Who is Padmanabha?

“Udayji, recently I have visited world’s richest Hindu temple – Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram – with my family. My son asked me as to why is he called Padmanabha. I have understood the scientific concepts of Vishnu and its applications in Viswaroopam, Ananthasayanam, and Brahmam after reading your article on those subjects and was able to convince my son. Could you explain about Padmanabha on the same lines?” a message from WhatsApp broadcast list.

“It’s a Vishnu temple. The scriptures say that a lotus flower (Padma) is emerging from the navel (nabhi) of Vishnu. Hence, Vishnu is described as “lotus-navelled” or Padma-Nabha…”

“I know, Lord Brahma is born in that lotus. But isn’t it ridiculous that a lotus stem comes out of navel?”

“The stem of this cosmic lotus connecting Brahma to the Navel of Vishnu signifies the umbilical cord that binds a baby to its mother. As I told in those articles, all these concepts are related to the Brahmam, which is cosmic consciousness and the energy transformation process together.”

“Yes, you had explained that energy transformation appears to have three distinct stages – creation, sustenance, and destruction. I also understood that Lord Brahma is representing the state of creation part.”

“Right, Brahma (the created and creation) has four faces – the three-dimensional creation (space) and time (fourth dimension). In a human experience, everything exists in four dimensions, though our Vedic scriptures talk about 14-21 dimensions. The most essential part of creation is intelligence or wisdom which is shown as Goddess Saraswati, sitting along with Lord Brahma…”

From my book: “The Secret of Krishna’s Birth: Deciphering The Krishna Code”
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  1. Phanfilo kabue says:

    I have found this really beneficial. Such jewels of knowledge you share. By Gods will! Makes one always remember the source of things.
    Gratitude and Contentment in Gods will on our life

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