

  1. Mak says:

    Please check from where the name Milkyway come from. That itself came from a epic. There is surely interchange of culture within greeks and Indians long years ago. But don’t link these words as scientific proofs in stories. Its just like the myth and story of ‘God Particle’.

  2. Shikhar says:

    Sir,your article is splendid!!! and the way you explained it, I can eaisly feel how Dhritrashtra would have felt when Sanjaya would have been narrating Mahabharat to him…..Thanks a lot sir, magnaficent job sir….keep it up.

  3. Steve says:

    I am a ‘new’ Hindu (Sanatana Dharma) follower. I am an American man, 56 yrs. old. I have been studying profusely for the past few months. I have been studying Vedanta, and have read the Holy Gita 3 times now, and several commentaries as well. I find your article extremely interesting and would like to learn more, or hear more of your understandings. I believe that the truth cannot be buried. That the Aryan migration/invasion is a lie propagated by the foreigners and that Brahman is the only reality. Thank you for posting this bit of wisdom!

  4. Dr.Umesh says:

    Sir,Thank you for the profound permit me to download ur articles as I wish to immerse &understand it fully

  5. Ravi says:


  6. Priya panday says:

    Beautiful explanation of memories of our darling Krishna

  7. arul balaji says:

    Dear Uday sir

    you have created a great soul linking script with this article… It is highly thought provoking

    Thank you for triggering my mind

  8. videsh says:

    Jai shree krishna

  9. dr.himani says:

    Thnks udayji,the way u explained n the insight is realy fascinating connecting us ourselves,pauranic stories r like drishtant,which seems intrsting with great sense n essance of life..we। All r not at higher intelectual levels as that of our great sages,incapabl to understand। N experienc the paramtatav ,so they made us undersrtand This knowledge by all these beautiful n intrsting stories..

  10. Vibhas says:

    Dear Raj,
    I could have typed the answer to your comment myself but I am sure you would trust Wikipedia more. So here’s a link that you might want to refer to understand what Uday has mentioned here.
    Also, you must be excited to read a line on this page which mentions about the same thing what you said… words aligning with today’s scientific terms.

  11. Raj Agrawal says:

    Still not satisfied with ur explanation or vision. Till date i heard Anant Mahasagar but now u renamed it as Milky Ocean just to realine with today’s scientific terms…. thats too bad of u…u too like of of those baba n shadhu.

  12. siddaraju says:

    well said …
    thank you

  13. karishma c jain says:

    may i know the meaning of the other 3 names Patanga, Ksudrabhrta and Ghrni. thank you

  14. Deepanshu Bhardwaj says:

    Will love to meet you someday sir 🙂

  15. P M Bhat says:

    Well explained . Thank you

  16. Premalatha Pai says:

    Thank you for the total Enlightenment… I am a devotee of Lord Krishna… But I didn’t have this scientific explanation of His Avatar… Thank You so much ????

  17. sahanaa samanth says:

    really its true giving the scientific reasons where we could explain the kids both puranas and the reason of science

  18. Ilaval hariharan says:

    It is indeed a clean n clear explananation of d meaning of Krishna n a new dimension in opening d awareness of d mind. I
    Thank u n d god for giving d opportunity n creating d same for me to read n get enlightened.

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