You Are Not Aware About Dangerous Chaos That You Are In

StormReflect on these five facts

1. The width of USB port of your computer is 12 mm (A-plug)

2. At the age of 23, a doctor checked my blood pressure and said the normal is 80/120. After 20 years, the new normal is 70/110.

3. The Livestock Act of India promotes artificial insemination in cattle.

4. According to ancient Indian astronomers, the speed of light = 298942.143 kilometers per second (Modern science says it is 299792.458 kilometers per second). A minor difference can be seen in all ancient Indian calculations.

5. Sometimes, constants become variables.

Seemingly, unrelated things. But, can you see any common factor here? Any idea?
Let me explain.

The West, especially the US, is implementing standardization for each and everything. They want to quantify and qualify everything, including time and space.

Look at USB port of the computer or laptop, it has a standard measurement – Width, 12 mm (A-plug), 8.45 mm (B-plug); 7 mm (Mini / Micro-USB) – A pen drive without these measurements is unacceptable or non-compatible.

The standardization is applicable from the size of a tooth paste tube to the size of your inner wear. There is a standard measurement for body size and shape. There is body-mass index too.

In physics there is NTP – normal temperature and pressure. In medicine, there is a standardization or normal for everything. 20 years ago, normal blood pressure reading was 80/120. Anything above this is unacceptable. You have to take medicines. Now a new normal has been introduced. 70/120. This is the normal blood pressure now. Above which you will be put under medications.

Medical experts would argue – All these findings are founded upon accurate and truthful facts and figure. Correct. Based on great research by researchers. For any research, they would use constants and variables. The research is done as a study of the visibles in terms of calculables. Does the base of this research have logic? Isn’t it belief based as the truth is not absolute? The data plural datum singular can change every moment.

Sometimes, constants become variables. From an integral you cannot reach primitive after a stage, ask any statistician. In any function, when you successively take derivatives, after certain limits, it becomes zero. Howsoever you try to integrate it, you can’t get the primitive.

So, the constants and data is a belief. What’s more, who is sponsoring/controlling the research and the deemed university? Biggie pharma corporates!

A well researched (all tests okay-ed) medicine was introduced five years ago. Today, they say this medicine can cause cancer or kidney failure! So it is banned. Don’t you see such news almost every day?

Who decides government policy? Large corporates (You might say vote-banks in India – could be, but the country in question is USA). The era of war is over. So the gun lobby has turned to security industry. Hence the primary duty of the market media is to make sure that we remain insecure. The whole world remains insecure. Similarly, pharma companies (through middlemen) decide all “normals” so that we remain fearful. So no wonder, our security, life style and health have become great market for US market media.

It is just a beginning. Did you know the government of India has passed ‘The Livestock Act of India’ that promotes artificial insemination among the cattle? Now bullocks have become jobless! If a bull calf is born, he would find the way to the nearest butcher shop. And figure it out for yourself – which company is supplying the semen for our cows?

If you want to eat non-poisonous food, you have to go for organic farming. But you can’t find open-pollinated seeds in the market now. It has become a market of hybrid seed now. The produce you get from these seeds is standardized. Once you use this seed, the soil and nutriants will be finished. For the next harvest, you will have to use standard manure and fertilizers . Who is supplying these hybrid seeds? And who is selling the dangerous pesticides and fertilisers? Ask your nearest vendor.

There is no competition anywhere. Only monopoly business. They propose and we follow.

= Welcome to the cut throat inhuman world of standardization and new “normal”
We have become slaves of the “normal” or “standardization”

Truth is – Normal is an illusion (or subjective state) what’s normal for a spider is chaos for the fly. What is normal for corporates is chaos for human beings. Don’t look at it from your own perspective, view it from a spider’s or a fly’s point of view.

According to ancient Indian astronomers, the speed of light = 298942.143 kilometers per second (Modern science says it is 299792.458 kilometers per second). I have seen lot of differences in ancient Indian calculations. “Anything that is western origin, first you verify it, and then accept it. Anything that is Indian origin, first accept it, then verify it if necessary,” said Swami Vivekananda. So, how come, the difference in calculation.

I found it recently. A yojana, Indian unit of measurement, is defined as the distance traveled by a bullock cart in one day. Quite a good definition for a standard isn’t it. It can change depending upon the geography of the land. Hence, a yojana can be anywhere from 5 to 13 kms. No standardization. All ancient units and measurements were like that. Thoroughly unprofessional, you would say.

But our ancestors knew that there is nothing called ‘fundamental’ in this universe. They knew the constants become variables and it become indefinite. They knew that people are not the same. Every human being is a unique expression. Everybody is perfect with all his/her imperfections.

Hence they promoted different schools of thoughts. They believed in diversity even in worshiping – presenting 33 crore gods. Even yoga has more than 100,000 postures, permutation and combination of which can be used in different human beings. They encouraged multi language and muti culture – there was no unification anywhere. That’s freedom. And when you focus on your dharma and karma, the freedom becomes ethical.

Our modern education (curriculum designed by market media) teaches us the need of standardization in everything. But our ancestors had warned us – any normal is abnormal for the world. Choice is yours!

Udaylal Pai
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  1. jacob J K says:

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    I have been browsing on-line more than 3 hours these days,
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    All the informations are logical & useful in our life. I really inspired about the explanation you gave about womens menstruation superstitious belief is good.

  4. Praneeth says:

    We always say, we need to improve the standard, there is no quality in India (education, work, living etc.). But we often forget that we are following their culture and forgetting ours. In this article i found a wonderful sentance “Our modern education teaches us standardization of everything”, and what i found out is “Our modern education is making us dumb, we do not use our common sense anywhere” (though everyone’s perspective is different). But at the end, truth is “NORMAL is ABNORMAL for the world”.so maintain and follow ethics in life. That is what i am learning from Uday sir’s articles.

  5. s.mohan says:

    Respected sir
    I read all your articles. very interesting.
    The ‘true story of a pauper Billionaire’ is very nice.
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