Yoga is Not Secular. It’s Purely Hindu Dharma

yogaMy ex-colleague Ananda Krishnan called me Last month. He wanted me to write an article about Yoga in his life-style in-house magazine for International Yoga Day, June 21.
“I don’t understand why a section of Muslims and Christians oppose Yoga? I think you can beautifully defend yoga, Uday,” he said.

“Nobody needs to defend Yoga. Do you need to defend Sun? Having said that, I feel, this is for the first time, the fears of hardcore Muslims and Christians are not unfounded. Only Hindus can practice Yoga. For others it is totally useless…” I said.

“You mean to say Yoga is NOT secular?”

“Yoga is NOT secular. Only those who follow Sanatan Dharma can practice it…”I said.Please continue reading at

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    Udayji. Slowly started reading from your website one by one and enjoying them

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