Whose Right Is It Anyways?*

“I found that the reason for my unhappiness is anger, upset, and reaction that derives from the opponent, but I am not able to contain it. Is there any solution for that?” !” Rajivnath from Mussourie.
“Bring clarity in you. Why do you feel unhappy or upset? Because, your mind would say, “I am right, he/she is wrong”. And you become upset. Instead of the word WRONG, use the word RIGHT here.”
“I don’t understand. How to apply it in the practical sense, Udayji?…”
“Most human beings would do things that they feel/think as right, right? You think that you are right. The other person also thinks he/she is right. The ONLY problem is that your thoughts of rightness do not sync with his/her thought of rightness. Isn’t that so?”
“Yes, you’re right…”
“The moment you accept the fact that ‘I am right; he/she is also right’, your anger and negative reaction to the situation will dissolve. Then you will be able to discuss your issues with the other person in a better, amicable, and cool platform. Try it – ‘I am right; he/she is also right’ can work as a magical code of happiness in our life.”
“I agree with you. But when I say truth and the other person says wrong things, am I not really right?”
“Can’t say so. Because there are at least, three versions of truth. (1) Your truth, (2) His/Her truth, and (3) Truth’s truth. Most of the time, it is very difficult – almost impossible- for the human mind to understand the third one, let alone the second.”
“If I am right as per universally accepted truth?”
“Our ancestors say that even that sort of truth is further divided into two: Vyavaharika (relative) and Paramarthika (absolute). Can you tell me what’s the color of the sky?”
“Blue. Everyone knows it and it is a universally accepted truth.”
“The sky appears blue. This is relative truth only. You say it is a universal truth. But it is not true. The sky appears blue to the human eye as the short waves of blue light are scattered more than the other colors in the spectrum, making the blue light more visible. This is the absolute truth.”
“Udayji, that’s too philosophical. But in practical life, there are rights and wrongs. What’s wrong in thinking that I am right?”
“99% of us asked this question or heard this question – WHAT’S WRONG IN IT? – at least 100 times in our life. Here, if you rephrase the question and ask yourself WHAT’S RIGHT IN IT? It will help a lot.”
“Do you apply this as a code of happiness of ‘right’ in your life Udayji? I mean, whenever you know that you’re right and others are wrong?”
“Even without a code, I am happy, Rajivnath. We can find a hundred reasons to be happy. Also, you can find another hundred reasons to be unhappy. The choice is ours. I chose the first one. But I understand your question. I believe that I can easily be wrong. So when someone says, “Uday, you’re wrong”, I am extremely happy…”
“Why is it that?”
“Two reasons. One – I can learn from that person. It’s my vow that I should learn at least one new topic a day. When someone points out that I am wrong, I would ask him/her to teach me what’s right. It also makes me more humble.”
“And the second reason?”
“I know the scientific truth that thoughts are just outcome of chemical process in the brain (aka mind) and totally depends upon the inputs the brain had received. The mind doesn’t have any powers of its own to make things right. It works only based on inputs. If the inputs are wrong and corrupted, there always is a chance to think in the wrong way. Easily, anybody can be wrong.”
Do you know the biggest curse of human beings? They create their own mind and then believe that their thoughts as true! Many even blindly chase these thoughts too. Our ancestors put it under the category of  Maya. There is no English word for Maya. (Broadcast Message No: 378)

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