How to Reach God?

“I want to live a divine life. I am all fed up with the worldly troubles. I am too honest to live in this unfair world. So I need to attain eternal peace by reaching God’s feet. Suicide is Sin. How to reach God’s abode, that’s heaven?” – a WhatsApp message from a reader named Joshua Mathews.
“What makes you so sure that you will reach God’s abode after death?” I asked him.
“That’s what every religion say,” Mathews replied.
“I don’t know about heaven, hell and God’s abode. Such beliefs don’t have any merit in terms of logic, rational and science. Not that everything must have that. But these things certainly not. However, our ancestors have prescribed very simple things to have a peaceful, happy and contented life…” I said.
“What are those things?”
“Simple 6 points. First – accept that you may become unhealthy at any point of time – you can get a disease…”
“Wow! Unbelievable – no wonder you have sixth sense. How did you know I have developed a heart condition?”
“I didn’t know. You are jumping gun. I told you a general principle. When you know you can turn sick anytime, you will be moderate in enjoyment and take good care of the body. Your ego regarding the body will come down…”
“Hmmm. Next one?”
“I am getting old. The old age is a reality and you can turn weak when you are old. You may have to depend upon others.”
“I know that…”
“Knowledge always remains as information in the brain. It doesn’t transform. Accept and acknowledge this truth. Then your ego regarding the “power of youth” would come down. You will use the youth period for good karma”
“Okay – next?”
“Death is an inevitable thing. Everyday you are moving towards death. There is no such thing like immortality. Everybody dies. Avatars, Son of God, God’s messenger….everyone dies. We have to treat death as a friend so ego’s focus on enjoying life will reduce.”
“What’s the fourth point?”Continue reading at
by Udaylal Pai (Author)

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