Only Morons Can Control Mind

Mr.X, is telling you, “There is a horse standing beside you”

You look around and would say: “No – there is no horse here.”

“Yes – there is one horse. You don’t see doesn’t mean it is not there,” Mr.X talks philosophy.

You are bit confused.

“You can see things only in three-dimension. There are fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions. Albert Einstein and modern science had proved it…It’s also mentioned in our ancient scriptures.” Here Mr.X can talk about Space-time continuum and relativity theories of Einstein.

He can tell you about metaphysics, higher derivatives, and quantum mechanics. Or can tell you how a horse can come there using virtual reality, simulation and propulsion theories that is applicable in teleportation.

If you follow any religion, he can quote from religious texts. If you are an upper caste Hindu, it is still easier as nobody would know about their ancient scriptures. He can easily quote a couple of Sanskrit verses. And you would start believing in it.

“You can’t see with naked eyes. You need inner eye,” Mr.X said.

You won’t be able to prove the horse is not there. At the end of the day, you are convinced that there was a horse beside you. You couldn’t see only because you are lacking something in you. You would want to fill up that void and become a higher spiritual person with enormous powers! To unleash such powers you have to concentrate, control your mind!!! And of course, there are proven methods for it, Mr.X assures you.

– This is what I told to Ambika Devi, my aunt’s classmate, when she asked me a question: “I am not able to control my mind. I have tried many methods in yoga, pranayama and meditation. Uday, you are like my younger brother. Can you please teach me a technique to control our mind?”

“Yes, of course. Close your eyes visualize anything except a monkey…”

“I know that trick. Mind can’t get rid of the image of Monkey then…” Ambika said.

“So you think you fail?”……

(Excerpt from my book “MIND YOUR MIND: Turn Frustration into Fascination” )

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1 Response

  1. Chinoy says:

    An interesting perspective but we need to dig deeper.
    The way I have tried to study this subject.
    1. What is mind control.
    2. Who are the people using it right now.
    3. How it works / whats needed to make it work.
    4. How to brake free from it.
    (There are some interesting documents and developments which have been done by the Psy ops div. of the US Army. And the mosad have also done some good work on the subject).
    (Blocking copy paste also blocks spell check lol)

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