Defying Death

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  1. P J Kurup says:

    Very enlighting post

  2. Dr Harimohan says:

    Hi Uday
    By way of mamookas life and death you introduced how hinduism views death as end of maya and grand recycling of the cosmos ..

  3. H M Dayananda says:

    What more a dying person wants more than this sir, I am also afraid of death so much, but after reading ur article I am relaxed…Thank u very much sir.

  4. M K Anantha Swamy says:

    Your Article ‘ Defying Death’ – The life of a cancer patient.
    Apart from being heart rendering, it is a lesson in how to deal with a serious life and death situation without resorting to unnecessary hopes and non truths, particularly to a believer in a different Religion. It is however, very important how it is revealed to an understandably, agitated, troubled and anxious mind. Sir, you have done it splendidly and truthfully as you have understood the facts of Life which includes Death.

    Sir, I am not a Scientist, Philosophr or a Journalist, yet it does not stop me Wondering about Man. He is evolved or created by Nature, endowed with a conglomeration of efficient organs, systems including the remarkable Brain, all made up with billions or more cells, to work relentlessly, to keep th

    • M K Anantha Swamy says:

      ( I don’t know what happened , before I completed my response, it got stuck- with a remark that your comments are awaiting moderation. I am quite new to this Face Book procedures. )
      …… work relentlessly, to keep him alive and well. I understand each cell has its own cycle of birth- growth-mutation and death. However the exceptional Brain has created mind, which gradually develops in to a confirmed Ego, wanting security, continuance and if possible permanence, in every thing, like, relationships, attachment, happiness etc.- which is not there. This misconception leads to sorrow, fear and even not yielding to the inevitable death, which comes due to old age, illness or damage to the body or system of Man.
      Years Ago, I was in a similar situation as yours, in the last few hours of my friend, Fazlullah, who was dying of MS( multiple Sclerosis ) . All I could do was hold his hand and pat him and suggest to him to Yield and not resist Death. I had no other words of comfort, even though I loved him and his family. MKA

  5. Jagadish S Indi says:

    Aum Shri Ramakrishnaya Namaha , Aum Shri Ramanaaya Namaha.

  6. Murali Kaimadathil says:

    Dear Mr. Uday Pai, Sir,

    There is the pure essence of divinity in saying “that I don’t accept anything other than those coming from my karma”.

    When we look around today, the majority of those around us are seeking alms by corruption and bribery to satiate their own greed. The world would be a better place to live in, by everyone abiding with the “karma”.

    Best regards and blessings to you & family,

  7. E. A. Mukunda Pai says:

    If there is no pressure differance no wind will be there. Only air will be there standstill. Just like that if there is no Karma positive or negative life will not be there. It is standstill. God position is neutral. God will not harm u or do good to you. He has only done the law. Bad karma will give bad experience and Good karma will give good experience. both will not nullify. Separate experience will be there just like a snake and ladder game.

    In Bhagawat Gheetha it is said that submit all karma to god(neutral), but god will not give pardon we have to experience the bad karma phal and disolve just like salt cube in water. Everybody is ready to submit in the lotus feet of god the bad karma. But actually submit the good karmaphal to the lotus feet.
    and experience the bad karmaphal. one will get the capacity to face it, automatically.

    Your policy of social service with own hard earned money is fantastic, which is followed by me.

  8. Swathi Nayak says:

    Amazing… Depiction of Indian Mythology and relating it to the Cosmic rules is really good.

  9. Swathi Nayak says:

    Amazing….. 🙂

  10. Camus Ip says:

    Very meaningful experience of life.
    I would like to share it in my FB and page (setting up, shown above), and may I translate it into my language – Chinese?

  11. Deepika says:

    Such pious thoughts uday sir yesterday i read half of the article but today i have just finished reading the entire article .truly inspirational .the idea of conceiving the whole truth about reality of life is Sublime .very nicely articulated and deeply expressed ..regards

  12. Prabha Kumathe says:

    Insha Allah…

  13. Prem chand Mallaya says:

    nice sir i like ‘ i dont accept anything oherthan coming from my karma’ beutiful

  14. rajeesh shenoy... says:

    excellent read…. like the day, sun lighten… is the way you enlighten… n inspire… 🙂

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