Why Shouldn’t You Do Good?

KrishnaThe undertone of most of the messages/letters I get is based on the same complaint: “I have been doing good, but in return, I get set back, end up in miseries and sufferings.”

Long ago, I have clearly analyzed this situation and written an article: “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People” or YOU DON’T EAT A LION DOESN’T MEAN LION WON’T EAT YOU! (https://udaypai.in/?p=425)

Now, I have few questions to those who claim that they are doing good.

“On what basis you are telling that you are doing good? Who says you are doing good? What made you feel you are doing good?”

Before answering your questions, please reflect on this:
The Islamic State (ISIS) militants had gunned down 200 innocent Syrian children in cold blood. The militants claim they have done good act as per their Holy Book. ISIS is practical of the theory of Quran, they claim. But would any sane Muslim anywhere in the world approve that? No. Even Muslims are angry at ISIS.

Had Adolf Hitler won the Second World War, the entire world would have worshipped him portraying him as the best human being the world has ever seen.

We all know Mahatma Gandhi was a good man. But Nathuram Vinayak Godse said that he has done a very good thing by killing Gandhi. Lot of people believe him. Why don’t you approve him?

Look around you, lot of people who did only good things in life are suffering. The best man you saw in your life is undergoing severe pain. The best woman in your life is struggling with setback.

How-much-ever you do good things; you are getting punishments, why?Please continue reading at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N9PAGLT

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3 Responses

  1. Dr harimohan says:

    Uday. As usual not many people try to write on such enigmas and you have done a splendid job.
    But just like honey bee doing its job for its tuned to do it and its not doing it selflessly it will do it whatever
    Humans do have a concept of right and wrong. .i wud say right is when we dont harm another certainly ISIS even if it bases on its holy book is in wrong or rather such an intrpretation of its holy book is perverse .
    So when a person who tries not to harm others suffers and reverse happens as it does these days one wonders whats happening

  2. Kamala Saha says:

    Started with one n can’t stop myself from going thru Ur inputs on so many topics I have always thought about thinking but never actually got time to reflect. I think reading u would be a happy substitute for me thinking as I tend to agree almost completely with all that u have written(that I have read so far, at least) Request your permission if I may quote u or repost u, if I vehemently feel the need to spread the good word/messages I am confident I will come across in Ur writings. Awaiting a favourable response
    Hats off to your clarity in matters usually confusing r already confounded by conditioning of ages.

  3. Induvani says:

    Excellent Message, Sir!!

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